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Colombian Brides – Colombian Single Women Seeking Western Men

Colombian women have recently sparked an international dating boom as men from around the world have discovered the grace, charm, and intelligence of these hot Latinas.

There are a stunning number of great looking Colombia singles online, because, like Ukraine, Brazil, and some other hot-beds of international dating, Colombia women value their appearance very highly, maybe even more than Brazilian girls.

It’s no wonder that Colombia has one of the highest numbers of beauty pageants of any country in the world. Colombia ladies really do spend a lot of effort to look good, and if you like beautiful Latin ladies that is a very good thing.

Why Date Colombian Women?

Women from Colombia are intelligent, family-oriented, friendly and most of all, beautiful.

Their culture is a rich mixture of European, African, and Native South American traditions, and their country is safe and welcoming to foreigners. Although they are hot-blooded Latinas, Colombian girls are easy going, friendly, and eager to settle down.

Colombian girls love their music, but they also value the arts and education. Colombia rivals Mexico in the amount of award-winning murals it has, and can even boast its own Nobel Prize-winning novelist.

The women of the country value higher education, marry later so they can pursue careers, and are politically active.

However, even more important is the attitude of Colombian brides.  According to a 2004 study, Colombia was one of the happiest countries in the world.  Considering the recent history of crime and narco-terrorism that’s pretty hard to believe, but it is apparently true and this happy, joyful attitude is one of the main reasons that so many men fall hard for Colombian girls.

That makes a lot of sense because it is always more fun to be around a happy, easy going woman, particularly a hot woman, than one who is angry and depressed.

Dating a happy woman may not always make you happy, but dating a sad woman will almost certainly drive you to the depths of depression.  Marrying an angry and depressed woman will probably wreck your health and your finances.

So, if you’re looking for a demanding, temperamental, high maintenance woman that you can never please, you’re probably not interested in Colombian girls.

However, if you are looking to meet a beautiful, even-tempered woman for marriage, perhaps you should consider a beautiful Colombian bride.

The question that you should ask is yourself is, “Why shouldn’t I date a happy Colombian woman?”

If you still have any questions you should check out this Fox News video about the international dating scene in Colombia.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, as the old cliché goes, then that video must be worth a hundred thousand words.  It is really worth taking a look at.  It really is fair and balanced.

Things to Consider When Pursuing a Colombian Bride

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Colombian Women Can be VERY Jealous!

Latina women have a reputation for being very territorial. They are very committed when in a relationship and they like to know that their man is all theirs. Expect that some jealousy issues are likely to come up in your relationship.

You have been warned, but you should remember that a lot of the jealousy Latins exhibit is a direct response to the Casanova attitude that many Latin guys exhibit.

American and European guys, particularly older guys, have an advantage in this regard because hopefully, they are mature enough to defuse this situation.   Also, really most guys in their forties or fifties are smart enough to know that one sexy Latina is probably all they can handle.

Latinas Love for Older Men

The women of Latin America generally believe that men are less mature when they are younger than 30. Because of this, many women in their mid-20s will date or marry a man in his mid-30s or older. They believe that older men are more dependable and stable.

A lot of the most beautiful girls know all about the Casanova-like ambitions of Colombian men and they are really looking for something different.  This is the case across Latin America and in many of the places where international dating is so popular. 

Women want to be treated like they see women treated in American and European movies.  They want to be romanced and respected.

Many beautiful young Colombian women are simply tired of the extreme machismo and paternalism so prevalent in Latin culture.  In Colombia, this issue is not just annoying for women. At times it is downright deadly.

Apparently, in recent years approximately one Colombian woman is killed every other day by her boyfriend or husband.  Until very recently, these crimes were rarely prosecuted. The situation is so severe that in July 2015, Colombia passed a new law explicitly addressing femicide, where a man kills a woman because of her gender.

So, Colombian women do not just love Western men because of their money.  They are attracted to Western men because they want to be treated with love and respect.

Really, when you look into the situation it is understandable why so many Latin women sign up with international dating sites.

But that doesn’t mean that money is not an issue.

