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Blonde Ukraine Women Dating Profiles

One of the things we have learned here since 2008 is that every guy wants to meet a hot blonde. It doesn’t matter if the man is from Toronto, Miami, or New Zealand guys really like sexy blonds.

But don’t trust me! Scientist have research this topic. There have been a series of studies where a woman sat in a nightclub for weeks on end with her hair dyed blond, brunette, or red. She was dressed the same and acted the same.

Want to guess when she got the most attention? When she was a blond. You knew that and you are not even a scientist. Scientists have repeatedly tested this theory and it always comes up the same. Men love hot blonds!

Why Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

Part of the reason might just be numbers. It is not just your imagination there are a lot higher percentage of blond women than blond men. According to some theorists that makes blondes rare and different – golden if you will – and men are attracted to the rarity.

A 2017 study found, like nearly all others, that men are more attracted to blondes than brunettes or redheads, but it offered more details as to why. It found not only were men more attracted, but…

marry the hottest women in the world

More specifically,that lighter hair (blond and brown) compared to darker hair (black) is generally associated with perceptions of youth, health and attractiveness, and generally leads to more positive perceptions of relationship and parenting potential.

So, in plain English that means that blondes look young and healthy.

It might be chemical.

Caucasian blondes are usually slightly higher in estrogen than brunettes and are likely to exhibit other infantile sexually selected traits (indicating low levels of testosterone) that are considered desirable by males, for example finer facial features, smaller nose, smaller jaw, pointed chin, narrow shoulders, smooth skin and less body hair, and infantile behaviour such as higher energy levels and playfulness.

Basically, since blondes are usually higher in estrogen they exhibit more feminine behavior and secondary sexual traits that men notice. That seems reasonable, and before you go there – there is no evidence that blondes are dumber than average given their background and education.

And on a side note, if you are attracted to blondes you would be wise to can the blonde jokes. As a dating industry professional I can assure you it is annoying to California blondes, Swedish blondes, Russian blondes, German blondes, Austrian blondes, and Ukrainian blonds. So, if you tell blond jokes you are the dumb one, because it is hard to meet sexy blondes.

Meeting Sexy Blondes

Blondes are rare. In some places they are almost unicorn rare, but how often can you meet a sexy blonde when you see her? Maybe one in ten times if you are not a rock star or starting NFL quarterback.

And, if you manage to meet her how often is she single?  And, if she is single, how often does she have any interest in meeting you? Romance ain’t easy!

That is the real attraction of international dating. It is not perfect, but it make meeting sexy blondes, brunettes, and redheads a lot easier than back in Omaha or Toronto.

Look around this site: the women are gorgeous.  And, you have a shot – a real shot – to meet them, date them, and maybe build a real long-term relationship. 

If you want to meet beautiful blonde women, the best place to travel is Ukraine.  Yes, Russia is also loaded with stunning blondes, but in the last decade Putin has made it complicated and expensive to travel to Russia.   As one website for business executives explained:

Historically speaking, it has not been easy for tourists to travel to Russia. Regionally-specific visa systems, as well as long, detailed applications and fees, have meant that generally only highly-motivated tourists or business travelers are willing to go to the trouble to visit.

That is not a problem in Ukraine which might have more hot blondes per capita than Russia. They need foreign tourists.  They want foreign tourists.  Ukraine makes it incredibly easy to travel to Kiev, Odessa, and Kharkov from anywhere in the world. Even with the Covid-19 Ukraine only briefly closed the borders. 

The visa rules for Ukraine are simple and easy to understand.  For most countries, including the United States, the EU, and Canada, show up buy some cheap health insurance that will cover you in the country and come on in!

Sometimes in Kiev you might think you are in Stockholm, because Kiev was founded by Vikings traveling down the Dnieper.  There are lots and lots of hot blondes. 

Now, what makes International Love Scout amazing is that the hot blondes on this page are all women you actually have a chance to meet!

Rock on, sir!

Beautiful Blondes Dating Profiles

A Women You Want To Meet!

  • Name: Victoria
  • ID#: 130450
  • Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
  • Age: 20
  • City: Krasnodon, Ukraine
  • Kids: No
  • Occupation: Economist
  • Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
  • English Level: Basic
  • Languages: Russian (native)
  • Archetypes: Motivated Brides
Ukraine sex goddess

Victoria is HOT! As in 35-24-35 and all the sweet geometry those numbers suggest! Holy smokes!

Victoria is the last straw! The next time some yahoo at the office or the juiced up trainer at the gym gives you the hare brained advice that all of these stunning Russian mail order brides are a rip-off, show him Victoria’s profile and tell him to “Shut the hell up!”

