Bing vs Google search engines

Bing Crushes Google For Looking At Hot Russian Girls!

OK, so by now nearly everyone knows that Bing is the latest challenger to go after the internet’s heavyweight champion of search Google.  Bing is a Microsoft product and for the most part it has gotten fairly good reviews. The interface is slick and the daily photos are usually stunning and it returns good search results.

However, there is nothing that is likely to make too many people switch from Google to Bing – until NOW!

Bing crushes Google for looking at hot girls!  I believe this is a fair review. In fact, I believe that Bing should be you default image search. But don’t trust me.  Check it out for yourself:

Look at International Love Scout on Google and now look at International Love Scout on Bing You might be prompted about your safe search.  If it is on, turn it off. There’s no nudity on the site, but someone doesn’t seem to like pictures of pretty girls.

You’ll notice a few important advantages for the challenger from Redmond right away.

  1. Bing returns about 3X more results than Google and that is the first thing you want a search engine to do: Return results.  I got 318 to 82 in favor of the hard punching Washington search engine, but you might get slightly different numbers. 
  2. Bing returns ALL of the beautiful mail order brides on the search page.  Google returns only twenty images a page, which is awesome if you are still using a 56k modem.  Otherwise it is just a way for Google to sell more Adwords and waste your time. 
  3. Bing offers far more tools searching within your search results.  Yes, Google offers a face search.  Bing offers that too, but Bing also searches within the scores of smoking hot girls in a variety of ways.

For instance, you can search for the Best Chest, sure the politically correct pencil pushers at Microsoft call it “Head and Shoulders,” but I think my name is more catchy and won’t remind you of that nasty scalp condition you had last year.

Even BETTER you can search for Super Hot Body Shots.  The Geeks in Redmond unimaginatively call it “Other,” but I bet that had something to do with a memo from the legal department.   It’s probably my favorite.

Conclusion:  So, I believe that Bing’s image search easily crushes Google image search head-to-head.

I would like to hear what you think and no I am not getting paid by Microsoft, though I am certainly willing to consider any offers.

If you have any problems with my links you can simply go to either Google or Bing click on the image tab, enter and you should be off to the races.

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