Prepagas (Latin Gold Diggers)

girl getting money from wallet

Of course, there are also some women who will date solely for money. In America they are called “gold diggers,” but in Colombia, the practice is called Prepaga. Frankly, this probably is not a shock to most of the readers here.

Colombia is not a particularly rich nation and there is an enormous divide between the very wealthy and the average person. Colombian women know that if they marry a man from the United States or Europe they will probably have a better material life than she would have in Colombia, and, more important to many women, so will her children.

If you are really serious about the girl let her know that you understand the economics.  If you are not rich, let her know, because she may think you are rich because you are staying in a luxury hotel, have a nice cell phone, and dress well.

If you are serious about her she needs to know what to expect if she marries you and moves back to Birmingham, Dallas, or Chicago with you.

If you are just out to have some fun make sure she knows that too.  As long as both of you are on the same page you will both probably have a good time.

And as far as gold-digging goes, given the macho attitude of Colombian men, it really is not shocking. The men are pushing the women hard and the women are hitting back the only way they can.

A smart, kind Western man can diffuse a lot of this attitude with honesty and compassion. Whether you are looking for a wife, girlfriend, or a date the key is to let the woman understand your goals and financial means.

Let her know you are not trying to buy her love and you respect her as a human being and it will defuse a lot of the overt gold digging.

Remember, many of these stories of supposed gold digging by Colombian women are coming from men, both from Colombia and the rest of the world, who are trying to dazzle them with their wealth.

If you base the relationship on your wealth then you are making yourself a target for women who are only interested in your wealth.

This is true in Colombia, Ukraine, Thailand, and in all of the other hotbeds of international dating, but is also true in the United States, Australia, Europe, or anywhere else.

Check out our article, Do Mail Oder Brides Just Want Me For My Money?  It explains this issue in more detail. It is an understandable consideration, but really these women only want what women everywhere want: a man who will treat them with love and respect.

Is it Safe to Visit Colombia?

beautiful place in Colombia

Until recently many men did not consider Colombian mail order brides because of the perception that the country was unsafe to visit.  True, during the 1990s, at the start of the modern mail order bride movement, a simmering conflict between government forces and anti-government insurgent groups, principally the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) funded largely by the drug trade, escalated.

This was one of the darkest periods in Colombian history with assassinations and kidnappings commonplace.  However, the insurgents lacked the military wherewithal and popular support to overthrow the government and the violence has been decreasing since about 2002.

But you aren’t really interested in a military or political history of Colombia.  You are interested in whether or not it is safe to visit Colombian girls, but that is not a simple question to answer.

Colombia’s involvement in the drug war has significantly decreased and it can even be said that Colombia is no longer a battlefield. A lot of the drug activity has actually moved to Mexico and the US border.  Most Colombian cities are relatively safe these days.

This means the number of homicides is less than what you will find in some major American cities like Washington D.C. or New Orleans.  This does not mean that Colombia is a Utopia of some sorts.

You should still use basic precautions such as being aware of your surroundings, avoiding dangerous people, being wary of strangers, and avoid traveling to rural places on your own.

Generally, if you meet Colombian women in the tourist areas in the major cities you will probably be safe.

For example, Bogota is a huge city of something like ten million people. Its overall homicide rate is half the rate of remote Russian city Vladivostok.  Because Bogota is the capital city parts of it are nearly overrun with police, particularly the tourist area known as the “North Side.”

Medellin, a popular city for finding hot Colombian girls used to be the hotspot of the Colombian Drug War. Turf wars and kidnappings were common, but today this is not the case.

Although listed as safe, Medellin can still be considered dangerous for reasons other than kidnappings. Keep your hands on your money, because pickpocketing and mugging are quite popular.

However, there are large areas of the countryside, especially near the border with Venezuela, that are under guerrilla influence, so show some good sense when you plan your trip.

Why go to Colombia

beach resort in Bogota

Colombia is not like it was 10-15 years ago. People have started to realize that Colombia is a great destination to meet beautiful Latinas because it is still cheap and convenient to visit. Bogota is about a six-hour flight from Newark, so even from the Northeast or Midwest, you can be in Colombia in less than a day.