You could also send him the link for the “Truth About Mail Order Brides.

But Victoria’s profile proves the point. Victoria is a real woman. I don’t know her personally, but I know she’s real and I also know that if the right Western man steps up to the plate with the right line he can get in the game with her. That’s a fact.

And here’s the question I ask guys over and over again: “Given where you live and what you do for a living what are the odds of you meeting a beautiful young woman in your home town half as hot as this sweet Ukrainian girl?

Ok, now what’s the odds that if you meet a twenty year old blond with a divine derriere that she would even vaguely consider dating YOU?”

Assuming you aren’t the heir to an automotive dynasty, a professional athlete in one of the top ten leagues in the world, or perhaps the lead singer in a band that sold a million records last year we can assume the odds are not very good.

In London, Sydney, or Los Angeles Victoria would be hard pressed to avoid the crush of suitors who would throw all sorts of offers her way.

But the stunning thing about Victoria is that she wants to hear from Western men and she might well consider a guy from 30 to 60 if he brings the right game.

She says that all she wants in a man is… The main thing he should be clever….  She means smart for those of you from Bay Minette, but not a smart ass.

She wants an intelligent man, because, A clever man for me is automatically charming and sexual! In the second it is kindness and an openness.

That’s not asking for much. It’s very sweet really. Anyhow, Victoria’s profile is at A Foreign Affair. It’s a great site. Check her out and bring your A game.

Nikolaev Girls are Hot!

  • Name: Ekaterina
  • ID#: 32467
  • Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
  • Age: 32
  • City: Nikolaev, Ukraine
  • Kids: No
  • Occupation: Other
  • Religion: Christian
  • English Level: Basic
  • Archetypes: Motivated Brides
easy going Ukraine girl for marriage

Mykolaiv, or as we know it, Nikolaev in the Ukraine, is situated on the Black Sea and is a major shipbuilding city.

They don’t just build ships; there are research centres that specialize in technological advances in that industry as well.

All that’s very interesting if we were writing for Jane’s Ship Book, but in fact, the city is also home to some very lovely young ladies looking for love and eventually marriage.

Enter Ekaterina, a caring, and beautiful 32-year-old blue-eyed blonde. Well, it’s the Ukraine. Don’t all the girls have those features?

She sounds like a great girl to chat to with lots of interests that would be common among many guys. She plays tennis and likes to swim.

Throw in her love of movies and a bit of camping and travelling, and there’s bound to be some common ground for you to start some communication.

Her English is just basic so you might need some translating done, but if the opportunity arose for you to meet, then body language is always a great way to communicate.

Speaking of body, you have to admit that this hot babe has a great one.

Tall, leggy and well stacked, and without getting too rude, the rest of her is darn good as well if you look at the extra photos she has supplied.

So if you are intelligent, not too moody a guy, responsible and willing to give a distance relationship a real shot, then contacting Ekaterina would be a good start.

She is romantic and optimistic and by the sound of her profile, pretty easy to get along with.

It seems that Ekaterina would be a positive influence on your life and you could do a lot worse than starting a line of communication and getting to know her.

Dating in Nikolaev is filled with diversity as it is so close to the sea as well as having a great history than can be seen in the buildings.

It’s a medium-sized city so clubs and bars will be scattered through the city and where you can take Ekaterina for a romantic restaurant meal followed by a few drinks and some music.

If this beauty is your type, then don’t hesitate to follow up on your dreams.

Sexy Blonde Ukrainian Bride And Gymnast

  • Name: Alyona
  • ID#: 138241
  • Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
  • Age: 25
  • City: Sumy, Ukraine
  • Kids: No
  • Occupation: Accountant
  • Religion: Christian
  • English Level: Poor
  • Languages: German (good), Ukrainian (native), Russian (native)
  • Archetypes: Sexy ArtistsFitness Girls
sexy gymnast girl from Ukraine

Alyona here is a sexy young Ukrainian mail order bride who also happens to be a super sexy gymnast.  D-A-M-N!

It just don’t get any better than that!

And she really seems like a very sweet girl. She writes that, “I am optimistic and I don’t pay much attention to failures!” Trust me, any woman thinking about marrying you would have to be very optimistic, and Alyona is also hot, fit, and sweet.  This chick is a keeper dude!

You really think you could meet a girl like this in Fargo or Cleveland or Las Vegas?  OK, maybe in Vegas you might see a girl like Alyona hanging on the arm of some rock star or an old dude at a $10,000 a hand minimum black jack table.

