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Cherry Blossoms


  • Membership: free; paid upgrade
  • Verification: no
  • Platform: website; no apps
  • Support: excellent

Site Overview

Cherry Blossoms is the oldest continually operating “mail order bride” agency in the world. It is here where the modern mail order bride industry really began in 1974 when Cherry Blossoms began publishing a “picture catalog” of interested Asian women. The company is so important to the history of international dating that many of its early catalogs are held in the archives at Cornell University.

Most of Cherry Blossoms earliest clients were Vietnam vets who had met Asian women while overseas in the service, and, at least in some cases, were treated with disdain by American women when they came home. Under this pressure, some vets decided to seek Asian women, and soon Cherry Blossoms was born.

Originally, it was a publication, a so-called “picture bride” catalog, exactly the same sort of magazine used by settlers in the American West. It moved to the web in 1995 and to chat in about 2009. This company is actually a part of the history of mail order brides.

Cherry Blossom has literally thousands of profiles, particularly from South East Asia.  It has its strongest presence in the Philippines, but they also have women from across the rest of Asia, China, Thailand, and even a few in Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

marry the hottest women in the world

Site Functionality

One thing that is very nice about Cherry Blossoms is that its interface is simple and intuitive to navigate, at least on a PC.  The downside is that it is really showing its age now. The site design is old – like a student built middle school site from 1998. But unless you are a web designer that is probably not really much of a concern to you.

It is an old school approach to a dating site, but it is effective and easy to use. And, remember, Cherry Blossoms is simple because it is an old site, managed by a small team of people who actually care about their clients.

Cherry Blossoms website
Cherry Blossoms – Login Page

On my desktop it ran generally fast and bug free.

The Cherry Blossoms app does not exist. Mobile is a little more clunky than the desktop version, but for scrolling through profiles of beautiful Asian girls it is just fine.

Site Navigation

One of the best features of Cherry Blossom is that the navigation is simple and effective. You can see almost everything right in navigation bar right at the top of every page on a PC. On mobile you have to click the menu bar in the upper right hand corner to get this information.

Cherry Blossom’s

On mobile it is a bit more cluttered, but still usable. The photos are nice and clear.

Cherry Blossoms – Mobile View

I did minimize the notifications (Hide in green) but that was really all I needed to do to make it easy to use. It is not going to win any design awards, but it is functional.

Cherry Blossoms Search Engine

Cherry Blossoms search engine is solid and has almost everything you could want. Here is screenshot of what it looks like on a PC:

Cherry Blossoms – Advanced Search

One thing it does not have is a keyword search. That is a function that is really nice if you are looking for women with specific common interests. I’m not sure why you would build such a great all-around search engine and skip that, but all in all, it is an excellent search function.


Cherry Blossoms offers several of ways to communicate with women you want to meet. First, you can send them a smile. This is basically electronic flirting. It lets them know you are interested. It is simple and fun.

Next you can send them an email. Unlike many of its competitors Cherry Blossoms does not actively try to prevent you from moving the conversation to completely free sites like Facebook or Skype, but when you send an email it does show you the following message:

Cherry Blossoms Warning

You have to click “Agree” to go to the email form. If you click “Disagree” nothing happens, but you don’t get to the email form.

Chat is the next option. It is old school text chat. Nothing special. But again it does not appear to be censored.

Another noteworthy feature is the match feature. You use it to set a profile of the criteria of women you might be interested in. And then the system sends you an email daily of matching users (personalized matches).

It makes connecting almost painless, as you don’t have to surf through an endless stream of profiles to find the right matches for you (looking at you Tinder).

Cherry Blossom also has a good search function that allows you to filter users by more than a dozen details such as age, weight, number of children, last login, etc. It would be perfect if it just had a keyword search function too.

Sign Up Process

Signing up at Cherry Blossoms is easy, fast, and free. It is a two-step process.

It begins with entering standard registration details—first name, email, password, interest. And culminates with sharing personal details, including your eye and hair color, height and weight, education, number of children; among other things.

One of the best things is that you can sign up and really get a good feel for the site without paying anything. 

Women’s Dating Profiles

As you can see below the women’s gallery looks great on a PC. The photos are sharp and easy to see, and they also pack a lot of info into the gallery view which is helpful. At a glance you can see a woman’s age, whether or not she has children, her hometown, and the last time she was online. This makes searching easy.

Cherry Blossoms Gallery

Man, they do have some hotties!

In fact, Cherry Blossoms sometimes has more profiles of stunning Asian women than any site on the web, but the profiles tend to come and go.  That is a good thing because it means these are real women, not fakes put up by Nigerian scammers.

The profiles used to be one of the sites weak points, but now the photos are large and clear, and it seems like most of the girls are writing longer descriptions than in the past.

An interesting fact about CB that’s not often mentioned is that it has a higher ratio of women to men, at more than 3:1 at last count.

The ladies are slightly older than say on Tinder, but more often than not are interested in getting married.

