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Anastasia Date

For years AnastasiaDate was the Ferrari of international dating agencies: Well-designed, expensive, and loaded with options. 

It had huge curb appeal because Anastasia always had more incredibly beautiful women than any other international dating agency online.

But it started as a Russian mail order bride agency back in the “Roaring ‘90s,” and it was continually dogged by allegations that it was simply a scam site.

When International Love Scout started in 2009 there was a core group of dedicated AnastasiaDate haters on the internet who accused the site of almost every crime imaginable.

marry the hottest women in the world

We investigated it for months before deciding that those allegations were mostly either overblown complaints from disappointed men who didn’t end up marrying the Blond Ukrainian mail order bride who looked like Scarlett Johansson or disguised attacks of competing sites.

Regardless of the merit of those complaints ten years ago, Anastasiadate has truly grown and become something new and different in the online dating industry. It is simply the best place to interact with the most beautiful women in the world.

It has some issues which we will discuss below, but it absolutely loaded with innovative communication tools. Oh, and the hottest women you could possibly ever meet.

Anastasia’s Video Chat

 The old days are over.  You can and will get a pile of introduction email letters from women saying hello, but for the most part you probably will only respond to them in chat – not by email.

Anastasiadate has really changed over the years and the biggest change is how it uses chat.  It has changed so much that Anastasiadate is almost an international dating version of Tinder. Not exactly, because the men do pay, but it feels a lot more like a modern social media focused dating site than the simple “catalogs” model that re-started the mail order bride industry in the 1970s.

You can go online and chat with thousands of women any time of the day or night and usually see a thousand or more beautiful Ukrainian women.  And you can instantly communicate with every single one of them!

That is what is stunning about Anastasiadate.

Now, Anastasia has three types of chat: Live Chat – where you do not see who you are chatting with, Video Chat – where you can see the girl, but she cannot see you; and CamShare – where you can see the girl and she can see you.

It is OK to talk to a girl in Live Chat but ask her to turn on her cam.  Often they will turn it on.  You can look at them and turn it off yourself.

This will save you a small fortune.  You know she is real. You have seen her now you don’t have to do the cam again, but if she is hot you will want to.

You can toggle on and see the woman on live video for a while. You can see her smile at your jokes and see a little of where she is chatting from.

The video really does give you an enormous amount of information and it makes it much more difficult for scammers.

It does not eliminate scammers, but it helps you know you are chatting with a real live woman – often a stunningly beautiful woman.

Yes, she could be lying to you, but any girl you meet in a bar or coffee house could be lying to you too.  But it is a huge help in terms of knowing you are actually communicating with a beautiful woman and it changed our attitude about Anastasiadate when they introduced video chat.

But the real attraction is that there are more stunning women on the site any time of the day or night than you can possibly imagine.

There are super fit trainers, fashion models, and sexy teachers that will make you dream of repeating the sixth grade – and YOU can chat with them.

That may not seem great, but until you have the experience of seeing a nineteen-year-old fitness model who you could never approach in the gym in the United States or Australia carefully read your message and then laugh once she understands your joke, you can’t possibly realize what a rush it is.

It is something like 90% of the rush of doing the flirting in person – sometimes more.

This is what really sets Anastasia apart from everyone else.  They realize the incredible emotional need this fulfills and they make a huge effort to give you a great chat experience.

If you want an in-depth review of all of Anastasiadate’s features read: Maximize Your Anastasiadate Experience.


AnastasiaDate has more stunning women than any other international dating agency, maybe any dating agency.  And what makes AnastasiaDate so great is you can get in touch with nearly all of these women within three minutes of filling out the free profile.

Anastasia also has one of the best search engines of any service and the site is well laid out and easy to use. Most of the profiles on the site have been verified and that’s valuable.

Anastasia does not offer as many services as any of the other top-shelf international dating agencies, but what really sets them apart is the luxury spin they put on their services.

All of the full-service sites offer phone translations, but Anastasia assures clients that… The interpreter will not only provide high quality translation but will also do her best to represent you in the most favorable light.

Criticism of Anastasia Date

There is a lot of criticism of AnastasiaDate on the internet, but how many of those complaints are from the last three years?   In fact, how much of that criticism is from the last ten years?

The Russian mail order bride industry was cutthroat in the 1990s and Anastasia was one of a handful of companies that came out on top in the end. 

