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The allure of Romanian mail order brides is simple.  These women are incredibly sexy, but Romania has even more going for it than just a lot of beautiful women.

Romanian girls are often viewed as mysterious, sexy, and beautiful for a very good reason – often it’s true.

Romanian brides are an exotic mix of East and West – the ancient and the modern and the reason is historical. Since ancient times Romania has been at the edge of one empire or another, close enough for some influence to rub off, but not so close that its culture is totally overwhelmed.

And the Romanian is a romance language and they use the Latin alphabet, so if you speak French, Spanish, or Italian you will probably be able to pick up Romanian pretty quickly. 

Even if you don’t you are not dealing with needing to learn a confusing new alphabet like you have to do in Russia or Ukraine. That just makes life a lot easier, because in many Russia, Ukraine, and the other Slavic countries the language barrier is real.

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You probably don’t care about any of that.  Romanian women are hot.  It is simple for citizens of the EU, the United States, Canada, and Australia to enter the country.

And, not to get way ahead of yourself, Casanova, but if you want to bring a Romanian bride back to the United States or Canada it is going to be a lot easier to get her a fiancée visa than a Ukrainian or Russian girls.

Romania Dating

Romanian girls having fun at the bar

One of the things that makes Romania an excellent choice for international dating is that Romanian girls have a reputation for being fun.  They want to meet foreign men.

All of the dynamics that come into play in the rest of Eastern Europe are also in play in Romania, but there seems to be something else.

Romanian girls want to have fun!

There are fewer foreign tourists in Romania than in Ukraine and other international dating hotspots.  So, you are cooler and more in demand than you would be in say Moscow.

Most foreign tourists will fly into Bucharest, the capital, and clear party center of the country.  The travel blogs have article after article about how if you are going out in Bucharest you need to pace yourself because the partying doesn’t stop until the sun comes up.

That could be a vampire thing, who knows?

The party scene in Bucharest has an outrageously good reputation.  There are lots of great nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in the city center.

Anyhow, because there are fewer men looking for Romanian mail order brides it vastly increases your chances of landing a truly extraordinary lady.  So, if increasing your odds of success are important then it is definitely worth considering this beautiful.

Black Sea Resorts

With the Russian takeover of Crimea, the Romania Black Sea beach resorts are the most accessible spots for a seaside vacation in Eastern Europe.  The resorts are about three to five hours from Bucharest by car.  If you catch one of the modern express trains it is only a couple of hours.

Black Sea Resorts for Bachelors

Mamaia is the high-end party center of the coast.  Think of the Hamptons and Miami mixed in with a little touch of the South of France. In the summer it is the scene of around the clock partying seven days a week.

The partying is such a draw that a lot of people visit Mamaia and never even get their feet wet in the sea.  There a slew of great beach clubs such as Loft, Café del Mar Mamaia, and Puro Beach Black Sea to name just a few.

Mamaia Clubs at Black Sea Resorts

These places are high end, exclusive, and expensive by local standards.  A young, stylish crowd dances all night long.  Think about Vegas on the weekend of a big fight.

It is not a great scene for meeting marriage-minded women, but it is a lot of fun and a great place to see some of the most amazing bikini girls anywhere.

If that is not the sort of beach vacation don’t worry.  The Romanian beaches run for 152 miles from where the Danube marshes end all the way to the Bulgarian border.

There are vacation spots for every price point and interest.  A lot of areas feel like Orange Beach, Alabama did back in the 1970s – laid back, cheap, and non-judgmental.  Still, for a lot of guys, it makes sense to start at the all-inclusive club on their first visit.

Oh, and a lot of super-hot Romanian bikini girls!

Sexy Romanian Women at the Black Sea

Your chances go through the roof if you head out from Bucharest and go into the country.

The Sexiest Country Girls Anywhere!

sexy Romanian girl

Romania is a pretty good-sized country for Europe.  It is about the size of Oregon, but tourists nearly all go to Bucharest, Dracula’s castle, or one of the Black Sea beach resorts, but if you want to know what it is like to be a rock star roll into some of the small towns and villages.