But you can actually meet her though A Foreign Affair. Check her out!

Eastern European Girls Rock!

  • Name: Nadiya
  • ID#: 185357
  • Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
  • Age: 22
  • City: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Kids: No
  • Occupation: Administrator
  • Religion: Christian
  • English Level: Basic
  • Languages: Russian (excellent), Ukrainian (native)
  • Archetypes: Cute & Sweet
Eastern European girl from Ukraine

Blondes do have more fun.  By the looks of Nadiya, double that.  This girl is here to fall in love.  Her words not mine.

At twenty six I’m passionate, playful, reasonable, reliable and risky.  Wow.  So Nadiya will risk it all for love.  5’7”.

Studied.  A University degree.  An extrovert.  Does it get any better?

Besides her obvious beauty this woman is ambitious.  Again, her words.  But, her face.  This is the face all men want to wake up to.

bootylicious Kiev girl

She says she doesn’t drink so even better to wake up to.  She actually states one of her dreams is to give her man amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Wow.  You can look at that in any way you want.  Add her desire to give you Passionate Dances, even more wow.  Can you imagine that Sunrise?

She hails from Ukraine.  Ukrainian women know how to take a compliment.

This gives them a powerful desire to find the right man and head to those brilliant Western Sunrises.   They are dedicated women.

Nadiya could be your dedicated woman.  Her heart burns to meet the right man.

blonde Ukrianian babe on bikini

When was the last time you heard a Western woman say that.  How about, never?

Sagittarius women fall in love quickly and passionately.  They are attracted by communication.

Their smiles are magnetic.  Quickly go back and look at Nadiya’s profile picture.  Magnetic enough?

She’s ready to risk it all.  Take a risk.  Nadiya can be found at A Foreign Affair.

Read Our Single Man’s Guide to Kiev

Blond Ukrainian Fitness Model

  • Name: Vladislava
  • ID#: 171904
  • Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
  • Age: 27
  • City: Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Kids: No
  • Occupation: Fitness Trainer
  • Religion: Christian
  • English Level: Basic
  • Languages: Ukrainian (native), Russian (excellent)
  • Archetypes: Fitness GirlsBikini Brides
blue-eyed Ukrainian bikini babe in a blue two piece swimsuit

Vladislava is an incredibly hot fitness girl.   The chance to find exactly the woman you really want is one of the amazing things about international dating.

Could you meet a fitness model like Vladislava in your home town?

And if you could meet her would she do anything more for you than fill out a stalking report on you at your local police department?

Well, here at International Love Scout we have profiles of fitness models you can date!  That is what makes why guys keep coming to mail order bride sites!

Now, back to Vladislava.

She works as a trainer but you can bet she’s spent a lot of time in front of the camera too.

I bet if she lived anywhere but a large but sort of out of the way Ukrainian city she would do more.

This woman is hot! Look at that body!


Vladislava is the end result of great genetics and hard work. She is a sexy lady. That’s why you are reading this page, but she also seems like a good, honest person. She is certainly a romantic.

She writes…

Do you want to drown in me?

Now, that actually makes drowning sound pretty good and drowning should not ever sound pretty good. 

My eyes have an insane depth of color of the sky mixed with herbs and I feel inside me a huge and rapid mountain stream. We will together enjoy nature and wonderful weather on our fabulous island of love! And to fulfill all the dreams of each other when we are alone. I feel a lot of passion for this life!

That is incredibly sweet and H-O-T!  This lady is a tigeress. You can see it from that simple passage.

But Vladislava, like most fit women, is a practical and goal oriented lady too. She explains that…

I dream that my man is sincere, loves me and with me receive the greatest buzz from this life! I just want to melt with happiness in his hands. Touching only from love is the brightest! That’s exactly the love for me – the most important thing in my man.

That is so clear, so honest, and so forthright. Vladislava is not some hot party girl. She knows what she wants

hot Russian women

Guys, don’t be trying to put something over on this lady. Vladislava has probably heard any line you can think of twenty times – today.  She is super sexy and super smart.

She doesn’t care about your money or expect that you are prince charming. Vladislava says…

Vladislava is a romantic, a beautiful, fit, intelligent, romantic lady. And what is truly amazing is that she wants to meet a guy a lot like YOU!

That is why international dating is so stunning.  Don’t break her heart guys.

Let her train you into the man you want to be.  This lady could help you transform your life and improve your carido vascular health.  She is clearly very good at what she does.

Her profile and more hot photos are over at A Foreign Affair.

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