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To a lot of men, Ukraine appears to be some sort of a mythical paradise lost where all the women are beautiful, all the restaurants five stars, and your money lasts forever.

Fortunately, that’s not too far from the truth.  Ukrainian mail order brides are amazing and can make you think you are living in a fantasy world.

But Ukraine is a real country in Eastern Europe that for a variety of reasons is the red-hot center of international dating.  It is cheap, easy to visit, and the women are stunning.

If you’re reading this page it’s probably because you find yourself in the same position as many men in Western societies.

Dating is hard in Australia, harder in Western Europe, and almost impossible in Canada or the United States.  This is not the 1970s.

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In an ideal world you would simply hit the local dating scene like your dad and his before him did.  You would talk to women at work, the gym, or church, go on a couple of dates, and take the relationship from there.

But that’s simply not possible anymore. In fact, dating a Western woman has now become so complicated and dangerous that many Western men simply don’t bother trying.

A lot of men claim that Western women seem to specialize in mind games, as well as the disappointment and manipulation of men.  That may or may not be true, but the dating game is a lot tougher today than it was twenty or thirty years ago.

#MeToo movement in Ukraine

The #MeToo movement was meant to highlight sexual abuse and intimidation.  Instead, it has almost made it impossible for decent guys to find a date.

Now, every American company frowns on office romances and many outright bans them.  It is difficult to chat with women at the gym or the airport, because of the almost universal use of personal headphones.


Absolutely, because now with the “culture of consent” mentality and the outright hatred shown towards Western men in general, it means that dating a European or North American woman could quite easily land you in jail… if you were to say the wrong thing.

Eastern Europe has always been a key part of the international dating scene, but most men focus all their attention on single Russian women, not paying attention to the thousands of single Ukrainian women looking to meet foreign guys.

These Slavic beauties have not forgotten what family values mean, which is something you simply can’t say about the vast majority of Western women.

So let’s take a look at what steps you need to take to find single Ukrainian girls for dating and hopefully marriage.

Ukraine Dating – Forget the Stress!

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One nice aspect of pursuing a beautiful Ukrainian girl is that in the Ukraine dating is not as stressful as it is in some other cultures, particularly not for foreign men. 

You are not exactly holding all of the cards, but you have a lot of options.

In some places like Japan or China, one of the gut-wrenching challenges of international dating is meeting the family, because it is likely that most girls’ families will oppose them marrying a foreigner.

However, in Ukraine, if you play your cards right the family will probably be on your side.

The reason for this is pretty simple; most likely the only family your beautiful Ukrainian girlfriend has is her mom and perhaps a brother or sister because the average life expectancy of Ukrainian men is only about 58.

Usually, her family realizes that marrying a foreigner is an incredible opportunity for her.

It’s a sad truth but many Ukrainian men suffer from excessive consumption of alcohol, and with it comes a lot of sadness, abuse, and violence for their spouses.

Many Ukrainian Women, and their families think they stand a better chance of finding kinder treatment from a foreign husband.

blonde Ukraine girl and bearded middle-aged man

Another reason you may have an easy time winning over your Ukraine babe’s family is that the economy of independent Ukraine has been shaky from the start and often a girl’s family will be enthusiastic about her dating a “rich” foreigner and you should be very careful about making any promises about money to her mom or siblings.

Even more important is that so many Ukrainian women have married American and European men in the last twenty years that serious foreign men have a great reputation in Ukraine.

Nearly everyone knows of a friend or relative who married a foreign man and is happily married in Canada, Australia, the United States, or the Europeans Union, and most of the time a girl’s family is overjoyed that she is going to avoid the hard-drinking local guys and catch a great foreign guy.

Also, the media in Ukraine is generally positive about international dating unlike in Russia, where there is some official resistance, or Belarus, where the government has tried to stop it in the past.

Consider that Kiev alone boasts more than twenty-five marriage agencies, and you’ll understand just how open and acceptable it is for a girl to become a Ukrainian mail order bride.

In general, Ukrainians are sort of honored that their women are so hot that men travel from around the world to meet them.

