Conservative Dating Is Hard, But There Are Options

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Conservative dating is hard.  Yes, romance is a challenge for everyone, but it is even tougher for conservative – especially conservative men. A recent study found that 71% of Democrats wouldn’t consider dating a Trump voter. This is why conservative men should consider international dating.


Conservative dating is tough because American women have become so politically active, many in liberal and progressive causes. They often want nothing to do with a conservative man.

Overseas it is different. Foreign women usually don’t care if you voted for Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or George McGovern. That is something they don’t tend to have deep opinions about, though Trump is a galvanizing figure in Ukraine, China, and across Latin America, most women have politics compartmentalized.

Simply put. they do not see politics as an issue worth imperiling a good relationship, which can’t be said of many American women, and far too many men too for that matter.

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Politics is everywhere. For most American singles it is almost impossible to separate politics from romance. According to the New York Times many see their dates’ politics “as indicators of compatibility” particularly after the 2020 election. That makes it incredibly hard to meet women, but it doesn’t have to be.

Melania Trump is not officially a mail order bride. Apparently, she first met President Trump at a Manhattan party in 1998. But she is in many ways the ideal mail order bride and that is not a bad thing at all – not on International Love Scout.

When they met the future president was a 52-year-old businessman who had been divorced twice and needed something different in his life. He needed a traditional woman and Melania really is a traditional Eastern European lady at heart, but you do not need to be a billionaire or own your own jet to meet an amazing foreign woman who changes your life.

Challenges for Conservative Dating

Conservative men really do face real relationship challenges today, because politics have gotten so divisive.  It has spread beyond simply bad dates because of political differences. Now, it has even infected online dating apps which is in some ways even worse, because online dating apps are the gate keepers for modern singles.

If you can’t even get past the initial impression of the dating app, because of your politics, you are never going to be able to charm that attractive person with your charm, wit, humor, or even toss your politics out the door for the person.

Politics are just too hot right now.  Liberals and conservatives disagree on almost every issue and relationships are hard enough without having a gigantic built in friction point. The New York Times recently explain that,  “Singles, particularly members of the under-40 crowd, do not want to meet or match with people outside their political tribe.”

This is true for everyone across the political spectrum, but it is really a difficult situation for conservative men. Part of the issue is that women are far more likely to lean left. A Gallup poll conducted in late 2019 showed that a significant majority of women, about 63%, consider themselves as moderate or liberal.

Gallup Poll
Image 1 Gallup Poll

Worse, these political tags have a real impact on people’s perceptions, because today they are unavoidable. And the perceptions they generate have an impact on all relationships, including romantic relationships. A Pew Research Center study published in the fall of 2019 explained the results of the partisan divide by explaining that:

Americans have become more likely to say it is “stressful and frustrating” to have political conversations with those they disagree with. The change in opinions has come largely among Democrats: 57% now say that talking about politics with people they disagree with is stressful and frustrating, up from 45% two years ago.

So, in fairness, you can understand why a liberal or progressive woman would not want to deal with this extra stress at the start of a relationship.  Dating is already stressful and frustrating enough for everyone without doubling down on the friction. 

That is bad news for Republican men, but that is just the start of the bad news.  Young single women are more likely to be liberal than virtually any other demographic, particularly in heavily Democratic states like California, New York, or Massachusetts.

So, in those states conservative men start with a gigantic disadvantage, particularly on dating apps where they can be filtered out without ever even having a chance. 

A recent study by the American Enterprise Institute rolled through the political and cultural deal breakers that American singles face today.  It is bleak reading for conservative dating.

According to this survey, for 68% of Americans it would be impossible or very/somewhat difficult to date someone who did not share the same views as you on abortion. Religious freedom is a close second as a friction point at 67%, followed by gun control at 64%, immigration at 63%, and LBGT issues as a problem for 62% of singles.

Perhaps even worse, 46% of people would find in impossible or very/somewhat difficult to date you if they disagree with you about government spending.


This is what we have come to?  No, it gets worse. None of these issues alone seem to doom a conservative man’s dating chances, but they begin to add up in a hurry.  But all of these things are the elephant in the room, in this case in the Oval Office.

According to the AEI study, supporting Donald Trump ranks right up there with uncontrollable flatulence, bad body odor, and unemployment for many women.

The study explained that, “Nearly seven in 10 (69 percent) of women say they would be unwilling to date someone whose views of the president did not align with their own.”

And if you just ask Democratic women that question the number rises to a staggering 79%.

man surrounded with annoyed women
Image 2

This is why many dating apps are full of profiles of women who include messages like, “No Trump voters!”   In many areas of the country a male Trump supporter has almost no chance of being matched on any of the big mainstream dating apps like OK Cupid, which is proud that its “members leaned progressive.”

So, what can single Republicans do?  Well, of course, they can try to date only good, rock ribbed Republican women. But how do they do that if there are not already enough conservative women in their social circle?

With a little help from the hidden hand, of course!

Conservative Dating Apps Reviewed

Just as any right-thinking conservative would predict, the free market stepped into this gap exactly the way that Adam Smith predicted. A whole slew of new dating apps aimed at conservatives have appeared on the market, particularly after the election of Donald Trump in 2016. 

Righter, Donald Daters, Patrio, TrumpSingles, and Conservatives Only are among the numerous apps intended to help conservatives have a good time with someone who is not going to complain about watching Fox News or argue with you about AOC.

For a lot of conservative men that sounds like heaven, but exactly how effective are these apps at helping people connect?

So, how well do the conservative dating apps work?  That is hard to answer without signing up for them and reviewing them personally.  So, your hardworking author went out and kicked the tires on a few of them. Here are my concise reviews of the most popular conservative dating apps.

