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hot Italian ladies in bikini

20 Hottest Italian Women

Italy has so much to offer — delicious food, a breathtaking coastline, and beautiful ladies aplenty. However, we are here

hottest Korean women

20 Hottest Korean Women

The world can never get enough of beautiful women, and South Korea is eager to make a contribution. The Korean

history of mail order brides

A Short History of Mail Order Brides

Though mail order brides are often looked down upon and considered a last resort for desperate men and gold-digging or stupid women, it has its roots in a true need. It has brought together many couples over the years.

US first lady Melania Trump

Melania Trump Is a GREAT First Lady!

Saying Donald Trump is a different sort of politician is a gross understatement and one of the things that makes him different is his wife Melania.  She is a foreign born former model twenty-four years younger than him and is set to become, along with John Quincy Adam’s wife Louisa, only the second foreign born first lady, but she will be a GREAT first lady.  

the hottest women of the Philippines

20 Hottest Filipino Women

Want to Date Hot Filipino woman? When you’re done looking at these beauties be sure to check out our Philippine

hottest Mexican women

20 Hottest Mexican Women

Mexico is blessed with some of the hottest ladies in the world and here are 20 of the hottest Mexican women on the planet for your viewing pleasure.

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