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The Definitive Guide to Fiancé and CR1 Spousal Visas

We receive numerous inquiries from our members on the how’s and why’s of the American visa process, specifically when it comes to fiancé and spousal visas. Instead of responding to these questions individually, we’ve decided to put together a simple guide to both of those visas, exploring the terms, the processes, legalities and the specific advantages and disadvantages of each.

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New Zealand Laws on Mail Order Brides

New Zealand is one of the more unlikely places on the planet you’d expect to find mail order brides relocating to, but that doesn’t stop almost 3,000 women successfully applying for a marriage visa of one type or another each year.

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Canadian Immigration Laws & Mail Order Brides

Canadian mail order brides have a long history, but some Canadians, particularly liberals in Toronto and Ottawa, take a dim view of the world of mail order brides because of the unfair stigma attached to it.

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Australian Immigration Laws on Mail Order Brides

International Love Scout has had a significance audience in Australia since the site was launched because mail order brides are popular in Australia. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case.  First, is geography.  Australia is extremely close to Asia, but the second is cultural.

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