Getting Started with Global Dating

getting started with global dating

A Great Time to Be Alive!

Do you feel lucky to be alive?

You should. You should feel incredibly lucky that you weren’t born in 1860 or 1350 or whenever?


Because in 1860, if you were the Czar of Russia or the Prince of Wales, you didn’t have the opportunity to meet as many stunning women from as many different cultures as a reasonably successful American or European guy can today.

You are lucky enough to be moving into a global society in virtually every facet of our lives…

marry the hottest women in the world

So why shouldn’t romance be included?

Back in the 1800’s it was hard to get around (have you ever ridden a horse?) – a man was likely to date and marry a woman living within a 20 mile radius.

The pickings were pretty slim!

But with the advancement of technology, like the invention of the automobile and expansion of the rail system that same man could now easily travel to cities hundreds of miles away to carry on a relationship.

His dating pool expanded 100 times over!

In much the same way the internet now allows you to meet the most amazing women from around the world, regardless of where you live. And low cost international air fares make travelling to meet your dream girl in person a realistic option.

You don’t have to simply settle for “the girl next door” any longer like most men have done from time immemorial. There is a whole big world full of women out there just waiting for a guy like you to come into their lives.

Why not take advantage of it!

I know…  It still just seems too good to be true. Anything you don’t understand seems unbelievable.

Think about it…

If someone in 1990 told you… “In twenty years you will carry your phone, camera, and a computer around in your pocket,” you would have probably said…

“Then I’m going to need a lot bigger pocket, Dude!”

Today you don’t think much about your smart phone. People can accept those sort of paradigm shifts in technology, but they have a more difficult time accepting the cultural changes that go along with transformative technological changes.

And one of those cultural changes is the modern international dating system where a man from the United States can meet beautiful, intelligent foreign women like these:

Cllick to View Profile

Yes… Those are REAL women…

And the opportunity for a guy like YOU to meet them occurred because of concurrent changes in technology, politics and culture.

Why not embrace it!

International dating is really no different than domestic dating.

Simply put…

Global dating is a way for guys from the United States and other Western Countries to expand their dating opportunities.

That’s it…

Don’t try to make it complicated or mysterious. Don’t let your friends or family tell you it’s all just a big scam, because it isn’t.

What Is Global Dating

When you talk about dating or marrying women from overseas the first thing that pops into most people’s minds is…

Mail Order Brides

Let’s get one thing straight.

There is no such thing as a “mail order bride” anymore. The term is left over from the 80’s, in the dark ages before the internet. Honestly, the only reason we still use the word on our website is so Google will send us traffic from guys searching for the term (please don’t tell Google).

So, why does this term persist?

Because of mainstream media and feminist propaganda. They love labels… It makes things simple. Have you ever seen an article in your local paper that praises International dating?

Probably not.

Mainstream writers are afraid to say anything nice about Global dating for the same reasons film critics will never say they liked a Michael Bay film.

Because they would get crucified by their peers…

(Come on, you know you loved Bad Boys!)

They ignore the facts, like the one that states that your international marriage is 20% more likely to last than if you marry a Western woman.

Keep in mind this is the same media machine that named Gwyneth

Paltrow the Sexiest woman alive in 2013…



It really irks me that so many men miss out on potentially meeting an amazing foreign woman because of all the misinformation floating around out there.

So, I put together a little PDF that tries to dispel some of the more common myths. It’s called…

Top 5 Myths About International Dating

Here’s the download link:

You can also read it directly off our website if you want:

Can You Really Find Love Overseas

It’s not easy to find the woman of your dreams today.

Western society is highly mobile and most of us don’t grow up in small towns where everyone knows everybody.  You didn’t end up marrying the girl you met in third grade, because by fifth grade she didn’t live in your state anymore.

And of course, Western society holds men up to incredible standards.

We are expected to be wealthy, hardworking, kind, compassionate, and in great shape.

You probably don’t move in the right circle to meet eligible women like this Stunning Chinese Beauty:

Romantic China Bride

And you probably have high standards for the woman you want to date too. You are looking for a beautiful woman who really wants to establish a lifelong relationship.  A special woman like this Spicy Brazilian Bikini Babe:

Spicy Brazil Girl

You’ve probably dreamed of being able to meet lots of sweet, beautiful women – and YOU CAN!

What Do These Guys Have That You Don’t?

Even if you have already visited International Love Scout’s Testimonial Page I want you to go over there and look at it again.  Click through the links to the testimonials on some of the dating sites we represent.

Look at the guys in the photos with their arms around stunning young women.  Those guys aren’t particularly handsome. I’m not your mamma, but I’m sure most of you are better looking than those guys.

Are they rich?  I doubt it.

So, what do they have that you don’t have? Why aren’t you the guy wearing the shit eating grin with your arm around the stunning young woman.

The truth is that they took the leap of faith and signed up at one of the International dating agencies and took action in pursuing their dreams.

From what I can see from those pictures they pretty well made the dream come true.

Learn to date hot foreign women
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