Ukrainian Women

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The stereotypical image of Eastern European women is of tall, blonde, blue-eyed beauties with slender figures and winning smiles.

Believe it or not, that’s actually what you tend to get when dating Ukrainian women, although the hair and eye color can differ.

It’s important to remember that when we say “Slavic beauties” that’s what they actually are, and this can mean your potential girlfriend could just as easily have dark hair, dark eyes, and olive-toned skin.

What does remain constant is how well women from this part of Eastern Europe treat their bodies. Going to the gym with their friends is just something they do and not something you ever have to bring up in conversation with them.  These women are incredibly fit.

One thing that most men notice about Ukrainian brides is just how many are in great physical shape.  This is true across the states of the former Soviet Union, but the Ukrainian girls seem to take fitness to an extreme, a good extreme, but an extreme none the less.

Lots of girls on any decent Ukrainian dating site have toned abs and mention the gym or fitness in their profiles. Praise the Lord!

They care about their appearance, not to impress you, but simply because they care about looking well. This places them in stark contrast to the vast majority of modern Western women who are now more concerned with social justice and political correctness then they are in their own aesthetic and physical well-being.

In short, this means that Western women don’t care if they look like a hot mess.

Furthermore, Ukrainian women are very fashion conscious.  Walk down Kreschatik Avenue in Kiev, and you’d swear you were in Paris or New York from the fashionable, smartly dressed girls you’ll see.

Cost of Ukrainian Dating

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One of the key concerns that North American, European and Australasian men have in relation to dating Ukrainian women is that it will cost a lot of money. Yes, of course, if you do decide to travel to Ukraine and spend several weeks in this vast country on an international dating tour it will cost money.

But let’s frame that question a little bit differently by asking you how much money you’ve spent on dinner, drinks, dancing, etc. you’ve taken your Western dates on?

Would it come to hundreds of dollars?

Realistically you’ve spent thousands of dollars, or potentially an awful lot more, on dating Western women, which has led to nothing but disappointment for you. So we can put that argument to one side. 

So, generally the cost of dating a foreign woman is reasonable, but in Ukraine, it is almost a steal.

We mentioned family values earlier on as being something that is important to you and will also obviously be something that you find highly desirable in a future wife.

The good news is that although Ukrainian women are modern and independent, and do embrace feminist ideals to a certain extent, they place far more importance on family values with the goal of eventually having a family of their own.

Something else to bear in mind is that although Ukraine has come a long way since the end of the Cold War, and with its burgeoning ties to the EU, poverty is still an issue here.

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Any Ukrainian girl you speak to online or through a dating site or agency will have a monthly salary of about $200, which means she earns about US$2400 each year.

So, what you earn per year will seem like an absolute fortune to her.  Ukraine is so cheap that it is easy to extend your visit and stay for weeks.

You need to be cautious around any Ukrainian woman who shows an unhealthy level of interest with the amount of money you’re making. There’s a good chance her only goal is to separate you from as much of that money as she possibly can in the shortest amount of time.

Women living in the western districts of Ukraine are far more likely to speak at least some English than those living elsewhere in the country.

With that being said it’s important to not make assumptions about being able to speak to her without learning Ukrainian, or at least some conversational Russian.

You will be expected to pay for everything during your first few dates, and that includes meals, drinks, and any other expenses that the night might bring. This is fairly typical of what happens on the local dating scene, so don’t freak out.

It’s perfectly acceptable after you’ve known her for a few weeks to expect her to split the bill with you now and again, but you need to time this carefully.

Although Eastern European women can initially come across as cold and uncaring, you will find that in time your girlfriend can become emotional because of the least little thing. This will come as a shock to you at first, but once you understand what her triggers are, you can quite easily avoid accidentally pushing any emotional buttons she might have.