Donald Dater

Donald Daters app

Donald Dater has a hilarious tag line, “Make America Date Again!”  Sadly, that was the high point of my user experience. Their website never finished loading, but it has an app in the App Store which gets 2.8 stars.

I downloaded it, but it never allowed me to finish registering correctly. Worse, than that it reportedly had serious data breach shortly after launch. Well, that could explain the 2.8 stars review.


Go Patrio app

Patrio gets marginally better user reviews at the App Store with 2.9 stars, but I really liked the sign-up process. It used images to speed the process and allow a deeper dive into your political and personal interests than most apps.

It was fast and fun, but again it did not deliver me any matches or in fact anyone at all. Again, that was unusual, because I conducted the experiment from one of the reddest cities in of one of the reddest states.


righter app

Righter gets 3.5 star in the App store and it has a slick, up to date feel. It ran great even on my old test phone. The sign-up process was fairly standard, but when I got into the app there was no one available even when I set the search radius to maximum.

Of course, the women could have been filtering me out. Who knows? But I was in the middle of a high income, largely conservative city when I did the test and I am quite the catch.

But my results match the experience from a journalist from Washingtonian magazine who wrote that,

“After half a day and some false starts—Righter kept suggesting people who lived hundreds of miles away—I connected with a user named BaldNfit. I asked him how it was going so far. “I haven’t matched with anyone, as there are barely any individuals showing up as potential matches to choose from,” he wrote back. “Extremely low selection.”

Trump Singles

trump singles dating site

Trump Singles did not have an app in Apple’s App Store and the web site loaded very slow. I tried to sign up and look around, but I finally gave up. It also used the “Make America Date” tag line, which was really funny the first time I read it, but it has not aged well. 

Conservatives Only

conservatives only dating and friend finder app

Conservatives Only also did not have an app in Apple’s App Store. The site seemed to work ok, but it had an old school sign-up process straight out of the 1990s. It required pages of answers, sort of like used to do. Every question was mandatory.

I eventually just gave up since I did not have two hours to burn on the project. But if you are really serious go through the entire process and see what happens. Conservatives Only is the oldest site and it probably has a deeper user base.

Frankly, these reviews were almost as disappointing to me as they are for any single conservative men reading them. There is some small hope for Righter, because it is relatively new and also it seemed to actually work. Well, except for the complete and total lack of women, but, who knows, maybe they were filtering out all of the handsome, intelligent men?

The sad fact is that even if these conservative dating apps earned five star reviews they still could not solve the basic demographic problem that single conservative men face. There are not enough conservative women in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

None of these apps can possibly address that issue and if a conservative man really wants to meet a beautiful old-fashioned girl he should look overseas.

Millions of Single Conservative Women

International dating can solve a conservative man’s basic dating problem – the lack of conservative single women – instantly, because there are millions – tens of millions – of single conservative women overseas.

These are women who would love to meet a decent Western man and who have a very similar view about romance to most conservative men from the United States, Western Europe, and other Western nations.

But let’s step back again and define the term “conservative” in the context of marriage. Most conservative men in the United States look to an older model of marriage where legally, a marriage created rights and duties for both the husband and the wife.

Husbands were expected to be the economic providers, physical protectors, and the official head of the household. But most men did not try to run everything. They simply did not have the time, because they usually needed to work twelve hours a day to run a successful farm, ranch, or small business.

Women were in charge of child rearing and managing the house. A wise husband usually did not interfere in these matters. He respected his wife’s decisions and supported her efforts to raise honest, patriotic, God fearing children.

The husband and wife were a team and did not have a lot of friction, because their spheres of activity were separate and distinct.

Yes, it was understood the husband had the final say in a dispute, but like a presidential veto it was a tool most husbands used judiciously if at all.

This was a common template for marriage and family in the United State before about 1970. It seems to be what most “conservative” men are looking for and that is great for them, because this is basically the model of marriage and family that nearly all foreign women dream of.

What Traditional Women Want

beautiful traditional women

It is exactly what traditional women want. They are happy to let the husband make the final decision about most things. They want to understand their role and not get a lot of friction from their husband in those areas. And they want the husband to be a good provider and to remain loyal to them and their children.

It is amazing how poorly women are treated around the world. In Asia they almost have to marry by the time they are twenty-three or they face angry parents and ostracism in the community.

Even worse, in Eastern Europe women lost an enormous number of legal rights and cultural privileges since the fall of the Soviet Union. And in Latin America women suffer a rate of domestic abuse almost unbelievable.

They do not want a man who is drunk or who cheats on them. They certainly don’t deserve a man who is going to slap them around when he gets angry. They are happy to defer to their husband most of the time, but they want to be treated with compassion and respect.

Can you manage that? 

Because if you can and you have a little patience you can probably find an amazing woman who will make your life richer, healthier, and more successful.

BUT – if you are looking for a submissive woman – look somewhere else. No, woman is dreaming of a guy who is going to force her to be at his beck and call. In fact, if you think about forcing your wife or girlfriend to do almost anything, save everyone the trouble and stay single.

If you are so insecure that you have to micromanage everything your wife does you need to reconsider your value system. That is not good for you or for her or for the family in general if you have children. Not all guys are cut out to marry a foreign bride.  

But if you can support your wife in her spheres of responsibility, be a good provider, and remain loyal and compassionate when things get tough a mail order bride might be exactly what you have always dreamed of.

What sort of man are you?

Marrying a gorgeous foreign woman certainly changed Donald Trump’s life for the better. Maybe, a sexy mail order bride can do the same thing for you.

A Foreign Affair is based in Phoenix, Arizona is owned by a small group of friends. It has a long track record of helping conservative men find the woman of their dreams. They have offices in thirteen countries and a worldwide reach.

Check out our review and I believe you will understand why we recommend them to conservative men.

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