You will have to hustle to avoid getting married to some sexy Romanian girl.

There is perhaps no country in Europe with as big of a cultural divide between the country and the city. Cosmopolitan Romanian women from Bucharest or the Black Sea coast are often well educated and intellectual.

You will meet many sexy women doctors and beautiful engineers because the urban areas of Romania have an outstanding school system similar to what exists in Russia and Ukraine.

A Romanian girl from the city is usually familiar with Western ideas, entertainment, and news. The cultural gap is not usually huge.  She will have seen all of the big Hollywood movies and she probably watches American television online.

Romanian girl from the city

There are lots of good night clubs, restaurants, and hotels in Bucharest.  There are good air and rail connections, and foreign tourists are a pretty common sight.

Once you get out of Bucharest though things begin changing in a hurry.  Much of the northern and western part of the country is almost as wild and undeveloped as it was during old Vlad Dracula’s day.

A Romanian girl from these areas is much more likely to be less educated, more superstitious, and in general less knowledgeable about the broader world than hot Romanian girls that grew up in the city.

They are much more likely to have traditional views of marriage, family, and religion.  For a lot of men that is a huge attraction.   And rural Romania is among the most gorgeous places in the world that looks like a gigantic Hollywood backlot.

There are picturesque villages that look like nothing has changed at all since maybe 1900.

Romanian countryside with sheep

More sheep than you will ever see anywhere outside of an Alabama football game and even steam locomotives.

Romantic Romanian train ride

The whole thing has sort of a Brigadoon feeling and that means the internet is spotty in a lot of places.  So, if you are looking for a European mail order bride who has not been “polluted” by the Kardashians, rap music, and the general tackiness of modern culture rural Transylvania is a great place to start.

History of Romanian Women

Historically, Romania was in an incredibly strategic position on the Black Sea at the mouth of Central Europe’s most important river, the Danube.

For nearly 600 years Poles, Hungarians, Germans, and Russians battle the Ottoman Empire, a Muslim Empire based in what is today Turkey.  Soldiers came and went for hundreds of years leaving an impact on the architecture and population.

Romanian brides are not simply Slavs.  Culturally Romania is in many ways similar to its Slavic neighbors, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, and Ukraine, but it has also been influenced by its non-Slavic countries, particularly Turkey, Germany, and France.

And the Romanians managed to maintain a strong sense that they were different from their Slavic neighbors, that they were more European, more closely connected to the Mediterranean world.

Some of it is pure fiction.  Nearly all Romanians follow Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Russian is widely spoken across the country, but it is true the area was part of the Roman Empire.

In ancient times the Greek merchants traded in the area, but it was the arrival of the Romans in 101 BC that really left a mark.

The reason that this matters to a guy pursuing Romanian brides 2000 years later is that, because of the Roman influence, Romanians use the Latin alphabet and speak a language more like French or Spanish rather than Russian.

That means that if you still remember your high school French you can probably learn to communicate with a hot Romanian girl a lot faster than a Ukrainian or Russian bride.

Following the collapse of the Roman Empire Romania spent the next 1800 years as either an invasion route or a buffer zone and this period is really when the culture that modern Romanian girls grew up in began to develop.

The Goths moved into the void left by the Romans and they were quickly followed by the Huns and a series of other groups with occasional interference by the Byzantine Empire.

Finally, after the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, Romania settled into a four hundred year period as the northern buffer and battlefield between the Ottoman Empire and various Christian powers.

But Romanian women did not simply accept their fate.

Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler

The Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler led the savage local resistance to the Turks, but he is remembered as more of a legend than a man – the historical basis for the fictional character Count Dracula from Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

However, if you are looking for a goth vampire chick girlfriend Romania is probably not as good of a choice as West Hollywood.