What does it cost to marry a Ukrainian woman? (excluding wedding)
Dating Site$20 per month x 6 months$120
Flights$750 x 4 (roundtrip prices)$3,000
Romance Tour  (optional)$3,000 + $750 for flights$3,750
Hotels/Apartment$100 per night (2 x 14 day stay)$2,800
Visa Costs$2,025 (K1 spousal visa)$2,025 (revised for 2018) 
Grand Total $11,695

Her Pet Hates

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We want to touch on a couple of points here that will help you avoid arguments, or potential arguments, with your Ukrainian girlfriend.

The first of these is to never, ever discuss your ex-girlfriends, or even worse your ex-wife with your Ukrainian girlfriend. This won’t ever go down well with her.

Arrogance is something else that women from Ukraine despise, so leave your ego at the door when you enter the country. This is especially true when it comes to discussing money or material possessions.

You see, women from this part of Eastern Europe are not inherently materialistic. They are quite happy with the simple pleasures that life can bring, especially those that come as part of a loving relationship.

If, on the other hand, you do meet a Ukrainian girl who shows materialistic tendencies then you need to avoid her at all costs.

If you’re not familiar with the current situation in Ukraine, they have been experiencing ongoing border issues with Russia, especially around Donetsk. This means that political issues involving her country will be very important, but please don’t discuss politics unless she does that first.

Women here have absolutely no time for political correctness or social justice nonsense, so you can expect her to be blunt and to the point at all times.

This can initially come across as being cold or rude, but she simply doesn’t see any reason why she should not tell you what she’s thinking at any given point in time. So don’t take offense, because none is meant

Her Expectations

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Her first real expectation of you is that you won’t have any substance or alcohol abuse issues. The reason we’re mentioning this here is that most Ukrainian women look for foreign husbands because they can’t find suitable men in their own country.

Now, while that might seem like a remarkable case of stating the obvious, the important aspect to focus on here is substance abuse. Most of her ex-boyfriends will have had at least some issues with these types of problems.

Something else that’s important to her is finding a man who shares the same values as her. This value system would be conservative in nature, including monogamous dating, loyalty before and during the marriage, and the willingness to start a family.

Ukrainian women don’t see motherhood as being a chore or something to dread, instead, it’s something they see as being the most natural progression possible in a relationship between a man and a woman.

She will expect you to be masculine, but without a rampant ego. So again, you have to figure out how to be the dominant party in your relationship but without making her feel like she’s being dominated.

Ukrainian women are strange creatures at times when it comes to dating. For example, she’ll expect you to pursue her, but not so much that you appear desperate.

In fact, swearing your undying love for her during the first few weeks is often reason enough for her to lose interest in you. So you need to tread that fine line between showing that you care about her, and becoming an emotional or psychological doormat for her.

Intimacy is very important to Eastern European women, but again is even more important when it’s expressed from within the confines of a happy relationship.

A Ukrainian woman is more than happy to do whatever it takes to please her husband or boyfriend, but not for the sake of her independence and personal well-being.

You will be expected to understand that she will be late for every date or social engagement you attend together, and you are not permitted to complain.

sexy and gorgeous Ukrainian women

The reason for this is she has invested all that time in doing her hair, makeup, and picking out a killer outfit, so she won’t understand why that would make you even remotely angry.

Another expectation is the amount of time it takes for her to fully invest in a relationship with a foreign man.

Long-distance relationships are difficult when you live in the same country, so the problem is magnified when you live in different parts of the world.

So although she will be very eager to spend time with you so that the relationship can develop, in the back of her mind she will still have an expectancy that a real relationship requires several months to grow.

It’s also important to remember that because family is so important to her, it might take some convincing for her to move to another country.

This again can be a little bit confusing because she will have told you she’s quite happy to relocate, but when the time comes you may find that it takes a little bit more convincing for her to take that leap of faith.

This is actually a good sign because it means that she doesn’t simply see you as a way of escaping from her life in Ukraine, so you know she’s serious about your relationship with her.

Ukrainian women place a lot of importance on small and thoughtful gifts being sent to them by their boyfriend, especially if he lives in another country.

It shows that you are thinking about her even when you’re not there with her, so it’s a form of reassurance.

