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Date & Marry a Sexy Uzbek Girl

Tucked away in the heart of Asia, Uzbekistan remains a largely unexplored destination for men seeking foreign brides. But ask anyone who’s ever visited, and you’ll hear the same thing: the country is a hidden gem, and its true treasures are the gorgeous women.

For the adventurous international dater Uzbekistan offers a lot of untapped potential. Because of cultural and demographic reasons, there are many young women looking abroad for love.

And if you are looking for Uzbekistan girls for marriage then you are in luck. These women are not only beautiful but also make for caring and dedicated wives and excellent mothers.

So why haven’t more guys like you visited Uzbekistan before?

That’s probably got a lot to do with leftover propaganda from the Cold War period that has us believing that Eastern Europe was a cold, dark, dreary place where small hairy women toiled in fields harvesting potatoes and cabbage.

marry the hottest women in the world
Uzbek women fantasy vs reality

Sure, there was the occasional 7-foot tall blonde with piercing blue eyes and never-ending legs, but they were the elite.

That’s our guess as to why men have actively avoided traveling to Uzbekistan in search of their “mail-order” bride or girlfriend.

This oversight is a total win for you because there are far more single Uzbek women than there are men, so the ball is 100% in your court here.

5 Reasons You Should Pursue Uzbek Women for Marriage

#1 – Uzbekistan Is an Undiscovered Dating Destination

Uzbek beauties at the bar

Dating trends are a little bit behind the times in Uzbekistan due to the country’s recent history. Uzbekistan spent much of the past century as part of the Soviet Union. In 2019, the country is still in the process of opening up to the world.

Because of the isolation, it went through in the past, the country still remains a mystery to most outsiders. However, foreigners who come to visit soon find that the locals treat them with a curious sense of respect.

The women, in particular, are quite intrigued by foreign men. Your attention will flatter them because, as a foreigner, you seem rare and special in their eyes.

Thus, the idea of a romance with you is quite appealing to Uzbek women. Your courtship will excite them since it’s not something they get to experience every day.

#2 – You Won’t Have Serious Competition

Do the women you hit on ever end up going home with some sleazy douche instead? Pick-up artists somehow manage to leave with a different woman every single night. The dating culture can be ruthless because of them, especially in the States.

Similarly, the extremely rich pose another threat. Whether it’s a Saudi sheik or a local heir to a huge fortune, these men impress women with their wallets (and the opportunities those wallets hold).

But in Uzbekistan, it would be hard to find either one of those types of men. The dating playing field is much more level, so you’ll certainly stand a better chance of impressing the ladies. 

#3 – Tashkent Is One Gem of a City

Tashkent one of the gem city in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is a great place, full of amazing things to enjoy.

Since it’s the capital, the city is home to some of the most luxurious hotels. There are also great restaurants that you can visit with your date. In other words, there’s no amenity that you won’t be able to enjoy, no matter how extravagant your taste might be!

Apart from its modern side, Tashkent is rich in history and culture too. You can learn a lot about the region and its fascinating past by exploring the city. Also, traditional architecture offers a romantic setting for a truly unforgettable date.

#4 – The Local Women Are Educated But Traditional

Uzbekistan takes education seriously. The local women are quite well-read and can impress you with their smarts, not just their good looks. You can count on them to treat you to some of the most engaging conversations you’ve ever had on a date.

However, for all of their schooling, local women are not as progressive as people in other ex-Soviet states. Many of them still hold a traditional view on stuff like family and sexuality.

So, if you have more of a traditional mindset, you will find many like-minded Uzbek brides.

This is even truer if you are interested in Muslim women. Over 90% of Uzbek people identify as Muslim. So, if you’re looking for a good, Muslim woman who is both educated and spiritual, definitely consider Uzbek women for marriage.

#5 – The Women Are Beautiful

beautiful Uzbekistan girls

Because of its location, Uzbekistan is a bit of a melting pot of ethnicities. Many different people have lived in the region, adding to the unique, exotic look of the locals.

