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Beautiful Estonian Women Seeking Foreign Men

Estonia is one of the hidden gems of Europe. You’ve probably heard of it in passing but never considered it as a place to find your future girlfriend or wife…

…which is exactly why it’s such a great place to seek your soulmate!

You see, while most guys are booking flights to visit Poland, Russia, and Ukraine, very few are taking the time to check out the supermodel-quality women of Estonia.

Western guys do visit Estonia to hook up with beautiful women, but there’s not nearly as many of them in and around Tallinn, for example as there are in other parts of Eastern Europe.

Most of the guys who do visit the capital are usually part of a stag party, so they’re only looking for strippers.

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Are the women here really that beautiful?

Yup, but the beauty goes beyond just surface level – these women have a lot more than just good looks to offer any single guy.

An additional advantage is that there are more women than men living here, so the odds are stacked in your favor from the very start.

There’s nothing quite as good as having the local demographic skewed in your favor.

A Great Place to Find a Wife

a beautiful place in Estonia

Estonia is an interesting country because while it is on the cusp of modernity, it is in fact already rated by the OECD as being a high-income country; it is not quite as wealthy as other similar countries in Europe. Here a man with a middle-income job in the west is still seen as something of a catch.

Like many European countries, many women in Estonia speak at least some English. The education system is excellent and in fact, Estonia is considered one of the most internet-friendly countries in the world.

The combination of an educated population with ready access to the web means that the women of Estonia have a good understanding of current events in the west and what life is like in these countries.

For a man who is looking for a wife to move to the UK, Canada, USA or Australia it makes things much easier because their new Estonian wife will find settling in her adopted homeland easy.

Another great thing about Estonia in contrast to some other popular international dating locations is the fact that Estonia is a member of the European Union. This means that traveling to the country is typically very straight forward and if you are a UK resident you will not even require a passport.

It is also great when you are bringing your new bride back to your own home country. Depending on the country which you reside the visa requirements may not be as complex as for other countries.

What Are Estonian Girls Like?

Estonian woman with a great smile

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of Estonia, for the male visitor at least, is the beauty and charm of its female inhabitants.

Combining classic northern European looks with traditional feminine values these women would make an excellent partner for any man no matter how discerning his tastes.

There are many highly attractive and intelligent Estonian women seeking foreign men for a long term relationship and possibly even marriage.

But here’s the thing… they’re usually pretty introverted.

In fact, they value silence just as much as they value conversation. So this can lead to what appear to be uncomfortably quiet moments during a first date, but that’s completely normal here.

Your Estonian date will be happy to just sit there and take in the view, with very little conversation between you.

Once you get used to this it’s actually kind of cool – you just get to be around each other and enjoy the evening without one of you searching for something to say.

Plus you don’t run the risk of putting your foot in your mouth.

Estonian Women Looks

hot blonde Scandinavian lady

In terms of looks Estonian women very Scandinavian because of local genetics, but there are some Russian influences too.

Generally speaking, what you get are tall women, who are blonde with blue eyes. That means high cheekbones, flawless skin, and bodies that spend more time in the gym than they do on the sofa.

You’ll see a lot of very sexy girls with bright white-blonde hair. Some guys even claim that there is a higher percentage of sexy white blondes in Estonia than in any other country in the world.

I don’t know, but I would certainly like to carefully research this issue!

Estonian Girls Personalities

Something else to be aware of is that Estonian girls have a reputation for being “cold”, but they’re anything but. It’s just that they take time to get to know you.

This leads us to another interesting aspect of Estonian culture and the way women in that country view themselves. Women in Estonia are far slimmer than their western counterparts on average.

With a plethora of Nordic-looking beauties living in this country women who most western men would class as quite spectacular in terms of their appearance will only rate themselves as quite average.

Do not be surprised if you are out on a date with an Estonian woman and when you tell her how beautiful she is that she doesn’t seem to believe you.

Chances are she doesn’t actually know how attractive she is compared to the women in your home country.

Estonian Girls & Family

Her family is extremely important to her, as is the idea of having her own kids. She’ll expect to have kids, so if you’re not comfortable with that it’s best to discuss it straight away.

5 Facts About Estonian Women

  • They’re introverts by nature
  • They might not talk on your first date
  • They prefer older guys
  • Never joke about their country or culture
  • Don’t talk about Russia

Why Do Estonian Women Want to Meet and Date Western Men?

blue-eyed gorgeous Estonian girl

First, of course as already touched on while the Estonian economy is rapidly growing and residents would by no means be described as deprived, Western men are still seen as offering financial stability.

Secondly, Estonian girls are quite traditional in their outlook and are interested in getting married. If for whatever reason they have been unable to find the right man at home it is only natural to look abroad for their future husband.

Another reason that Estonian women look abroad for their future husbands is simply because of basic demographics. In Estonia, as is the case for many eastern European countries, there are more women than men.

There aren’t enough men for the Estonian women to marry. This “man drought” as it is known leaves a gap that I’m sure many western men would be more than happy to fill.

What Do Estonian Women Look For in a Man?

man carried by 4 beautiful Estonian women

Are you sick of feminazi ideals being forced down your throat on an almost daily basis? Heck, it’s that bad now that this crap has wormed its way into your favorite TV shows and movies.

That’s not something you’ll have to deal with in Estonia. Gender roles are traditional here, so women expect the man to take the lead in most things, but always checking that she’s okay with your decisions.

