US first lady Melania Trump

Melania Trump Is a GREAT First Lady!

Saying Donald Trump is a different sort of politician is a gross understatement and one of the things that makes him different is his wife Melania.  She is a foreign born former model twenty-four years younger than him and is set to become, along with John Quincy Adam’s wife Louisa, only the second foreign born first lady, but she will be a GREAT first lady.  

the child of a mail order bride

The Child of A Mail Order Bride

Most of my friends know that I am a serious college football fan, so it is no surprise to them any of them that I would have paused my busy day to read the obituary of the great Notre Dame coach Ara Parseghian.

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Changing Opinions Towards Mail Order Brides

International Love Scout is in a unique position as far and away the oldest and most comprehensive source of news about international dating and lately we have noticed a change in attitudes towards the modern mail order bride – a positive change.

man drinking booze

Booze And Foreign Brides Do Not Mix!

WARNING!!! Booze And Foreign Brides Do Not Mix!


You probably are not a teetotaler; you probably like a couple of beers or a mixed drink from time to time.

That’s OK.  I’m the same way.

Just be aware that most of the women on the International dating sites come from countries where the men are noted for drinking to great excess.

international dating girls

Is This the Start of Another Golden Age In International Dating?

Everyone remembers the mid-1990s as the good old days of international dating when elegant Russian women who looked like Scarlett Johanson and Ukrainian women who could make Angelina Jolie jealous were willing to date average or maybe a little above average guys from the United States, the EU, Canada, Australia, and other Western countries.

pretty woman with a nice set of eyes

What Attracts Women To Men? It Changes with Age!

You know it, just when you think you’ve figured out women they change the rules.  That’s the results of a recent study of women done in the UK. The study says that when women are younger, before the age of twenty-five, they are much more attracted to looks and possessions, and, They tend to be superficial and are only looking for someone they can show off… to their friends.

the friendship trap

The Friendship Trap!

Sometimes scientist spend a lot of time and effort to prove things that are as obvious as the sun rising in the east. For instance, some researchers at the University of Wisconsin apparently discovered that men are more likely to become attracted to their female friends

Bachelors Abroad on Nat Geo Channel

Bachelors Abroad on the National Geographic Channel

Bachelors Abroad is a new reality television show on the National Geographic Channel that looks at the phenomena of mail order brides and international dating. The show follows a group of American men as the pursue foreign women around the world. The show is being done in conjunction with A Foreign Affair and it follows a group of Foreign Affair tour members as they travel.

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