Many of the complaints that International Love Scout tried to examine seemed to have been from disappointed former competitors who were not able to compete.

Furthermore, in the last decade, most Western nations have introduced measures to control many of the abuses that supposedly went on and AnastasiaDate has to comply with those regulations.

But changes in technology also led to a change in the basic DNA of the company.

For instance, Anastasia pretty much invented the “letter of introduction” practice that many critics condemned as a scam.

What happens is that each woman wrote a letter of introduction that sounded sort of like it was written with a specific guy in mind and then Anastasia sent it to every guy that matched her VERY BROAD criteria in what she was looking for in a man.

It was tricky, perhaps even misleading, but remember the men did not pay a penny until they opened the letter and they were not really hooked until they replied.  Today this practice is almost dead, because of the move towards instant communication.

Well, Almost!

You will still get a large number of emails from women.  Not the hundreds that used to deluge men’s email accounts, but still a significant number.

And if you respond to every e-mail you will soon spend a small fortune. What you might do instead is to search through the site yourself and add the women that you find most attractive to your Contact List.

Those women can see that you have made them favorites.  Then they can look at your profile and decide if they want to send you a message.

So, if you get a response from a woman that you have already identified as a favorite then you can go ahead and begin corresponding with her with much better odds than otherwise because you will know that the girl is still active on the site and that she is specifically interested in your profile.

Second, Anastasia Date does not do a good job of explaining their fees and policies. For instance, only guys that carefully read the sign-up material will realize that all communication with Anastasia’s ladies has to occur ONLY through the companies e-mail system.

Some guys are annoyed when they discover this, but it is a common practice in the industry.

In fact, unless an agency specifically states that you are buying an email address outright, you should assume that all communications will occur through the company’s email system because that is largely the industry standard.

Because of these unclear policies, Anastasia earned a low grade from the New England Better Business Bureau, however, it looks like they are being compared to hardware stores in Portland, Maine.

Anastasia had a grand total of eight complaints to the BBB last time we checked. Remember, this is a business that has literally thousands of clients around the world and they are in a business where emotional attachment is integral to the dating process.

It’s just not the same as selling nails and lumber.

If you are really concerned about the potential of being scammed on Anastasia check out our article that explains Why AnastasiaDate Has More Playboy Quality Women than Playboy.

Personal Experience

People on our staff have personally met women off of Anastasia.  So, the rumors that the site is simply fake profiles of stunning women you will never be able to meet is simply not true.

You can meet most of the women on Anastasia if you go to Ukraine and agree to go on a date with a translator.  This may seem uncomfortable, but generally, it is OK and the translator is usually trying to help you.

They do not offer tours, housing, or many of the other services other companies offer, but many guys have married women they met on the site.


Anastasia Date is more expensive than sites that sell addresses or a monthly membership program because you are charged a certain number of credits for each action.

However, there is an economy of scale to the process that can work to your advantage. If there is a lady who you find intriguing two credits cost just $15.99 for you to send her a note and read her response.

If you like her reply then you can jump in and buy more credits at a better per letter rate. You can see that the cost falls significantly:

Credits Cost:

  • 1000      $399.00 or .40 each
  • 500        $249.00 or .50 each
  • 320        $185.00 or .58 each
  • 160        $96.00 or .60 each
  • 80          $56.00 or .70 each
  • 40          $30.00 or .75 each
  • 20          $15.99 or .80 each

It costs you 10 credits to send an email and 10 more credits to open her response, but they also charge 10 credits for each video you watch. That means a video can cost as much as $8.00, so if you are worried about your budget keep that well in mind.

Even if you buy 80 credits that makes the videos about the same price as a movie ticket. However, you probably can’t date Margot Robbie or Kate Upton. If you can, then what in the world are you doing on this site?

If you are worried about your costs keep the Buy Credits page open in another window. Then regularly refresh that page and it will show you the total number of credits you have remaining. 

This is a great way to keep yourself from blowing through 1000 credits in a few hours and on AnastasiaDate you can do it.

This credit system is the main reason that Anastasia gets so much criticism because it is easy for a guy to spend more than he intended.

However, at $15.99, it’s also one of the cheapest ways to investigate international dating. Just drink one six-pack instead of two every time you watch Family Guy and you could probably afford it.

Even better recently they have been running an introductory special for $2.99 that you should get after you fill out your profile.  I can’t promise, but it has been a long-running offer.


