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Cuban Brides

Cuba: The Hottest International Dating Hot Spot!

Cuba is the newest international dating hot spot. It is hot – very hot – because Cuban women are hot – hot – HOT!

Cuba brings together all of the elements that make for a great dating destination: a great tourist destination, a long cultural tradition of stunning femininity, and, let’s be honest, a country with a very poor economy.

Cuba has all of that and more. It really is a world-class tourist destination:

Tourist map of Cuba

However, from October 1960 until October 2016 if you were an American man and you wanted to date hot Cuban women you were almost totally out of luck.

Kennedy placed an embargo on trading with Cuba and that meant travel, so that means that for fifty-five long years it was almost impossible for citizens of the United States to travel to the largest and most populous Caribbean nation.

Just before leaving office in 2016 Obama removed many of the restrictions on trade with Cuba and made it much easier for Americans to travel to Cuba. This created a boom for the international dating scene in Cuba.

Havana immediately became a lot like St. Petersburg was in 1994. It is a wild and crazy time for Westerners, particularly Americans, to visit Cuba.

Stunning Cuban women know that marrying an American or European is a ticket to a better material life. It is just that simple. So, if you go to Cuba be prepared for some very direct approaches from Cuban women.

This was not Santa Monica.

Heck, was not even Odessa.

Havana was hot – tropical hot.

Then Trump won the presidency and in June 2017 he rolled back most of Obama’s changes to the travel laws.

So, what does this mean for you? That depends on where you live.

Cuba Is Still Hot – Especially For Canadians!

First, Cuba is still a super-hot international dating location if you happen to be Canadian, English, Scottish, Irish, French, German, or pretty much for anyone other than Americans. (And there is still a strategy for Americans, but it requires a bit more effort.)

Cuban women in bikinis

Cuban women are stunning and now they know that their beauty can carry them onwards to a better life, but it is Cuba so you still have to keep your wits about yourself. So, if that sounds like the sort of romantic adventure you are looking for continue reading.

The influx of Americans for about nine months did change the game because it really introduced Cuban women to the concept of international dating.

Until then there was really no notion of Cuban mail order brides, but now that concept is floating around in the very pretty heads of a lot of Cuban women.

And that is very good for you if you can get to Cuba and for almost everyone else in the world, but Americans that is not hard to do.

So, if you are Canadian and you speak a smattering of Spanish and have a little sense of adventure Cuba is the place to go.

It is not particularly difficult to fly from Toronto or Montreal. Air Canada offers daily service from Toronto. The flight is only three hours and thirty minutes and depending on how you buy your ticket it will cost you somewhere from $700 to $1000 – Canadian.

From London, it is a lot longer flight, almost ten hours, but the tickets are still cheap. Depending on the time of the year and how carefully you shop can get a round trip ticket for as low as £350.

Hotels in Cuba are not the deal that you might expect, because even though Fidel is dead the Cuban government owns or is partners in all of the hotels in Cuba.

In fact, perhaps the biggest problem for a lot of travelers to Cuba is that generally speaking the hotels are not quite up to international standards, but, again, this is a lot like St. Petersburg was twenty-five years ago.

Generally, the rest of the tourist infrastructure ranges from iffy to non-existent except for restaurants. Cuban restaurants are cheap and outstanding.

But let’s face it if you are reading this site you are not for visiting Havana for the Ropa vieja, a spicy shredded beef, or Arroz con Pollo, a chicken dish once officially voted the National Dish of Cuba in the 1930s.

You are there the lean doe eyed brunettes with gentle Mona Lisa smiles. So, you will endure overpriced hotels with awful maid service almost unimaginably bad taxi service and nearly non-existent WIFI to see that Cuban girl give you that shy smile.

Cuban Women: The Forbidden Fruit

hot Cuban fitness girl

Remember, how frustrating it was when you were a kid and you couldn’t reach the cookies on the top shelf? They looked so good and you knew they would taste so sweet, but no matter how you stretched and squirmed you just couldn’t reach them.

Damn, it was so frustrating, and for many American men that is the same way they feel about Cuban girls: so, close and yet so very far away. It is incredibly frustrating.