Tickets, of course, vary widely, but while I was writing this I actually saw a ticket for $149.00 to Bogota!  I was tempted to ditch the web site and take off to do a little “investigative reporting” on the women of Colombia myself, but sadly I have bills to pay.

However, from what I can see, if you live in the USA, it looks like you can probably find a flight to Colombia for about the same price as a flight from LA to New York.

Of course, what really matters is not how you get to Colombia, but what you do when you get there.

Where to Find the Most Beautiful Women in Colombia

Colombia has a lot of urban areas, so it may be difficult to know which one is best for finding the ladies. If you ask people from Colombia which city has the most beautiful women, you will never get the same answer.

Here is a quick rundown on some of the best cities to visit in Colombia if you want to meet single Colombian women:


train transit in medellin colombia

Medellin is a big city that welcomes Westerners and has a laid back attitude. The women are friendly and love to party.

It is considered a safe city, but I wouldn’t go walking around by myself at night. Write down the number to a cab before you leave your room and have it handy in case of emergencies.

Medellin is a big city.  It has more than 3 million people and is Colombia’s second largest city, it is also the fashion hub of Colombia. It is comparable to New York or Los Angeles, the most beautiful women from small towns thru-out Colombia flock here to become models, actresses, and beauty queens.

When in Medellin it’s best to just enjoy yourself. The locals are always smiling, the weather is nice, and the women are beautiful. You can pretty much do whatever you want. Go shopping or dancing! Try out a “chiva” or “parque lleras”.

Whatever you want to do you will probably find it in Medellin.


nightlife in bogota colombia

If you are looking for a professional, urban Colombian woman head over to Bogota. The city is filled with all the modern amenities including shopping malls, skyscrapers, and nightlife. Here you will find college students, artists and an environment similar to some American cities.

The only difference might be the large amount of beautiful Colombian women walking around.

Bogota is considered one of the safest cities in Colombia and its women are family-oriented and professional. These women are also focused and serious about finding a husband.

With 8 million people in the city, you’re sure to find one you will like.  This capital city may not be as wild as other destination spots, but it’s still Colombia, so expect some sizzle.


a nice view in cartagena colombia

Cartagena is Colombia’s main tourist destination located on the northern Colombian coast. It has a very diverse population and is heavily influenced by Afro Caribbean culture. The feel of the city is similar to New Orleans minus the French, Crime, and Jazz.

It is a party city, and the women there are eager to entertain. It’s also coastal, so don’t be surprised if your lady loves the sun. The city is rich with culture and architecture so romance should be easy to find, and the women are extremely friendly to foreigners.

Visit this city for a great time with a Caribbean/Colombian feel.


baranquilla beach resort

Not far from Cartagena is a hotbed of hot Colombianas. Colombia’s other Caribbean city, Barranquilla, has produced some pretty famously beautiful women; if your idea of Latin beauty includes Shakira and Sofia Vergara, you should probably visit their hometown of Barranquilla.

The women of this city love the beach, parties and generally having fun. Although it’s small, this paradise is the home of the second largest Carnival celebration in South America. Barranquilla women can also boast numerous Ms. Colombia titles.


cali colombia cathedral

Further south, lies the city of Cali, and just like in the US, Cali will not be overlooked. Known for its natural beauty and plastic women, this city also loves salsa music and is rich with culture.

Although not as developed as other popular Colombian cities, the women of Cali like to party and enjoy the finer things in life.  A more tropical destination than some of the others, the women in this city are confident and fun.

Some people claim Cali has the most beautiful women, but many others are quick to say it’s because of the weather and the fact that they wear fewer clothes there.

Westerners do not regularly visit Cali, but if you have a decent amount of money and speak some Spanish, the locals will treat you nicely.

Colombian Dating Tips

Colombian girls on date at the beach

Colombian women are raised as independent, high achievers. They are intelligent, concerned about their looks and have naturally shapely sun-kissed bodies.

Because of this, you would think that it would be hard to approach a Colombian woman. That is not the case.

