Archetypes – Find Your Ideal Women


Fitness Girls

If you’ve always wanted a hot workout buddy – or just like looking at hot bodies, be sure to check out these fitness singles.

Bikini Brides

If looking good in a Bikini is one of your major prerequisites in a mate, then check out this selection of Hot-Bodied, Bikini-Clad Foreign Brides.


Extreme Girls

If you’re looking to fall in love while climbing Everest, or diving the Great Barrier Reef – take a look at these extreme girls.



Check out the fluent ladies and find a woman who speaks your language.


Geek Goddesses

If you’re looking for a girl to rewire your house and re-wire your love life check out these Geek Goddesses.


Hot Moms

Do you have reservations about dating a woman with kids? Well, maybe these Sexy Moms will change your mind.



Do you want to date a lady who will look good in anything… or nothing? One of the best things about international dating is that you can actually Date a Model!


Motivated Brides

Serious about finding a wife? Then check out these hot women seeking marriage. They’re all serious about getting hitched as soon as possible.

Muslim Brides

We regularly hear from guys with only one absolute rule about the lady they’re searching the world for: she must be Muslim. And we understand.


Nature Girls

If you are looking for a girl to share your sleeping bag in Yellowstone or go bass fishing on Toledo Bend check out these beautiful Nature Girls.

Sexy Artists

If you are looking for a woman with an artist’s soul and a Goddess’s body then take a look at these Hot Art Chicks.


Wild Girls

If you live to party, are attracted to Bad Girls, girls with tattoos and piercings and a well developed wild side, then you may want to check out our gallery of Wild Girls.

Cute & Sweet

If your world could use a little more sunshine then check out these girls who are both cute AND sweet… What a great combination!


  1. The original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.
  2. In Jungian psychology –  a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., universally present in individual psyches.

We know most of you guys have a certain type of girl you are attracted to, a particular Archetype that always gets your motor racing. Some of you guys like to date Bad Girls, while others like the sweet type you can take home to Mother.  Some of you are looking for a mate that can keep up with you on your way to the top of Everest or while shark diving at the great barrier reef. In our ongoing effort to help you find the perfect mate we have tagged some of our profiles with cute little names (at least we think they’re cute). If Intelligent women are your thing, then have a look at our Geek Goddesses. Too lazy to start your own family?  Marry one of our Hot Mamas.  They come complete with adorable kids. (Legal Disclaimer: ILS cannot attest to the Adorableness of aforementioned kids) Maybe you spend alot of time at the beach and want to date a girl who looks great in a Bikini – well then what you need, my friend, is one of our Lovely Bikini Babes.

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