You can spot features typical for the people of not only Central Asia but also East Asia and Europe. Moreover, the more secluded hilly areas are home to some of the finest beauties out there.

This blend of ethnicities is responsible for the stunning appearance of Uzbek women that will leave you breathless.

Famous Uzbek beauties include actress and model Djamilya Abdullaeva, as well as gymnast Alina Kabaeva, rumored to be Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend.

See?  Even world leaders want Uzbek women!

How to Meet Single Uzbek Women

Uzbek women seeking men for marriage are quite common – as long as you know where to look for your Uzbek bride! When trying to meet a beautiful Uzbek girl for dating or marriage you really only have 2 options:

Option 1 – Use an International Dating Site or a Marriage Agency

marriage agencies to find Uzbek women

Usually, you’d look for Uzbek women for marriage on international dating sites and in marriage agencies. Unfortunately, Uzbek brides are rare compared to most of the women on those sites.

A Foreign Affair only has a couple of profiles of Uzbek women for marriage. Anastasiadate is another website for finding new love interests, but it doesn’t have any Uzbek brides right now.

Elena’s Models likely features more Uzbek beauties. However, it doesn’t allow you to search by country. You’d have to spend a lot of time carefully sorting through profiles to find potential Uzbek brides there.

Similarly, BeHappy2Day doesn’t have a dedicated Uzbek section either. You’d have to be very lucky to find Uzbek women for marriage there.

Your best option is RussianCupid. It has a rich gallery of Uzbek women seeking men for marriage. They vary greatly in age and interests, too, so anyone can meet the right woman there.

A Note About Uzbek Romance Tours

When you’re looking to date in Eastern Europe or Central Asia, romance tours are often a great idea. However, there aren’t any available tours in Uzbekistan right now.

We will continue our search. If we find any romance tours, we will update this page, so make sure to check back in.

Option 2 – Travel to the Ends of the Earth to Meet Your Uzbek Bride

Uzbekistan is an arid, landlocked country bordered by Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the east, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan to the south, and Kazakhstan to the west and to the north.

So, to see Uzbek girls in their natural environment you are really going to have to travel almost literally to the ends of the Earth.

Uzbek girls are simply off the beaten path – any path – for people in most of the world.

Where is Uzbekistan on a Map

What this means for you is that even after you have flown into the bustling capital Tashkent that you might still have quite a trip out to a smaller town, which could take even longer than the flight from Cleveland.

Here are some tips for you Uzbekistan Travel Adventure:

When traveling to Uzbekistan, be wary when crossing borders. There is some trouble in nearby Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan, so crossing from there might not be safe.

Instead, your best bet is to get into the country by plane. The international airport in Tashkent is very well connected. You can find connecting flights from Turkey, Russia, China, Germany, and Israel, among others.


Note that US citizens and people from the European Union (including the UK), need to apply for a visa. This is to make sure you’re not denied entry to the country.

You can learn how to get a tourist visa by contacting the Uzbek embassy in your country. Also, you will find more information about visa procedures and exempt countries on Uzbekistan’s Foreign Ministry’s website.

Local Currency

Uzbekistan som

Uzbekistan uses the s’om as its national currency. While there, it’s best to rely on cash rather than credit cards. To be on the safe side, exchange your money in advance.

Right now, one US dollar is worth about 8,700 Uzbekistani s’om. This means you may have to handle sums of money that seem very big because of all the zeros.

Still, the standard of living is actually much lower in comparison to most western cities. The lower standard makes Uzbekistan a cheap place to visit.

Overall Safety

Don’t let the border with Afghanistan scare you — Uzbekistan is actually quite safe.

It is a secular state with a president, so you don’t have to worry about terrorism or rampant violence. In fact, the CIA notes the government is “highly authoritarian,” or what we often call a police state.

The government maintains a large police force to keep crime in check.

