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Exotic Argentina Girls - A Beautiful Mix of Cultures

Argentine women are world renowned for their beautiful looks; they have dark beautiful skin, long lashes and can seduce you with their eyes

These women are primarily the descendants of huge wave of European immigrants that arrived in the country from about 1880 to 1930, primarily from Northern Italy and Spain, but also significant numbers of immigrants came from France, Germany, Scandinavia, Wales, and Ireland.

In fact, over 85% of the women of Argentina self-describe themselves as being of European descent.

There are also quite a few Argentine women descended from Middle Eastern immigrants, particularly Lebanese and Syrian Christians. About 3% of the population is descended from the indigenous people and there is even a small population of Asian-Argentines.

With such a huge amount of diversity in the gene-pool it's no wonder that the women of Argentina are some of the most exotic and beautiful to be found anywhere in the world.

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Smart, Sexy and Sophisticated

Exotic Argentina mail order bride reclining in chair

In Argentina the girls pride themselves on being sophisticated and sexy in a sort of pre-World War II kind of way, and it works - boy does it work!

Part of the deal with the sophistication is that Argentina probably has the best education system in South America, though Chile might argue with that point, so the women are much more likely to be regular readers than women from other Latin countries, 36% say that they read regularly.

In Argentina women have a strong tradition of economic and political power and in general this is not a country where it is easy to find a "submissive mail order bride". This is a country where perhaps the most famous political leader was a woman, Eva Peron, and a hot woman too.

In most of Argentina the weather is really nice most of the year so the women tend to get outside a lot and that undoubtedly contributes to their sexy figures. It also makes Argentina a nice place to visit.

Girls from Argentina also tend to go to the gym more than women in other South American countries, at least according to a 2003 report. However, the same report also points out that Argentine women tend to smoke more and drink less than other Latin women. That's a bit of a head scratcher, but many of these girls really do seem to model themselves after Ingrid Bergman and Lauren Bacall - and that is not at all a bad thing.

Dating Argentine Women - Never a Dull Moment

One thing you need to understand about dating a girl from Argentina is that she is going to be passionate. Latin women are renowned for their fiery natures for a good reason. Your relationship is probably going to have some serious drama at some points.

Argentine girls are going to try to play with you at first. Be prepared for it. They will turn on and off like a light-switch. One minute everything is going great and happy, the next, dead cold. They're just going to try to screw with you, what should you do? Play the game, play hard to get too.

Expect your relationship to work something like a soap opera, with a lot of ups, downs and dramatic swings. Here are some things to keep in mind if you decide to pursue a girl from Argentina for dating or marriage:

what you need to know about dating in Argentina

Learn to Love Coffee

Since most Argentine women don't drink a lot, taking them out for a coffee is better.

Chivalry is not Dead

Chivalry is still a big part of dating in Argentina, so you should follow all the regular rules; holding doors open, politeness, etc.

Be Flexible

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you for dating an Argentine girl is to be flexible.

You don't have to change who you are or give up YOUR culture, just take it easy when dating her and relax. Know that you're dating someone from another culture and as such they are going to have a different way of looking at things than you will.

Latin Girls Love to Dance

If you are serious about dating an Argentine woman you should consider taking Tango classes. The Argentine Tango is renowned throughout the world. Argentine women may also be quite open to dating a foreigner because many women in Argentina complain about being "kitchen slaves" where they are expected to almost constantly work in the Kitchen.

Argentina Singles Hate Players

Women from Argentina also complain about men only using them for sex. While this may not be true, it certainly is the feeling of many of Argentina's women. So if you are looking for a serious relationship or dating you should have an easy time getting along with an Argentinian lady.

Argentina girls for dating

Take it Slow

Argentinian girls generally take things slower and are more conservative than American women. They also do not drink very much and there is a social stigma of making it too easy for a guy. So generally an Argentine girl is going to try to challenge you even if she wants you because she wants you to value her.

Social Circles Are Key

Having a social circle is very important in Argentina and with it you have a lot more desirability to a woman, and many more channels available to you for meeting women. So, if you're going to spend a while in Argentina you may want to consider enrolling in language classes and making friends with the local people.

A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss

A kiss is a big deal in Argentina, and once you step over that threshold things can get a lot easier. You have to remember that women love to play hard to get in Argentina and they do it for a good reason. They want to keep you around, so let her "catch" you by letting her play hard to get.

Make Friends with Your Argentina Girlfriend's Family

Women from Argentina maintain quite strong ties to their families. The family is really important even when dating in Argentina. You basically should try to "get in good" with the family if you want to have a trouble free relationship with you girlfriend. The older the family member, the more influence they have, so if you can - start at the top and work your way down.

Her family can also be a source of support for your relationship. Indeed you may find them helping you through your relationship once you are together. Her family can be a helpful source of strength and also gives you a lot of social power in the country.

So don't think of it too negatively. Everything has its advantages and its disadvantages but more or less, if you are in good with her family you're going to get a lot of benefits.

Keep the Communication Channels Open

Openness and honesty are really going to pay off in these kinds of situations because you're going to have misunderstandings. You're going to have cases where you were thinking one thing and she was thinking another.

When this happens, there is a simple solution that always works. Just talk about it and keep an open mind. Keep your head cool and try to understand her. If you do that you can overcome just about any cultural quirk with almost no effort.

Just adopt the mindset that it's a different culture and seek to understand how she sees things. Also, help her to understand how you see them so she will also know what might be unacceptable in your culture and what you want.

The better you can get to know the girl you are interested in and understand her (while helping her to understand you) the easier and happier your relationship is going to be.

Also, if you are in Argentina it doesn't hurt to talk with expats and local guys who can give you a wealth of advice about dating whenever you have a problem or question that comes up.

More about Argentina

Argentina's economy recovered significantly since the severe economic crisis of 2001-2002, with six consecutive years of real growth in gross domestic product and Argentina seems to have weathered the worldwide economic downturn that began in 2008 better than many countries.

Argentina is rich in natural resources, has a highly educated population, a globally competitive agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base.

Travel or Retire to Argentina

Argentina is one of the top locations to consider as an international dating destination.

Hot Argentine girl in front of fireplace

It is a still a great bargain for Western visitors. If you are really considering moving overseas Argentina is definitely a country worth considering, because of the great weather, still reasonable prices, nice culture, and the chance to get in on a real upswing in the economy over the next decade.

One of the best things about Argentina dating is that nearly 80% of the population of the country lives in the greater Buenos Aires metro area. So, if you fly into the capital you probably won't need to travel much further to meet an Argentine girls.