More than 250,000 married couples have met through Cherry Blossoms, so they must be doing something right!

Unscreened Profiles – Buyer Beware!

One important word of warning – these are unscreened profiles. The women send in the information and Cherry Blossoms assumes everything is on the up and up. That means that you must be much more aware of the threat from scammers

The overwhelming majority of the profiles are legit, but be especially wary of quick expressions of undying love and requests for money. 

In fact, any girl that asks for money is by definition a scammer. 

Yes, even if her mother has been diagnosed with cancer or she was hit by a bus.  You have to assume she is a scammer. 

Asking for money = being a scammer.

If you want to If she is not a scammer then you simply got lucky. 

CB has implemented several useful safety features to help weed out the scammers.

The first allows you to search the web for profile pictures to ensure the person behind the profile isn’t impersonating anyone.  There is also a button on every page to report scammers, so they do take the safety of their members seriously.

In fairness, it is really hard to catch scammers and most sites do not do a great job at it.  If being scammed is a major concern you should check out FindMate.  It has some very innovative anti-scam technology.

This all sounds scary, but it is exactly the same system as or So, as long as you show a little common sense you are probably as safe from scammers on Cherry Blossoms as any normal internet dating site.

The site does have thousands of marriages to their credit and they are an American owned company based in Hawaii, so this is really one of the most legitimate companies in the industry.  

Nonetheless, you definitely need to be conscious of red flags as Cherry Blossom isn’t immune to the scammer plague on dating sites in general.


Today the CEO of Cherry Blossoms is Mike Krosky.  He used the catalog and came up with a plan to take everything online in 1995. He has been with them since then. It is clear he cares deeply about Cherry Blossoms and its reputation. 

This is a strong point in favor of signing up with Cherry Blossoms.

This is one of the few dating agencies with an “A rating” from the Better Business Bureau. Here is the basic information on the that BBB post:

The customer reviews are not great, only 2.5/5, but Mike has answered every single complaint.  And among the five recent formal complaints, everyone is marked “Resolved.”  If you are interested, follow this link and read: Cherry Blossom’s Better Business Bureau file.

The willingness to answer customers’ complaints is incredibly important.  It is one of the best reasons to use Cherry Blossom. 

Cherry Blossoms Pricing

Cherry Blossoms Price List!

A free account lets you create a profile, view other profiles, upload up to 12 pictures, and send a “smile” to indicate interest. But if you want to message, chat, send video messages, and do more; you’d need a premium account starting at $29.95/mo when you buy a one-year subscription.

You’d pay a higher monthly price if the subscription period is lower.

They have not raised their prices in a very long time.  And if you buy a year in advance it is less than $10.00 a month.  That is a real deal.


Be sure and pay attention to the “rebill” option, because if not you could accidentally get charged again by accident. 


Cherry Blossoms has excellent support. For starters, it is based in Hawaii, and you can call and send emails to them.

You can even send a postal letter or physical mail to their official address. However, you may not have to as they’ve furnished their “Help” section with most of the common requisite information you’d need.


Cherry Blossom goes further and above the competition to also offer immigration support for those who’ve found their better halves and want to bring them to the states.

This is part of the perks of operating in the US, and since they’ve been doing this for decades, you simply can’t go wrong with them.

You can find critical information on getting visas for your significant other on the site, or you could call or send an email to CB to connect with a Visa Specialist at no extra charge.

If you decide to use CB’s immigration help – whether it is for Fiancée Visa, Spousal Visa, or Adjustment of Status – you can pay a lump sum or in installments of up to five payments.

Cherry Blossoms Guarantee

Cherry Blossoms Features

The price is great, only $29.95 for the first month or better yet six months for $79.95 with a guarantee that you will find a great girl or they will give you six additional months for FREE. That’s one of the best deals anywhere online.

In summary, Cherry Blossoms is the poster child of what a legitimate, experienced niche dating site is all about. It unsurprisingly holds its own against the competition and is frankly, without reservation, one of the best places on the web to meet serious-minded Asian women.

Cherry Blossoms is certainly a great place to start looking for Asian singles.

Cherry Blossoms Review
  • Hotness Factor
  • User Interface
  • Number of Profiles
  • Quality of Profiles
  • Security
  • Cost

Cherry Blossoms Review

Cherry Blossoms is one of the oldest international dating sites, so old in fact that it started as a catalog bride agency in 1973. Today it is a modern dating site with all of the bells and whistles. Cherry Blossoms has thousands of dating profiles from the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.


  • Plenty of remarkable features, including search, match, translation services, sending video messages, who’s viewed your profile (and the number of times the person viewed your profile) etc.
  • More women than men on Cherry Blossoms. Furthermore, more than half of its user base are active monthly.
  • Simple and intuitive to use.
  • Support is excellent with a number to call and a detailed help section.
  • Based in the US – offers decently priced visa services.


  • CB has no mobile apps.
  • Profiles mostly from the Philippines
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