This is really where Anastasia has crushed the competition and really developed into a different site than any other site on the web. 

They offer every possible way to communicate with women around the world short of smoke signals and I suppose you could do that over the high-def cam share.

In our previous review, originally written in 2008 and regularly updated, we wrote… We’ve had a lot of guys ask us about how they can contact a woman on Anastasia since all of the communication flows exclusively through the agency.

Today that does not apply. With their live chat and video chat service, it is just you and the lady. You can tell her anything that can be communicated through sight and sound.  It is an incredibly flexible system.

It is intuitive and easy to use and it really pulls the mail order bride industry into the 21stcentury. We explain this all in great detail on our chat page.

If you want to understand why we like the new AnastasiaDate site so much you can learn all of the details over there.


Anastasia is one of the most popular targets for hackers on the internet.  Besides direct hacking attacks, they get indirect attacks were guys use stolen credit cards to sign on to the site.

Because of that, there is an excellent chance your bank will send you a security alert when you make the charge. But that should make you feel good because if you believe you have been overcharged in most cases your credit card company will probably simply reverse the charges.


No other international dating web site is as much FUN as AnastasiaDate.  It really is exciting to be able to contact dozens of women you would drive around the block to see twice in Santa Monica and over and over again in Shreveport, Omaha, or Pittsburgh.

The most serious criticism we have is that Anastasia does not do anything to help you actually meet any of the women.

That is a serious issue, but you can meet them on Anastasia and then use the services of A Foreign Affair to help you with the logistics of actually visiting them.

This way you are getting the best of both worlds.  Anastasia has a great chat system but does not help with travel issues.

A Foreign Affair does not offer anything like the chat system Anastasia has but they have helped more men visit Eastern Europe on individual and group romance tours than any other company in the business.

There really is no way to fully explain how hot the women on AnastasiaDate really are. They have more Playboy quality women you can meet than Playboy – far more.

Rather than me continuing to spew adjectives to describe their beauty and reach for analogies to explain just how incredible the ladies over there just take a look at some of the models recently online at AnastasiaDate:

You can click on their photo, fill out your profile, and begin communicating with any of them in about 3 minutes for $2.99.


This is a review and I am not supposed to be selling, but when I began going back and reviewing the sites we represent a few months ago I was simply blown away by AnastasiaDate.

It is fun, fast, easy, and the women practically knocked me out.

Unless you are a successful movie producer, a professional athlete, or a hedge fund manager you probably will never get the chance to meet so many incredible women all in one spot.

And these women want to meet Western men.

If you are a moderately successful guy living in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the EU, and you always dreamed of dating an actress or model, a natural, stone-cold sober 10, Anastasia gives you a real chance to establish a relationship with a woman so far out of your league it is almost impossible to explain.

There are other sites with plenty of beautiful Russian women, but Anastasia has more young Russian models and stunning Ukrainian bikini brides than any other site. These are special delivery mail order brides!

And because you are meeting them instantly through text and video your chances of really getting scammed or probably no worse than getting scammed if you met them at a party or got set up on a date with them by your grandmother.

Women can always scam men, but, though many of the guys who scream loudest about scammers hate to admit it, men scam women all the time too. But with all the tools available on Anastasia if you get scammed it is probably your fault.

I am going to admit. I love the new AnastasiaDate!  It’s fun, cool, and the women are just incredible. There are literally thousands of girls that even the pickiest cad would rate as 8s, 9, or 10s.

If you can’t find a hot mail order bride here you may need to get your eyes checked.

AnastasiaDate Review
  • Hotness Factor
  • User Interface
  • Number of Profiles
  • Quality of Profiles
  • Security
  • Cost


Anastasia would probably get a perfect 5 if they explained things more clearly, developed a straightforward, easy to understand pricing system, and stopped the practice of sending out the letters of introduction.


  • You’ll be blown away by the Russian women and Ukrainian girls on Anastasia. They literally have thousands of exotic Russian models and beautiful Ukrainian bikini babes.
  • Many of Anastasia’s profiles have been confirmed in person.  Further, they allow the girls to write nice long reviews and the Interviews section they answer a series of question that gives you a little better idea of who the girl really is.



  • Anastasia does a very poor job of explaining their terms and this ends up pissing alot of guys off.
  • It is the most expensive agency, but they clearly offer real value for the money.
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