But those gifts should never be cash, for any reason. If her expectation is that you will send her money whenever she asks for it, then you need to understand she’s not looking for a partner – she is looking for a sugar daddy.

Finding Your Ukrainian Bride

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Ukraine was once known as the breadbasket of the Russian Empire, and today it’s one of the best locations on the international dating scene to meet single women for marriage.

It’s become something of a phenomenon on the Internet romance scene because of the numbers of men who visit the country each year in search of eligible women.

Scams do take place, so don’t date women who ask for money before you visit, don’t date women who will only eat in the most expensive restaurants, don’t date women who seem committed and then become suddenly indecisive, etc.

What you need to understand is that Ukraine is a vast country, so you can’t simply fly here for a few days, meet the woman of your dreams and then fly home again.

While that’s possible, the odds are stacked against you because the country is so large. So you need to make the most of the dating facilities available to you, which we cover below.

Dating Sites

One of the perks of visiting a country like Ukraine is that it has an active international dating scene, so this means there are lots of websites dedicated to online dating, mail order brides, and international romance.

There are far too many of these sites to list here, but you can expect to pay approximately US$19 per month for a premium membership, with tens of thousands of dating profiles to filter through. We advise that you use at least one online dating site to help you find as many suitable single Ukrainian women as possible.

Dating Agencies

Ukraine dating scene

Usually, the news that there are lots of dating agencies in the country is a good thing and in Ukraine, that’s no different, except you need to exercise caution when using them.

While some dating agencies charge a flat fee to introduce you to Ukrainian women, many of them operate on a pay-per-letter or pay-per-contact basis.

This means you have to pay them every single time you send a message to the Ukrainian woman you want to have a relationship with. Obviously this can get very expensive very quickly, so be careful what you sign up for.

Romance Tours

Although the perception of a romance tour is that it’s full of seedy guys looking to exploit women, nothing could be further from the truth.

Most of the romance tours operating in the country are run by either reputable dating sites or reputable dating agencies. Their goal is to simply introduce you to as many single women as possible during your time in the country, and without scamming you.

Obviously there are no guarantees of success, but you can stack the odds in your favor by taking part in a singles tour at least once. A week-long romance tour to Ukraine will set you back between $3000 and $5000.

Getting Married in Ukraine

Western man about to kiss blonde Ukraine girl

Fortunately, the idea of getting married to foreigners is extremely common here, so much so that they government even introduced a “Get married in 24 hours” option at one stage, although that’s no longer available.

Ukrainian citizens can still use this service, but it’s no longer available to foreigners.

The first thing you need to know is that you have to wait 30 days after submitting your documents before your marriage license is issued. This delay is deliberate because they want to avoid as many fake marriages as possible.

Your Ukrainian fiancée will need:

  • Her passport
  • A Divorce Decree, if applicable

You will need:

  • Your passport
  • A Divorce Decree, if you have been divorced
  • A Letter of Non-Impediment (Proof that you’re not currently married anywhere else)
  • Proof of stay in Ukraine
  • All documents must be translated and notarized

These documents are then submitted to the Department of Vital Statistics and Civil Status in Ukraine, although locals refer to it as the “Rags” office, and as long as everything is in order your marriage license will be granted within 30 days of your application.


For right now Ukraine is a great place to meet single women who are actively looking for North American or European husbands.

But there’s a time coming in the not too distant future when it could become part of the European Union, and when that day comes women here will have access to EU passports, and the Ukrainian “mail order brides” scene will become a thing of the past.

So, you need to start planning your trip today.

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Ukraine Quick Stats

Capital City: Kiev
Population: 43811413
Language: Ukrainian
Climate: Temperate continental; Mediterranean only on the southern Crimean coast; precipitation disproportionately distributed, highest in west and north, lesser in east and southeast; winters vary from cool along the Black Sea to cold farther inland; warm summers across the greater part of the country, hot in the south
Coastline: 1,729 mi/2,782 km
Government: Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia (₴) (UAH)
Time Zone: UTC+2[6] (EET) • Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)
Country Code: +380
Driving Side: Right
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