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Belarus Brides

Why You Should Pursue Belarus Women for Marriage

Exotic Beauty

Women from Belarus are among some of the most beautiful women in the world. There are multiple international supermodels from Belarus and women in general from there are renowned for their exotic Slavic features.

Belarusian women are quite stunning with long blonde hair, beautiful penetrating eyes, and tall stature. A common misconception is that Belarusian girls are Russian. They are not. Belarus babes tend to resemble their Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish sisters but there are also many differences.

Girls from Belarus are Sweet

Women from Belarus can be very sweet, gentle and wonderful. Some of these women could be considered naive because their culture isn't the same as ours. Since most men are serious (their culture doesn't allow for as much "playing around") most women are not used to all the games in the west. As such, you shouldn't treat a woman from Belarus in the same way as one from your own country. Don't play games with her head or have multiple women going at the same time.

Higher Education

Like Russia, the Ukraine, and other countries in Eastern Europe the education system in Belarus is still very good, perhaps the culture just places a higher value on education. As a result it's not too hard to find sexy doctors or beautiful engineers among the beautiful Belarusian girls listed on mail order bride sites.

In fact, if you are really looking for a highly educated woman Belarus is probably the place to start your search, because the average Belarusian girl spends fifteen years in school.

Problems with Pursuing a Belarus Bride

One of the problems with pursuing beautiful Belarus girls is that the government of Belarus is still more or less a Soviet styled Communist dictatorship. So, it is tougher to get visas in Belarus than in most other nations of the former Soviet Union.

At one point the Belarusian government even made an effort to restrict the mail order bride business in Belarus, because they felt that the hottest women were leaving, but, thankfully, they gave up.

Motivated to Meet Western Men

Because the economy is so poor in Belarus, which is not a member of the European Union, Belarusian brides are more likely to be even more enthusiastic about leaving their country to marry a Western man than Ukrainian or Russian women. And they don't get as much attention as hot Russian brides or beautiful Ukrainian girls. So, that might make Belarus the right place for you to start your search for a woman to date or marry.

Belarus Women vs. Western Women

The difference between a western woman and a woman from Belarus is that she is never going to emasculate you. You will always be the man in the relationship. These kind of women have no desire whatsoever to "wear the pants" in the relationship. They want to be treated as equals, with respect. They don't have the feminist ideals that exist in the west though. These girls are 100% women, all the way, just treat her with respect and she will be a fantastic wife for you.

What women from Belarus want to know most of all is what kind of intentions you have towards her. Above all else, she wants to know if you are serious or just playing with her. She wants to know whether she will have a steady and safe relationship with you; as in, one where she won't be cheated on or simply become the "flavour of the week."

Women from Belarus are generally tougher than their western counterparts. The nice thing about a wife from here is many of them are capable of great endurance. Hard times or sudden events are unlikely to shake these women. The living conditions in Belarus are tougher than in western nations, so these women have grown up enduring tough times.

However, these are still extremely feminine women. They still expect to have a strong man there to protect them. They do not prescribe to the idea of "women doing everything themselves" they think men are there to protect women.

Another great feature of women from Belarus is they are far more problem solving oriented. Women from Belarus don't just run away from problems in a relationship. Generally they are far more willing to work with you instead of giving up. In the west its common practice to simply end a relationship or give up when there are problems. In Belarus relationships are seen as works in progress that have periods of strife. So, the women are much more proactive about maintaining a happy relationship.

If you have problems with your girlfriend or wife from Belarus, you should be able to work it out because she will almost always prefer to solve your problem than to end the relationship. Remember that culture in Belarus is basically a traditional western culture. As such, things like Chivalry and Romance are far more idealistic.

How to Win the Heart of a Woman from Belarus

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Some of the keys to winning the heart of a woman from Belarus are honesty and sincerity. Traditional values from the medieval ages are still very strong here; chivalry and character and ways of life in Belarus. She will respect you based off of how you treat her, and what kind of manners you have. Honesty, sincerity, respectfulness and politeness can take you very far with a Belarusian girl.

As a man, they see it as your job to protect them from danger. They are looking for the traditional ideal of a man. You don't have to be macho or have a big ego. Just understanding your role as a provider and protector of your wife is all you need. Think of it as back in the medieval ages with knights and princesses. You are the knight, she is the princess. It's as simple as that, act like a knight and she will act like a princess for you.

If you are from a western nation such as England, Germany, America, etc. Following the traditional values of your culture will take you very far with a girl from Belarus. Keep these tips in mind and go find yourself a nice girl. Be kind to her and the two of you can live happily ever after.

Culture in Belarus

Belarus is a mixture of east and west.  The culture puts a strong emphasis on family.  Most of the people are Orthodox, but there is a sizeable Catholic minority too. Due to the religious culture, they are not materialistic. The political and economic situation in Belarus is quite difficult so most women from Belarus are generally very hard working and careful with money.

Most Belarusian men do drink too much, though apparently not quite as bad as Russian men, but it is probably fair to say that Beautiful Belarusian babes are as sick of drunken men as Russian girls are.

Belarusian culture is geared towards raising women to be good wives. They separate a woman's and man's work. Women are focused primarily on being good mothers and wives. Men are expected to be the providers for the family. While some women may be getting jobs, it's still mostly up to the men.

Some people think that because these women are feminine and oriented towards family values, that they are also push overs. This is defiantly not the case. Slavic women are renowned for being strong headed and you must treat a woman from Belarus with dignity and respect. In many ways they are quite like western women except that they are more traditional. This however does not mean they will become the maid.

Belarus Info

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Belarus is a small country in Eastern Europe bordered on the west by Poland, Ukraine to the south, Russia to the east, and Lithuania and Latvia to the north. Depending on how you think about it Belarus is either the western most edge of Eastern Europe or the eastern most edge of Western Europe. The capital of Belarus is Minsk and it is one of the poorest states in Europe.

Belarus probably suffered as much during the 20th century as any country on the planet. It was the scene of heavy fighting during World War I, the Russian Civil War, and the Russo-Polish War of the 1920s. During World War II Belarus was the scene of some of the heaviest fighting in the history of the world and it was devastated by the Holocaust.

In fact, the area probably suffered a higher percentage of casualties than any area of a similar size in the world.

At the end of World War II Belarus became an important basing area for the Red Army and in fact many of the Russians living in the region are either military retirees or the decedents of Soviet soldiers. Because of its military importance Belarus was kept under particularly tight control by the Soviet rulers and most tourists agree that the Cold War still seems more alive in Belarus than in Moscow or Kiev.