According to the US Embassy in Tashkent, crimes against foreigners are quite rare. In conclusion, your level of safety in Uzbekistan is pretty much the same as it is back home.

The Best Cities to Meet Uzbek Women

Of course, it is possible to meet Uzbek women for marriage anywhere in the country. However, one of these three cities would be the best starting point in your search for Uzbek brides.

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and is home to about 2.5 million people. As the most populated city in the country, it has the most exciting social life. Of course, more people also means more Uzbek women for marriage.

Tashkent, like other cities in this country, has a rich history. Because it is located on the Silk Road, many civilizations have left their mark on it.

In antiquity, it was an oasis for the local traders, and later, it became a part of the Persian and Kwarazmian Empires. In the 13th century, it famously fell to Genghis Khan. It also served as the capital of Russian Turkestan.

The Russian influence continued in the 20th century as the country joined the Soviet Union.

Today, Tashkent is a booming cultural and economic center. It boasts many beautiful old buildings that speak of its rich past. The Kukeldash Madrasah is just one famous example. In addition, the city has a modern side with many glamorous, new hotels and shopping centers.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Samarkand is the second-largest city in Uzbekistan. Its history rivals that of Tashkent, as it was arguably one of the most important cities on the Silk Road.

Samarkand’s beauty and convenient location fascinated both Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. Today, you can still see many old buildings that were left behind by the different cultures who lived there. For example, the Registan ensemble and the Guri Amir are marvels of Islamic architecture and just a few of the many gems of this city.

Khiva, Uzbekistan

With fewer than 100,000 people, Khiva is much smaller than both Tashkent and Samarkand. However, it is still full of charm and wonderful people to meet.

Khiva was once a Persian, Turkic, and Russian domain. Today, it is home to some of Uzbekistan’s most stunning historical monuments. For example, the entire inner city, Itchan Kala, is a UNESCO protected heritage site.

Khiva will be especially convenient for you to visit if you’re coming from Turkmenistan. 

Uzbek Women for Marriage – Why Are They Looking For a Guy Like You?

Current issues in Uzbekistan include Islamic terrorism, economic stagnation, and the curtailment of human rights and democratization, so you can see why Uzbek girls would be more than happy to leave their homeland for North Dakota or even New Jersey.

Here are the main reasons women from Uzbekistan want to find foreign husbands:

Economic Factors

coins money graph

While the Republic of Uzbekistan is abundant in mineral wealth, it has the fourth-largest gold deposits in the world; this wealth is not equally shared among all of its inhabitants.

In fact, the average income in the country is only about $670 dollars a year.

Many of the jobs that are available are in the extraction of commodities. This means that the men tend to have to work dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs which they are poorly paid for.

This leads to a situation where most Uzbekistan men are unable to take their girlfriends or wives out on what we would call a normal date.

It also means that they may find providing for their future wives difficult. The dangerous nature of their work and the relatively bad healthcare system also means that the mortality rate for men is significantly higher than that for women.

Essentially this has created a situation where there are fewer men than women. And the men that are available do not offer a lifestyle or future which is particularly desirable to many Uzbekistan women.

A western man on the other hand with even a fairly standard job can offer a life that is for many of these women almost unimaginable.

Even the simple pleasures of watching a movie and eating in a nice restaurant will seem quite special to these women.

Social Standing

Although Uzbek women have the same rights as Uzbek men, sexism is not uncommon.

For instance, news outlets like the BBC have claimed that the authoritarian Uzbek state is forcefully sterilizing women. This is a flagrant violation of their human rights.

Women in Uzbekistan have also resorted to self-immolation to protest the abuse of their husbands. This shows that the reality for women in Central Asia can sometimes be quite gruesome and painful.

To escape that, many Uzbek women seeking men for marriage try to go for foreigners. They simply see western men as safer choices.

The West is often portrayed as treating women with more care and respect. For this reason, Uzbek brides are more willing to take their chances with a foreign man than risk abuse at home.