There are so many incredibly hot Cuban women just across the Florida Strait from Key West, only about ninety miles, but you can’t touch them. Not if you are an American, well not without some hassles, but we will get that.

First, let’s consider Cuba for a few minutes. Cuba is a large island a little larger than the US state of Tennessee. It has a tropical climate that is moderated by the fact that the island is only 119 miles wide at its widest point and 19 miles at its narrowest.

That means that nearly every city, town, and village on the island is within twenty miles of the cool breezes from the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea.

Cuba is a tropical paradise and the women reflect that natural environment. Cuban ladies tend to be hot, but cool. Cuba was a Spanish possession from 1511 until 1898 and that long history has left its mark.

Cuban women are a very diverse lot. Many, particularly in Havana and the other large cities are descended from the Spanish conquistadores.

Other women are more or less pure descendants of the original Native American inhabitants of the islands, the Caribs, and a large percentage of ladies have some African ancestry.

There are even a substantial number of Cuban women named Svetlana, Natalya, and Olga descended from one of the hundreds of thousand advisors the Soviet Union sent to the island during the Cold War. They fell in fell in love with a beautiful Cuban woman and decided the winters in Santiago or Havana beat the winters in Leningrad or Moscow.

If you are going to try to build a workers’ paradise it probably is a good idea to start in paradise.

According to the 2012 Cuban census, 64.1% of Cubans self-identify as white; 26.6% mulatto, mestizo, zambo, or pardo, and 9.3% as black. So, Cuban girls are a sassy, sexy mix of races and cultures. And culture is a big part of Cuban girl’s sexiness.

Cuba’s Cool Sexy Culture

Single Cuban women at nightclub in Havana

For hundreds of years, particularly before the development of beet sugar, Havana was one of the world’s leading ports. Cuba had a close trading relationship with a variety of cities in the United States, particularly New Orleans. All of the really wealthy Cubans kept houses in the Big Easy and many of them fled there after Castro rose to power.

In fact, when Miami was still a mosquito-infested mangrove swamp there was daily ferry service between New Orleans and Havana.

Cuban music heavily influenced the early jazz musicians and also later generations of musicians and artists with their sheer zest for life.

Before the Cuban Embargo was imposed by the Eisenhower Administration in October 1960 and Havana was the hottest city in the world. With stunning women, great hotels, incredible restaurants, and the most lavish casinos in the world Havana WAS Las Vegas when the Vegas Strip barely a sparkle in Bugsy Siegal’s fevered imagination. It had not always been like that.

Until the United States began enforcing the Eighteenth Amendment’s prohibition on alcohol on January 20, 1920, Havana was a sleepy relic with beautiful, crumbling Spanish Colonial-era buildings that had somehow survived a couple of hundred years of hurricanes, wars, and begin neglect.

There was no real tourism worth mentioning, but Prohibition meant that Havana was the closest city with legal alcohol, pliable politicians, and beautiful women.

It did not take long for bootleggers with lots of ill-gotten gains to see the possibilities available in Cuba and they began investing in the island in the late 1920s building world-class casinos and hotels in and around Havana.

For many upper middle class Cuban this was a Golden Age and it was during this period from about 1930 to 1960 when Cuba’s sexy reputation was built with capital provided from gangsters like Al Capone and Meyer Lansky, who lived in Cuba for nearly twenty years.

American tourists flood into the gangsters’ hotels, nightclubs, casinos, and resorts during the 1940s and ‘50s, and then came Fidel.

Sexy Communist Girls

sexy Cuban beach girls

Today it is often forgotten, but once upon a time communism had a sort of free love vibe to it. Generally, it led to increasing rights for women in countries that became communist from Russia and Ukraine in Eastern Europe to China and Vietnam in Asia.

Women gained an immense amount of personal freedom as old religious and cultural restrictions on their behavior collapsed as the new communist leaders attempted to remake not just the government, but society in general along Marxist-Leninist lines.

Now, you maybe be a rock-ribbed conservative who went door to door handing out flyers for Ronald Reagan and would no more consider voting Democratic than you would voting Socialist, but the carefree attitude of Cuban girls might make you want to put in a good word for old Fidel, now that he has gone on to wherever dictators and mass murders go in the next world.