Because most of the legend of Dracula that is known around the world was created in the writer’s rooms on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank in the 1930s and 1940s. 

Of course, the Romanian girls know all about the legend of Vlad, but the last thing they want is some nutty Western guy in black jeans babbling about it.

They get a lot of that even in Bucharest and generally, they don’t like it.  It makes you seem unstable and the last thing a Romanian woman wants is an unstable man.

Sexy Romanian girls know the risks of even talking about such things. Even educated, cosmopolitan Romanian women may seem superstitious, but most Romanian brides see it differently. They would say not talking about vampires and such things is simply sensible because they are all myths.

But the truth is that most Romanian women know that it is better not to tempt the fates. They grew up in a country that has never had more than maybe fifty years of real peace in 2000 years and the survivors were often the people who kept their heads down and focused on the practical issues.

So, most sexy Romanian girls are a little superstitious, because it might just do some good, but they aren’t interested in being someone’s vampire babe, because that’s not really practical. 

Oh, and it is a sign that you are just a crazy foreigner.  Don’t be a crazy foreigner.

With Russia’s help, Romania finally gained full independence from the Ottoman Turks in 1878, but it remained in a poor strategic position and suffered horribly in both world wars.

During World War II the Romanians initially allied themselves with the Axis powers and that choice radically changed the country’s history.

Modern Romanian Women

modern sexy Romanian women

Once it became obvious that Hitler’s Third Reich was not going to last for 1000 years the Romanians switched sides and there was little heavy fighting in the country.  That prevented the sort of heavy fighting that leveled so much of other countries in Eastern Europe.

However, perhaps the darkest period of Romanian history occurred during the communist period from 1947 to 1989 when it was oppressed by one of the most efficient secret police forces in the world.

One of the few good things to happen during the communist period was that Romania developed one of the strongest women’s sports programs in the world.

Romanian gymnasts are the most famous, but Romanian women athletes also won many titles in track, swimming, diving, and other sports.

So, there are lots of sexy Romanian gymnasts and other beautiful athletic Romanian women. There are tons of athletic hotties, because of the tradition of success that began during the communist period.

The communist government also built a truly world-class education system and so Romanian women are among the most educated women in the world.  This is a country where even cab drivers and farmer have read classic literature.

It has been almost thirty years since the fall of the old USSR and the Romanian puppet state, but the experience still marks Ukrainian girls – even ones born ten years after the end of communism.  The police state was so stifling that they do not take anything for granted.

A Romanian girlfriend will appreciate you and take care of you because she knows how valuable a good mate can be.  She has heard the stories of the hard times and knows that the people who survived and even prospered under the communist were ones with strong families.

Even a crazy dictator, and Nicolai Ceausescu, who ruled from 1965 to 1989, was one of the most diabolical dictators who ever lived, could not make strong families unhappy.  Not if they stayed out of politics, so Romanians worship the family as much as any country in the world.

Romanian women want to be good mothers who can hold their family together through anything like the mother did under the communist and the grandmothers did under the fascist and the great grandmothers before them did under the Ottomans, Russians, Magyars, Poles, Byzantines, and Romans.

And they do NOT want to get stuck with a man who is not devoted and mature.

So, Romanian brides tend to be careful about marriage and children, because they know how important family is.

In fact, the Romanian government is currently pushing a plan to offer mothers earlier social security for having children.

And it also means that serious foreign men are treated very well in Romania, especially in rural areas.  But don’t trust me, check it out for yourself.

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Romania Quick Stats

Capital City: Bucharest
Population: 19490705
Language: Romanian (official) 85.4%, Hungarian 6.3%, Romani 1.2%, other 1%, unspecified 6.1% (2011 est.)
Climate: Temperate; cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow and fog; sunny summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms
Coastline: 140 mi/225 km
Government: Unitarysemi-presidential republic
Currency: Romanian Leu (RON)
Time Zone: EET(UTC+2) • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Country Code: +40
Driving Side: Right
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