Family Reasons

happy Uzbek family

Uzbek women see in foreigners an opportunity to improve the lives of their own families.

If they marry a westerner and move abroad, many Uzbek brides believe they will make more money. Then, they can use their higher means to support the parents or siblings they left back home.

For some, marrying a foreigner also means they can get visas for their family. They may want to move their loved ones from Uzbekistan to a more developed country.

Sheer Curiosity

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, many Uzbek women are simply curious. After all, the country used to be isolated from the West up until the end of the Cold War. Because of this, Western culture is still shrouded in an attractive veil of mystery.

Uzbek women seeking men for marriage have plenty of choices among their locals, but a foreigner is a rare curiosity.

The more adventurous ones want to experience the West personally, through love. They will see you not just for who you are but also for the civilization you represent.

To them, dating you is just as much of a cultural experience as it is a romantic one.

Barriers to Dating and Marrying an Uzbek Woman

Before jumping the gun and pursuing Uzbek brides, there are a few things you need to consider.


People in Uzbekistan speak Uzbek, Russian, or often both. The better-educated individuals usually learn English in school, but don’t expect every single person you meet to be fluent.

This means that if you want to speak in English with your bride, your choice could be limited. So, it might be helpful to learn some Russian beforehand. Then you can break the ice with your new special lady faster.

Plus, knowing you learned a foreign language for her will make her feel special.


Uzbek women wearing traditional clothes

The dating culture in Uzbekistan is quite different from what you might be used to. Most families are very traditional and often religious, which takes that to a whole new level.

Because of this conservative mindset, dating and casual sex are frowned upon.

If you just want to visit and think you can fool around with a beautiful local woman for a month and leave, you might be better off somewhere else. Single Uzbek women seeking men for marriage are not into casual flings.

In fact, successfully marrying Uzbek women might be easier than dating them. Typically, your dating phase will be short, followed by a marriage proposal, and then a long engagement.

Uzbek women will open up to you more after they see proof of your commitment.

Note that you might need to convert to Islam to get the family’s approval.


US Visa

As mentioned earlier, you need a visa to enter Uzbekistan. You also need to have a valid passport for the visa. You can find more information on the process and the documents you need here.

Manage Your Expectations

The whole reason you’re probably after Uzbek brides is that they are different. So, remember not to expect them to behave like the western women you’ve met so far.

Family is extremely important to Uzbek women. If you’re planning to take your Uzbek bride abroad with you, allow her enough time to say goodbye to her loved ones.

Alternatively, you should research whether you can sponsor visas for her parents, siblings, or children (if she has any) so that she doesn’t have to leave them behind.

Oh, and you’ll need her family’s approval to date her – she can’t if they don’t agree to it.

Religion – Will it be a Problem?

One of the issues that western men sometimes worry about when thinking about dating or marrying an Uzbek girl is the religious difference.

Uzbekistan is a Muslim country with most of the population following that religion. The conservative nature of the Muslim religion is one of the reasons why Uzbekistan women make such great wives.

However western men sometimes worry whether these beliefs will conflict with their own.

You may find that if you are religious yourself that your future wife will consider converting to your religion.

Of course, if you are a Muslim then the problem is much simpler and you may find that you are considered quite the catch with your western income.

You should not worry no matter what your religion is that it will stand in the way of you finding love. Uzbek women are not conservative enough to make your Catholic or Southern Baptist background an issue.

While she may still wish to practice her religion she is unlikely to try and force it upon you. However, It is a good idea to discuss religion and how it will affect your marriage as your relationship becomes more serious.

Everything You Need to Know About Dating An Uzbek Woman

Well, the first weird thing here is that there’s literally no word for “date” in the Uzbek language. The closest you’ll come to “date” is “going out”.

That’s not to say that women here don’t understand the concept of dating – that’s part of every culture.

And speaking of culture it’s time to mention that Uzbekistan is 90% Muslim, so Islam is the dominant religion. But… women don’t wear any kind of headscarf.

beautiful and simple Uzbek girls

In fact, it’s illegal for them to do that, even in a mosque.