Cuban girls tend to be more relaxed and fun-loving than other Latin ladies. A big reason for this is that the Catholic Church retains far less influence in Cuba than it does in most of Latin America. That means Cuban girls are more open to sex before marriage than many Latin ladies.

You can stop cheering for Karl Marx and Marshall Zhukov, because I am not suggesting Cuban girls are easy, but I am suggesting they are simply more relaxed.

You should still treat them like ladies because even fifty years of communism did not destroy their romantic inclinations. And in fact, in some weird way may have actually reinforced them, because Cuban girls do love attention.

So, if you go get to Cuba do not hesitate to shower them with compliments, flowers, and little gifts. If you are even halfway decent they will give you their gifts too. Just be cool, be classy, and don’t be too pushy. They can find lots of pushy Cuban men if that’s what they are looking for.

Particularly if you are an older guy and you are basically looking for a Cuban mail order bride, be cool, be classy, but be passionate. Be a leader, but show some humor and be more relaxed than the twenty-five-year-old version of yourself would have been. If a Cuban woman likes you she will not be coy about letting you know.

Finally, the Communist Party under Fidel Castor, who was a decent minor league baseball player in his youth, really emphasized sports and athletics, so Cuban girls tend to be more fit and lean than most ladies across Latin America.

Depending on your tastes that might be a very good thing, but it something that you will notice very quickly if you visit Cuba after spending some time in other nearby Latin American countries. There are simply not many fat Cuban girls.

They do not push fitness quite like Ukrainian or Russian girls and they are not fashion-obsessed, the economy has simply not ever gotten good enough for that, but they are generally lean, fit, and sort of sporty for lack of a better description.

They can make a simple summer dress look like a ten thousand dollar designer gown and a pair Daisy Mae’s look like heaven.

Meeting Your Cuban Girlfriend in Person (For US Citizens)

Sultry Cuban girl on the street in Havana

If you are from the United States, getting to Cuba to meet your Cuban internet girlfriend may be a bit of a challenge. Cuba doesn’t generally give out travel visa to the United States except in special circumstances, and for a US citizen to travel to Cuba is a federal crime, but only if you are a tourist.

You aren’t a tourist, are you?

No, I didn’t think so.

President Trump recently announced he was rescinding President Obama’s easing of the Cuban embargo and travel rules, but at this point, he has only rescinded SOME of those changes.

Obama created twelve categories of travel to Cuba – none of which are tourism – and apparently Trump is going to allow ten of those types of travel to continue.

The most useful category for most people is probably the family category. If you have family in Cuba or think you have family in Cuba it might be worth a try, but do not lie to the nice Immigration Officer. That would be a Federal Crime and if you do it do not blame International Love Scout.

But, perhaps because Cuban-Americans generally vote Republican, it looks like this family exception is going to largely be left untouched by Trump’s revocation of Obama’s rules.

Now, if you do not have any evidence available that you have Cuban relatives there are some other options. First, it looks like Trump is not going to cut the tour business that the Obama Administration allowed to flourish. Again, this doesn’t make a lot of logical sense, but I assume these tour operators vote Republican or have some other good connections.

The only problem with a tour is that it will add significantly to the cost of your visit to “Pearl of the Antilles,” but if you really like Cuban bikini babes I suspect you will find the money under the coach or from some other LEGAL source.

four Cuban bikini babes

Another issue that no one seems to have a good answer for is how strictly the tour companies will make you stick to an agenda. Since most of these companies are owned by Cuban-Americans I am betting that the Trump Administration will not be too tough on them.

Finally, there are some riskier options for non-Cuban Americans. First, they can arrange for prospective Cuban brides to meet them in other countries, such as a Mexico or the Dominican Republic.
Arrange to spend a weekend with her at a resort hotel, and let the carefree, vacation setting work its magic.

This seems incredibly complicated and a super way to get scammed. I am just not sure it is a great idea, but with careful planning and some luck, it can work. There are men who apparently have made it happen and Cuban’s no longer have a tough time leaving Cuba.