Her traditional values mean that trying to get her into bed on a first date is a bad idea. There’s nothing religious about this – Estonians are not religious – but some women might even insist on waiting until they’re married to sleep with you, but they tend to be in the minority.

Your Age is Not Such a Big Deal for Most Estonian Women

hot Estonian blonde woman sexy on the bed

If you are interested in meeting younger women in Estonia then this is quite possible. Typically an Estonian woman will look for a man who is approximately 5 – 10 years older than her.

This isn’t a “Sugar Daddy” thing – they just prefer guys who are that bit more mature. And let’s face facts guys, guys do take a little longer to mature, but that’s true of all fine wines.

She views a man of this age to be more stable and a better financial provider and thus more appropriate as a husband. However, age gaps of between 10 – 20 years are also quite common.

Estonian Girls Are Marriage-Minded

Another factor to consider with age is that many women in Estonia will get married in their early 20’s. A woman who is in her late twenties or early thirties may already feel her opportunity to get married is slipping away.

She may be very open to the idea of a serious relationship and possibly view it as her last opportunity to have children.

Of course to most middle-aged western men these women would be considered youthful beauties but this is not always the way these Estonian girls view themselves.

Be Chivalrous

Estonian women like guys who are both manly and chivalrous, so be prepared to hold doors open for her and also be prepared to stay in shape.

Euro girls hitting the gym

Hit the Gym

People here live a healthy lifestyle, so having a huge beer gut will make you stand out from the crowd, but not in a good way.

Be Yourself

Single Estonian women have a “fake dude” radar thing going on, so even if you think you’re a good liar, she’ll see through it straight away. Oh and they hate liars, so that’s a double fail on your part if you do get caught out.

Women in the bigger cities like Tallinn will speak English, so it makes sense to learn some Estonian or Russian if you’re dating girls from small towns or cities.

Are you beginning to understand why booking a flight to Estonia for a week or two is a really good idea?

Thousands of single stunning women who probably have more in common with you than the women you work with are waiting to meet you.

Estonian Dating Primer

a guy surrounded with gorgeous Estonian girls

Estonia is a land of beaches and the seaside culture is very ingrained into the Estonians lifestyle. The country is bordered by the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea and the Peipsi Lake.

Estonians spend a lot of time at the beach and as such the women like to make sure they maintain their bodies in swimsuit worthy shape.

A great place to meet women in Estonia, as well as a chance to sample their beauty, is to visit one of the many beaches of Estonia. A visit to the seaside makes for a great first date. While there you can also sample the local restaurants and cafes.

Remember when taking an Estonian woman out you will be expected to pay for the meals and the drinks.

This is not her taking advantage of you but simply reflects the more traditional role a man is expected to play in this culture. Going Dutch or sharing the bill is far less common.

While you may be unfamiliar with Estonian culture chances are if you are from the United States or the UK she will know quite a lot about your country.

As already mentioned Estonia has some of the best internet access in the world and is also a very politically free country.

And of course, western television shows are very popular in Estonia as well. This means Estonian women are often able to converse quite freely about news and popular culture from your home country.

Estonia Past, Present, and Future

blonde Estonian woman in black

Estonian brides have the reputation of being tall, blond, and Scandinavian looking. Estonians pretty much think of themselves as the other Scandinavian countries do. That much makes sense since Germans, Danes, and Swedes ruled it for most of Estonia’s history.

The Russian got control of Estonia after Peter the Great crushed Charles XII of Sweden during the Great Northern War, but the Estonian nobility remained largely Baltic Germans who maintained close commercial and cultural ties with Sweden and Germany.

Estonia gained independence from Russia in 1918, but Stalin strong-armed them into the Soviet Union in 1940. That sucked, but it was going to get worse.

When Hitler invaded the USSR in 1941 Estonia was conquered again. That was monumentally sucky, but in 1944 the USSR re-conquered them, which was the third invasion in four years for those of you counting.

During the war, the Estonians got to experience the horrors of the NKVD, the SS, the Holocaust, the NKVD for a second time, and more purges and gulags until Stalin went to visit Satan in 1953.

Not surprisingly, many Estonians fled to Sweden and other parts of Europe during this period, a large number eventually immigrating to the United States. However, lucky for you, a lot of the sexy Estonian girls were left behind.

Today Estonia is one of the least populous countries in Europe with only about one and a half million people, but despite that fact, Estonia has experienced huge economic growth since joining the EU in 2004.

It had a GDP of about $21,000, which is not too much less than Mississippi, so the Estonian women are definitely not fleeing a horrible economic situation.

Also, that makes Estonian mail order brides a bit rarer as you can tell by our slightly barren profile gallery above.

There are plenty of sincere and beautiful Estonian women seeking Western men for marriage it is only a matter of taking that first step and reaching out to them.

These are women who are looking for love and possibility a lifelong relationship and haven’t been able to find it at home. Why not make one of these women’s dreams become a reality.

If sexy blonde Estonian brides aren’t your thing, you might check out our hot Ukrainian brides instead.

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Estonia Quick Stats

Capital City: Tallinn
Population: 1304025
Language: Estonian
Climate: Maritime; wet, moderate winters, cool summers
Coastline: 2,352 mi/3,794 km
Government: Unitary parliamentary republic
Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
Time Zone: EET(UTC+2) • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Country Code: +372
Driving Side: Right
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