Muslim women will date foreigners, and possibly get intimate with them before marriage, but most of them are very conservative because that’s what their family expects them to be.

Most Uzbek women will speak at least some English thanks to the education system here.

But if you want to see her literally smile from ear to ear, then learn at least a little bit of Uzbek – speaking it to a local girl is like an aphrodisiac.

When you’re actually dating an Uzbek girl she’ll expect you to “pursue” her for at least a little while before she falls into your arms. This is purely a cultural thing, so don’t get bent out of shape over it.

Men are expected to be the head of the household, so she’ll want you to take the lead in the relationship.

What Are Uzbek Women Really Like?

hot Uzbek women

Uzbek women are so different from Western women that it’s difficult to put into words… but we’ll try.

You know how American and European women tend to approach a relationship with a grand plan for the next 30 years of your lives together?

Yeah, Uzbek women think that’s ridiculous because:

  1. They know that’s not how real love works
  2. They know life doesn’t always pan out how you want

They’re insanely pragmatic in their approach to life, taking each day as it comes, but with an eye on the future. So, that means you can skip all the drama you get with most Western women.

Something else you should know is that your Uzbek girlfriend will deliberately make you invest time in getting to know her.

She’ll basically feed you snippets of information about herself over the course of several dates, totally unlike the brain dump you get with Western chicks.

If you are looking for a wife then Uzbekistan women are perfect. The culture is conservative and very family-oriented. Women in Uzbekistan are dedicated to their husbands and their children.

Divorce is very rare in this country and will only be considered in rare circumstances.

If you marry an Uzbekistan woman you should understand that she will disgrace her family if she was to divorce you.

If you are sick of divorces and the costs both emotionally and financially that go along with them, then an Uzbekistan bride can be a great choice.

An Uzbekistan wife is much more traditional than her western counterpart. She will in all likelihood expect you to provide for the family financially but in return, she will be supportive of your career and keep the home.

While the wife cooking dinner may be something from the 1950s in the west, in a country like Uzbekistan it is normal.

While she may not have the economic earning power of western women they are by no means uneducated. The literacy rate in Uzbekistan is above 99% because of the free education system in the Soviet Union.

The type of Uzbekistan women who are looking for a western man is often working in a professional position such as a teacher or lawyer. She will also probably speak at least some English.

If your dream bride is younger than you then Uzbekistan is a great place to look it has one of the youngest populations on the planet meaning that there are plenty of young women for you to choose from.

older man and a younger Uzbek girl

It is also quite normal for an older man to have a younger bride. An age gap of between 10 and 20 years would be nothing unusual, especially if that older man is a successful and wealthier westerner.

Uzbek dating offers an opportunity to meet young and beautiful women who are serious and committed to marriage.

There are few countries that produce women that make for such excellent wives while still being a woman any man would be proud to have on his arm.

If you are looking for a dark-haired beauty that will be the envy of all your friends, who will care for and cherish you then take a good look at dating or marrying an Uzbekistan girl.

Uzbek Women – What do They Look Like?

Unlike nearby Kazakhstan, which has a much larger European population, most Uzbekistan girls are ethnic Uzbeks. They tend to have dark hair and dark eyes.

Supposedly, the Uzbeks are largely a mixture of Turks and Persians.

You won’t find very many Russian-looking blondes in Uzbekistan because they only make up about 7% of the population. So, that’s that stereotype out the window.

What you will find are stacks of tall women who are a mix of Asian and Slavic with just a hint of Russian thrown in for good measure, thanks to two centuries of influence in the country.

So, expect to meet and date mostly brunettes and women with black hair, but all of them with piercing eyes.

Shahrizoda Uzbek Pop group
Uzbek Pop Group – Shahrizoda

Women will have either Asian eyes, hair or skin, or a little bit of each. You’ll also come across blondes with tanned skin and Asian eyes.