Unlike what you will find in Europe and even other parts of Latin America, Colombians will give you their basic information if you ask. They will also almost always hold a conversation with you. This may not mean they are necessarily interested in you, but at least they give you the time of day.

Some Colombian women seem to be a little stuck up, especially if they come from a family with money. These women are easy to spot because they will be very concerned about status and appearance.

You may need to impress these ladies with a nice car and expensive dining, but this is probably about the same as in the US or Europe.

Women everywhere notice what a man wears and drives!

Colombianas are quite independent, but they still like to be treated like a princess. If you are meeting a lady for a date, it is expected that you pick her up. Inviting her to your room or asking her to meet you somewhere will not get you very far.

This next tip should almost go without saying, but it is very important to not overlook. When going on a date with a woman from Colombia make sure you are groomed, clean, and smell good. These women put a lot of effort into their appearance and would appreciate a man that does the same.

Shorts and sandals are generally frowned upon (even in the warmer cities of Medellin and Cali). If you must be casual, wear a nice pair of jeans and some good antiperspirant.

Having said that, do not be surprised if you are waiting for your date to get ready. It will be worth the wait.  Even though it sounds like Colombian women might be a bit vain, that is far from true. They will take the time to get to know you, and when compared to European and other Latinas they are more easy-going.

Make a great first impression, but continue to impress your Colombian beauty with a great personality and a genuine nature.

Colombian Women Seeking Marriage

Colombian girl dancing

Once you have passed the first couple of dates, a Colombian woman will introduce you to her family if she is taking you seriously. These women are very family orientated and will not consider marriage without the blessing of their father.

When meeting the family, be sure to express your desire to have a family, if you want to truly gain their respect.

Most Colombian women desire marriage and will consider any serious opportunity at it.

Family is very important for most Colombian girls.  Well, over 90% of Colombian ladies are Roman Catholic, but they are usually not extremely dogmatic Catholics.

Catholicism in Colombia tends to be more relaxed than in many Latin American countries, but it is worth remembering that most of the pious Colombian women that you will see shepherding their families to Mass on Sunday morning were fun-loving Colombian party girls just a few years earlier.

Colombians tend to be close with members of their extended family and they often carry a deep sense of familial responsibility to parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

So, you have to be careful or you can end up supporting your girl’s mom, dad, and thirteen other relatives, but this is true in a lot of the centers of international dating.

A Colombian Wife

Traditionally, Colombian brides expect their husband to be the head of the household, but today most Colombianas do work outside of the home.  Generally, Colombian women will acquiesce to their husbands on many issues, but they do tend to expect to have the primary role in child rearing and the domestic household.

However, this conservative view of the family is one of the attractions of Colombian dating for many men who are really looking for long-term relationships.

Colombia has experienced accelerating economic growth during the last few years mainly because of improvements to domestic security.  So, if you’re looking for a demanding, temperamental, high maintenance woman that you can never please, you’re probably not interested in Colombian girls.

However, if you are looking to meet a beautiful, even-tempered woman for marriage, perhaps you should consider one of these beautiful Colombian brides.

Things You Should Know About Colombia?

Situated in the northernmost part of South America, Colombian girls have a culture that is a beautiful mixture of all the good stuff about Latin America, plus a few things they can call their own.

The allure of Colombian mail order brides is that the country really feels like it is experiencing a golden age.

Colombia was at the edge of the great Mesoamerican empires.  The Mayan and especially the Incan Empire both influenced what is now modern Colombia, but it was far from the center of either of these civilizations.

Later with the Spanish conquest Colombia, although important, was again not considered one of the crown jewels of Spain’s empire.  For most of the time since independence Colombia has suffered from political instability, economic uncertainty, and other problems.

However, in the last fifteen years or so Colombia has done much better and that attitude really shows in the positive, outgoing attitude of many beautiful Colombian singles.

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Colombia Quick Stats

Capital City: Bogotá
Population: 49820225
Language: Spanish
Climate: Tropical along coast and eastern plains; cooler in highlands
Coastline: 1,993 mi/3,208 km
Government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Currency: Peso (COP)
Time Zone: UTC−5
Country Code: +57
Driving Side: Right