Rose Brides Review review is one of the older Russian mail order brides sites on the internet, but it has a couple of new competitors including, and others.  These new sites are what as known on the internet as “sound alike sites” whose primary purpose is to grab some visitors looking for the original site.  

It is a common issue among international dating sites.  Sometimes it is an accident, but usually it is part of the business plan. 

For users of the sites it might be a good sign or indication of a poor site.  On the good side, it show a certain ferocious competitive attitude. In some cases that can lead to companies giving customers a better product or services, but in other cases it is just a sign that the owners have no concern about customer service at all. 

This article mainly focuses on, but will give a brief reviews of a couple of the sound alike  sites too.  

What Does Rose Brides Mean?   

The term rose brides does not have a special historical or mythological meaning.  The term was probably invented by back in the when they started the site.  It makes sense, rose are romantic, and the stated purpose is to bring romantic men and women together.

marry the hottest women in the world very old in terms of the internet, so old in fact that Google assumes that anyone who searches for “rose brides” is actually searching for “mail order brides” and they get almost the same results. Those guys at Google are many things, but they are not stupid, so for many people rose bride must be a generic term for mail order bride. 

For generations successful companies like Xerox, Kleenex, and Trampoline all defended their trademarks becoming the generic term for an item.  They fought long, expensive court battles, because they believed that other companies would profit off of their efforts. 

The key case in this developing legal field was decided against Bayer Company, the maker of the trademarked product Aspirin, which the court ruled that the key issue is, “What do the buyers understand by the word for whose use the parties are contending?”

The term is called “genericide” from generic and so for at least a considerable portion of internet users “rose brides” is a generic term for mail order bride, foreign bride, or international dating. 

Today this is probably not hurting because Google still ranks them number one for the term and most of the variations of it, but the popularity of the term has led to the growth of these initiation sites which has raised some confusion about which site is the original rose brides site. This causes some confusion for men who perhaps heard the term “rose brides” in conversation, so a big part of the purpose of this article

The Original Rose Brides

From everything we have been able to find is the original rose bride site. It probably started in Russia in about 2006, maybe considerably earlier. The first snapshot of the site on the Internet Archive Way Back Time Machine is from October 11, 2007

As you can see the site looks similar today. 

At that time, Rose Brides was  similar to other small Ukrainian and Russian mail order bride sites, of which there were thousands, with sites often coming online for a few months and quickly disappearing forever.  Sometimes these ites failed, because they offered a poor service.  Other times they failed because they could not get enough traffic to cover their expenses. 

So, in order to succeed these international dating sites had to come up with something that makes them different from the rest of the competition.  Most went for stunning girls. That is what Amolatina did.

Our favorite site, A Foreign Affair, stayed focus on encouraging face to face meetings, but Rose Brides decided to try to represent every woman everywhere.

Rose Brides Girls

It was probably in an effort to generate more internet traffic that Rose Brides did something that set them off from the rest of their competition.  They began offering women from virtually every country on the planet. 

Below is a partial list of all the countries they cover:

It is really pretty amazing.  If you want to check it out yourself click on the photo. 

Rose Brides is one of the few sites I know of where you can meet women from Luxemburg, Nepal, and Cuba.  That is a pretty cool feature, but it comes with a cost. 

Rose Brides almost certainly has some sort of a filtering system to keep scammers from signing up, but how strong those measures are is impossible to determine.  They are what we used to call a “contact site.”  That means, you can meet a woman on Rose Brides, but after that you are on your own. 

Generally, these sites are rife with scammers.  It is just the nature of the business.  Of course, Rose Brides does NOT want scammers, but when there are few if any hurdles to signing up it is going to happen and logically if Rose Brides had many hurdles they would not have women signed up from such a wide array of countries. 

But the fact is that even the largest most sophisticated dating sites, like, get tricked by scammers.  So, this should not be a reason not to use Rose Brides, but you should be careful.  Don’t ever send anyone money and if you do decide to meet someone meet them in a public place like the lobby of an international hotel or a McDonalds. 

This puts Rose Brides in the same category as Cherry Blosssoms and Mexican Cupid.  They also allow for people to sign up online without much human interaction, but Cherry Blossoms is based in Hawaii and Mexican Cupid is based in Australia.  Rose Brides is apparently based somewhere in Russia.  

Reviews of Rose Brides

Generally, the Rose Brides does not have a whole lot of professional looking reviews.  Trust Pilot gives it a 2.3 out of five with 16 of the 27 reviewers rating it “Bad.”  You can follow the link and read the reviews for yourself. 

Other than that it is hard to find anything.  Google throws up thousands of results for “ reviews” but there are very few independent reports about Rose Brides users anywhere online. 

That does not mean the site is a scam, neither does the poor results at Trust Pilot.  Guys who get their hearts broken for every other reason in the world, including something they did themselves, always blame the dating agency.  Still, it would be nice to be able to find more independent customer feedback. 

There are a mountain of Rose Brides reviews on their website, thirty-four pages of comments from men, but it is hard to know how to evaluate on site reviews, especially since they have not been updated since. They obviously do not discuss complaints and problems. 

Still here are a few for you to consider:

We want to thank you. Maggie and I met on on January 30th 2014, and we were married on 8th July 2014. We wanted to thank you for helping us to meet each other on your site. We are very happy and are already expecting our first child.
Thank you, Maggie & James

James from Warren, Pennsylvania, United States – September 8, 2014

Your site is run very well. I met a woman here two years ago but unfortunately it did not work out. I did meet another nice woman here. My only comment would be that some of the women here seem to have been active for over two years. I tend to pass these profiles by because I don’t think they are serious about a permanent relationship as I am. Thank you, Larry

Larry from Fresno, California, United States – November 1, 2013

Rose Brides Site Structure

Rose Brides basically works fine.  It is a straightforward, simple site that shows its age if you know what to look for, but for the average user it is perfectly OK.’s sign up process is not as onerous as many dating sites today.  It was pretty straight forward and they allow users to skip some answers.  That is a relief given the growth of sites that require an hour just to sign up for.

One odd feature is that Rose Brides puts men’s profiles in the public where anyone can search them, so if you do not want you children, buddies, or ex-wife (don’t be cheating) to see your handsome face online it is not a good site to sign up for. 

Pros of Rose Brides

If you want to meet women from the smallest, oddest countries in the world for a low price it is probably a pretty good choice. 

Cons of Rose Brides

The reviews are not great.  It does not appear to be based in the United States or another Western country. 

Similar Sounding Sites

There are a lot of “Rose Brides” sites with similar sounding names. appears to be the most popular right now.  It is super slick and has all of the latest features.  It also does not have a useful contact page, so there is no telling who is really behind it. 

The other similar sounding sites should be treated with equal care.  They might all be totally legit, but without a track record, transparency about ownership, and some third party reviews it is impossible to tell.

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