All of the women look exotic, even the average-looking ones.

You’ll have to look far and wide to find a fat chick in Uzbekistan. Part of this is because they take pride in their appearance, but another reason is they don’t have a high-fat, high-crap diet – the annual income per person is about US$1,000 per year.

Basically Uzbek women have mixed ethnic influences, but it’s the kind of mix that will make you sit up and pay attention.

So you may also find that your prospective partner is a blonde-haired Slavic beauty rather than your standard Uzbekistan lady.

Alternatives to Uzbek Brides

The smart, beautiful women of Uzbekistan can easily steal your heart. Still, if you only rely on dating websites, Uzbek women may prove harder to find than unicorns.

But, don’t despair. Many of the factors mentioned here apply to a large part of the Eastern bloc. The ex-Soviet republics are rich in pretty women eager to try their luck with foreign men.

So, if you fail to find any Uzbek women for marriage, consider checking out these four countries:


kinky Ukrainian woman

Ukraine has some of the best mail-order bride services. There’s plenty of reason for that!

Ukrainian women are famous all over the world for their beauty. Located right between Europe and Asia, Ukraine has historically been home to a great variety of people.

From Vikings, Slavs, and various Central Asian tribes, it has been the land of many different ethnic groups. Over the centuries, this has resulted in a rich gene pool and a simply stunning population.

Moreover, marriage has always been quite important to the Ukrainian people. Marrying well is an important goal for most Ukrainian single women, which is why there are so many of them on international dating sites.

That is why Ukrainian girls learn to take care of their looks and manners early on. They know a marriage opportunity might come at any time — so they’re always looking their best, ready to grab it.

In addition, women in Ukraine are usually quite educated. All of them finish high school, and the majority of the younger generation also goes to university.

Lastly, Ukrainian women grow up with traditional notions of family values. They are equally ready for the urban lifestyle of a working woman as they are to run your home.


gorgeous Russian girl pretty in pink

In terms of culture and society, you’ll find that Russian women have much in common with Ukrainian girls. As a whole, they are smart, educated, and traditional.

Russia has millions of beautiful women, and the country’s location has definitely contributed to that. It spans almost an entire continent, and thus houses many different ethnic groups.

Similarly to Ukraine, there is northern, Slavic, Asian, and even Innuit blood flowing through the veins of Russian women. That is why you may encounter some of the most stunning beauties there.


Russia’s smaller cousin, Belarus, is yet another great place to meet gorgeous women. In terms of their mindset and culture, Belarusians are quite similar to people in Russia and Ukraine. After all, Belarus was part of the Soviet Union too.

Still, Belarusian girls have a different kind of beauty.

Because the country is much closer to the Baltic Sea, its people have more of a northern look. If you are especially fond of milky white skin and lake-blue eyes, Belarusian women will certainly enchant you.


lovely Kazakhstan girl

Kazakhstan lies directly above Uzbekistan. In terms of the people and their culture, it is closer to Uzbekistan than Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Many people have passed through these lands. The locals display a unique blend of Asian, Turkic, and Slavic features, not unlike the people in Uzbekistan.

If you want an exotic woman but can’t find any Uzbek women for marriage, be sure to check out our Kazakhstan dating article. Moreover, if you prefer a Muslim bride, you’re better off here than in Russia or Ukraine.

5 Facts About Uzbek Brides

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Uzbekistan Quick Stats

Capital City: Tashkent
Population: 32773598
Language: Uzbek (official) 74.3%, Russian 14.2%, Tajik 4.4%, other 7.1% Note: in the Karakalpakstan Republic, both the Karakalpak language and Uzbek have official status
Climate: Mostly mid-latitude desert, long, hot summers, mild winters; semiarid grassland in east
Coastline: None
Government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic under an authoritarian state
Currency: Uzbek som (UZS)
Time Zone: UTC+5
Country Code: +998
Driving Side: Right
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