From 1962 until 2012 it was extraordinarily difficult for Cubans to get exit visas and some nations have recently cracked down about letting Cubans enter because so many Cuban tourists never leave.

So, you could have everything lined up with Cuba and the United States and then have all of your plans for marrying a beautiful Cuban bride wrecked by a Mexican immigration officer.

Finally, if you are not able to meet your Cuban girlfriend outside of Cuba, there is a fairly simple way for Americans to get around the rules: don’t fly directly from the United States to Cuba. Instead, fly to another country (Mexico, Jamaica, etc.), then catch another flight to Cuba.

Cuban officials don’t stamp your passport, so there will be no evidence of you having entered the country.

But when you get back to the United States be very careful what you say to the Immigration Officer, because it is a felony to lie to an immigration officer. We have stated that once, but it is worth saying again.

We are not going to encourage you to break the law, but a lot of Americans did travel to Cuba like this for years before Obama eased the embargo.

But the dumbest part of this notion, which many Cuban dating sites have pitched, is that if you go to Cuba illegally and fall madly in love with a stunning Cuban in a tight little miniskirt then what do you do?

It would be a gigantic mess and almost certainly require you to commit multiple Federal crimes to get her back to the United State, so International Love Scout does not endorse this plan.

So, the changes in Cuba have come fast and furious in the last two years, so the first step in any Americans plan needs to be consulting the U.S. Embassy in Havana. That will be the best source for the official rules as they are whenever you hit that link.

One good thing is that if you follow the rules and visit Cuba legally if you do manage to get to Cuba and win the heart of a beautiful young senorita you can still bring her back to the United States on a fiancé visa.

For American guys who don’t want to deal with the hassle of dating or marrying a Cuban woman, take a look at our Brazil Girls.

Yeah, it’s a longer plane ride, but you don’t have to worry about being arrested in Cuba for spying or arrested when you get back to the states for breaking the embargo.

The State of Internet Dating in Cuba

Internet dating is not as strong of an option for girls in Cuba as for other Latin American girls. Unfortunately, internet access in Cuba is limited.

As an island nation, Cubans must connect to the internet via satellite, which is slower and more expensive than broadband. This has changed some in recent years and with the death of Fidel Castro this could change in a hurry, but for right now it is still true that many Cuban.

Only about 12% of the population has access to the internet connection through the workplace, schools, and government offices. Even then, the internet is censored, access to websites outside of Cuba is limited, and email is monitored.

Since 2014 the Cuban government has opened about 240 public Wi-Fi hotspots. Since there are more than eleven million Cubans you don’t have to be an IT expert to spot the problem.

Luckily, many Cubans do not have a Wi-Fi accessible device, but getting online is still a nightmare that will bring back memories of AOL and dial-up for many Americans.

That being said, the internet is growing in popularity, especially among young Cubans. Internet cafes are available, and Cubans can get an email account from most government post offices.

When it was finally made legal to buy a personal computer in Cuba in 2007, computer ownership spiked 23% in just two years. Cell phone use in Cuba, especially those with text and chat functionality, is slowly but steadily growing.

Still, the Cuban internet is slow, expensive, and difficult to access. That means there are fewer girls from Cuba on international dating sites than from other parts of Latin America, the upside is that you know the girls who do manage to make it onto an international dating site are serious, not just checking it out on a whim.

Given the amount of difficulty and expense involved for a Cuban woman to get online, they’ll be looking for a return on their investment, so only make the trip to meet your Cuban girlfriend in person if you are sure the relationship is serious.

Cuban Mail Order Brides – Still a Bit of a Challenge

Beautiful Cuban bride with sexy eyes

Given the US embargo against Cuba and the communication and travel restrictions currently in place, the easiest way for men to meet sexy Cuban singles is probably through a Cuban dating agency.
One of the best websites to find Cuban women for dating is LatinAmericanCupid.

They have thousands of hot Cuban babes on their site – but remember, like all Cupid Media Sites, LatinAmericanCupid is a classic dating agency, like or PlentyofFish, which means they don’t screen the profiles, and they don’t offer any support services like the full-service marriage agencies do.

