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We Search For the Sexiest Women in the World

International Love Scout is the single most authoritative source for reliable information on the pros and cons of international dating.

Yes, we are proponents of international dating, but only because the most recent scientific research proves mail order brides are amazing. There is a lot of good news about international dating right now and if you believe the mainstream media bias then you need to do some research into the Truth About Mail Order Brides.

We started out as two broke guy who knew nothing about international dating.  All we knew was that there were way too many sexy women on international dating sites for anyone to keep up with them all.  The business really started as a way to keep up with the sexiest girls in the world and that is still one of our primary goals.

Are Mail Order Brides Real?

The first issue we had was trying to discover are mail order brides real?  It seemed amazing that so many incredible women from so many areas of the world actually wanted to sign up to meet foreign men, so we did some research.

We wanted to understand what inspired a sexy young Russian girl to take the leap and to try to meet a foreign man, leave her friends and family, move to the other side of the world, and learn a new language?  The short answer is that for a Russian mail order bride it probably makes a lot of sense to look beyond Moscow or St. Petersburg for a husband.

We discovered that there are a slew of good reasons why so many Eastern European women look abroad for husbands.   And it wasn’t just about because of money.  That was crystal clear.  Most foreign brides, regardless from where they were from, would do better financially if they married a Western man, but we discovered that was not usually their primary reason for signing up.

For the most educated and talented young Chinese women it made even more sense, because of ridiculous cultural traditions.  Many of the sexiest Asian brides are literally un-marriageable in China.  It was nuts!

We ended up doing a ton of research, we still do, and it was amazing just how wrong the mainstream media was about international dating.  So, once we really understood a lot more about the business of international dating we decided that we really could focus on helping men discover the most amazing women in the world.

There are literally tens of thousands of sexy, intelligent, talented women from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe who want to meet Western men.

Profiles of Sexy Mail Order Brides

The heart of the site is the profiles of amazingly sexy women from around the world who dream of the chance of meeting a Western man, particularly form the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

The women are amazing!

This is a site written by men, for men, but it is always about the women.  Unlike a lot of bad DJs in strip joints we never forget you are here for the women.  You are not reading this, because you are fascinated with my nuanced view of the universe or my razor sharp sense of humor.  You are reading this because you are lonely and tired of trying to find the right woman in your city, town, village, or polar research station.

We write our own fun reviews of the profiles of the sexiest foreign girls from the top international marriage agencies on the web.   We can make your search for a mail order bride both more fun and more efficient, and ultimately safer, happier, and even more fulfilling.

Maybe you will not find the woman you believe is the most beautiful girl in the world at International Love Scout, but you’ll almost certainly find a few you can put on your short list. The women are amazing.

Our site is run by guys, for guys, so, of course we keep our focus on the GIRLS! This site is about pretty Chinese brides, beautiful Latina brides, sexy Russian brides, and lots of other hot women from dozens of other countries.

We regularly scan the best international marriage sites to point you towards the profiles of the most amazing women on the Web – we handpick the golden needles out of the haystack.

These Women Are More Than Just Beautiful

There are tens of thousands of profiles of sexy foreign brides on the web sites of hundreds of international marriage agencies, but here at International Love Scout we start by selecting the best agencies and then sifting through their profiles by hand to find the most amazing women in the world for you.

The women we focus on are the best of the best.

Take a look at the dating profiles on our site and I believe you will see that we have done a pretty good job collecting some of the most beautiful, talented, accomplished women that you can find anywhere.

We look for profiles of sexiest foreign girls who seem honest and charming. We try to find ladies whose photos and written descriptions reveal something significant about their personalities. We look for profiles like the sexy Ukrainian woman who writes that, “I believe that the real love does not care about age, horoscopes, money…” or the hot Latin woman, an attorney, who wants “serious conversation” with the man of her dreams.

We sort the women so you can find just the sort of lady you are attracted to.  We have profiles of beautiful doctors, pretty lawyers, sexy skydivers, gorgeous skiers, aspiring actresses, stunning accountants, and beautiful teachers so hot you’ll wish you were in the sixth grade again. All of them just want to find the man of their dreams.

Do you like Geeky Goddesses?

Or do you want to date a fitness girl?

We have already sorted through to help you find those ladies.

Take a look at the girls for marriage in our galleries and we believe that you’ll be amazed by the ocean of beautiful, available women out there.

Explaining Mail Order Brides

We also spend a ton of time trying to explain how international dating works.  Do you wonder if you can really date a younger woman?  Or are you suspicious that mail order brides are only out for your money?

We have a huge number of articles on wide variety of topics, because this is not a decision you should take lightly.  You need to be informed about your options and we discuss the cost of a mail order bride.

However, one point we try to reiterate across the site over and over again is that the women really are amazing.  That was really the biggest surprise for us in this process.  Whether they are from Asia, Latin America, Africa, or Eastern Europe the women are truly great.

And, in all seriousness most of the guys that are searching for mail order brides seem to be solid too, but we try to help them be better boyfriends and husbands.  Yes, this is a business and we are trying, with mixed success to make money, but we warn guys that not everyone is ready to date a mail order bride.   We urge guys to understand why foreign women are interested in Western men.

The long and short of it is we are a site that we hope helps fan the flames of real romance and create happiness for both the guys who visit our site and the beautiful, sexy foreign women they contact.