Amolatina has recently pushed very hard and greatly increased the number of Cuban brides on their site. They don’t offer Romance tours to Cuba yet, but they can help you sort thru some of the legal issues associated with trying to bring a Cuban girlfriend or wife back to your country.

We here at ILS are hoping that A Foreign Affair will jump into Cuban dating eventually, but for now, if you’re looking for Cuban women for marriage, Amolatina is one of the few “Full Service” players in town.

Why You Should Date a Cuban Woman

Beautiful Cuban bride in black bikini

Cuba is a multiracial society with a population of mainly Spanish and African origins, with a bit of Native American DNA mixed in with a few other tasty ingredients, and the girls are HOT!

Girls from Cuba break the Latina stereotype.

Far from being quiet, passive, and demure, Cuba girls are famous for being fiery and passionate. If you’re looking for a smart, confident, sexy Latina who is simultaneously family-oriented and career-oriented, Cuba is an excellent place to start looking.

Dating a woman from Cuba has many other advantages:

Cuban Babes Are Educated

Before the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Cuba had an 80% illiteracy rate. Once the new government came to power, they gave universal education a high priority, spending 10% of their annual budget on schools (compared to only 2% in the USA).

Fifty years later, Cuba has one of the lowest illiteracy rates in all of Latin America, below 3%. And, frankly, you are unlikely to date an illiterate Cuban woman, because more of them are probably over eighty.

In Cuba today, primary and secondary school is mandatory, but also free and open to all. Higher education-universities and vocational colleges-are also free and universal, assuming you can pass the entrance exams.

Cuba’s population has one of the highest rates, if not the highest rate, of college graduates in all of Latin America. For example, half of all Cuban teachers have a Master’s degree. Cuban ladies are much more likely than other Latinas to be career-oriented professionals. Cuba has 47 universities and total university enrollment is approximately 112,000 citizens.

What this means is that Cuban babes are smart, educated, and cultured, and able to talk intelligently about a variety of topics. If you need a woman who can meet you intellectually without being quiet and bookish, Cuban mail order brides are an excellent choice.

Cuba statistics reveal the role played by women in a wide number of fields. Cuban women comprise:
• 66.1% of all professionals and technicians
• 51% of all doctors, making a total of 34,588, of whom 19,098 are specialists (compared with 403 female doctors in the 1953 census)
• 43% of scientists
• 33.1% of managers
• 70% of bank employees

Cuban Girls Are Christian

Like most Latinas, Cuban girls are Christians. As in the rest of Latin America, Cuba is predominantly Catholic, with about 70% of the population subscribing to that faith. About 6% of the population are members of various Protestant denominations.

Many foreign girls in the international dating scene may be Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist, all of which are very different religions accompanied by different cultures and worldviews. This can make the cultural gap between an American man and a foreign girl even wider.

If both of you were raised in a Christian culture, however, it automatically provides a cultural bridge between American or European men and their hot Cuban brides even if neither of you is terribly religious.

Because of the over fifty years of officially atheistic communist rule, most Cuban ladies are not particularly religious. They are generally Christmas and Easter Catholics. Unlike other Latin American countries, wherein some cases a role for the Catholic Church is written into the Constitution, Cuba maintains a strict separation of church and state.

What this means is that if you actually marry a fun, sexy, laid back Cuban mail order bride she is unlikely to revert to the super hardcore Catholic mother superior after the wedding. That is something that sometimes happens in marriages with Latin brides from more traditional Catholic countries.

Culturally, a Cuban woman has a lot in common with other Latin girls, but she is likely to be more educated, less religious, a little more laid back, and probably more into fitness than other hot Latinas.

That sounds pretty incredible to me! Now, if I can just navigate those travel rule!

Damn, Fidel!

If he just had a little zip on his fastball I would probably be sitting in Havana right now!

What type of girl do you want to date?
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Cuba Quick Stats

Capital City: Havana
Population: 11491820
Language: Spanish
Climate: tropical; moderated by trade winds; dry season (November to April); rainy season (May to October)
Government: Unitary Marxist–Leninist one-party socialist republic
Currency: Peso (CUP), Convertible peso (CUC)
Time Zone: UTC-5
Country Code: +53
Driving Side: Right
Coastline: 2321 mi/3,735 km
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