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A Foreign Affair


Reviewed by Ed Orton on 10/24/2017

A Foreign Affair is one of the oldest and most respected international dating agencies. It represents tens of thousands of beautiful women from Russia, Latin America, and Asia, so you can go on a worldwide girl watching expedition from your computer!

Recently, AFA cooperated with the National Geographic Channel on the production of a reality television series about the crazy world of romance tours.  The show, Bachelors Abroad, follows groups of American men on romance tours to Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, and the Philippines. 

Registering at A Foreign Affair

Like most mail order bride sites you need to register to see all of the photos, but it is FREE and the photos are as good as those of any agency.

Because of the number of profiles and the wide number of countries they cover, A Foreign Affair may have more super hot girls than anyone else.  They have women from virtually every ethnic background imaginable and for a lot of guys that is important. 

They have an outstanding search engine which is critical to sorting through the huge number of profiles, if you're looking for a specific trait or common interest in your sweetheart you can probably find it. 

For instance, just recently there were 768 women on a Foreign Affair who listed bowling as an interest on their profile, so if you are looking for a bowling partner or an accountant or an artist or dancer you can almost certainly find her at A Foreign Affair.   

Or maybe you really dig girls with a tight yoga butt.  Just type yoga into the search engine and scroll down to stunners like this beautiful Ukrainian bikini model.

If you can imagine a sport or a hobby or a physical description for a lady you can probably find her on A Foreign Affair  They have hundreds of tall girls like this sexy six foot tall Ukrainian Amazon.

A Foreign Affair is the definition of a full service international dating agency. They represent thousands of beautiful ladies and offer an incredible number of goods and services including: translations, visa services, apartment rentals, and even pocket translators.

A Foreign Affair is a real leader in the romance tour industry. They offer more tours to more places than anyone and the ratings for their tours are simply off the charts.  But don't believe me.  If you are really serious you can read over FOUR HUNDRED POSITIVE REVIEWS AT AFA! is the Website for A Foreign Affair is A Foreign Affair's website and it is a mess. This undoubtedly goes back to the fact that they have been on the internet since almost the beginning of the internet. Apparently, they have never been willing to do a full site redesign and it shows!  

The website is busy, hard to navigate, and complex. There are about two hundred buttons and links on the front page, many of them redundant.  In fact, the website is pretty much a textbook example of atrocious web design.

However, you should remember that the only reason that A Foreign Affair can get away with such a mess of a website is because they have such an outstanding reputation in the industry. The situation is similar at Elena's Models, another established industry leaders, just not quite to the degree of A Foreign Affair.

The AFA difference is they put you face to face with the most beautiful women in the world.  Seems to good to be true?  Watch this video and discover the AFA difference!

loveme tour video2


The cost plan at A Foreign Affair is incredibly complicated, and much like the website, it could use a full overhaul. On the ordering page there appear to be three membership levels, Platinum, Gold, and Silver, but it is so confusing that we wrote to A Foreign Affair for a clarification on their pricing policies before writing this review.

Here is their response, including the sections they highlighted:

"The gold and silver levels of ordering are not memberships. They are actually just price levels, meaning that you pay $12.00 per address if you order 1 to 2 addresses on the same order but it drops down to $9.00 per address if you order 3 or more addresses at one time."

"Platinum members are allowed to request 100 virtual e-mail addresses each month. The virtual e-mail address works just like any other e-mail address, once we send it to you it is used to send a message from your own personal e-mail account (yahoo, hotmail, etc).

That e-mail is initially forwarded to our server, it remains there while we forward your background information (which is now required by federal law) to the woman's actual e-mail address."

"As long as the woman reads your background information and then clicks a link agreeing that she received it, she will then receive your actual message and be able to reply directly to your personal e-mail if interested. When sending your e-mail message to the woman's virtual e-mail address you can attach photos, just as you would anytime you send a regular e-mail."

"If you use the virtual e-mail address properly there should be no additional charge to send your message because it is supposed to be sent from your own personal e-mail account."

"You would only get charged extra if you sent your letter through the Express Mail service instead (which is a completely different method of writing), this service is primarily used when the woman does not have a virtual e-mail address or if you did need your letter translated."

Have a nice day,

AFA Customer Service Manager

So, you can order one or two addresses each for $12.00 each or three or more at once for $9.00 each, or you can get up to 100 addresses a month if you become a Platinum member.

There is a one time fee of $95.00 to become a Platinum member and then it's $29.00 a month, but if you are really going all out this is a pretty good deal, only .29 cents an address after the first month.

If the girls do not have e-mail you only get postal addresses.  If you use A Foreign Affair's Express Mail service you pay an additional $9.99 or $7.99 if you are a Platinum Member.

Remember, they are translating the letters too so, unless you are fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, or whatever language your lady speaks, this is probably a pretty good deal, because a lot of agencies charge that much or more for just for translations.

Finally, you have to remember that unlike some other agencies you are free to communicate however you want to after the initial contact and in the long run that can really save you money.

Tip: If you decide to sign up for a tour you automatically get a Platinum Membership for free!


A Foreign Affair is based in Phoenix, Arizona and has earned an "A" from the Better Business Bureau. That is an incredibly tough grade in this industry, because obviously there are more emotions at stake in the dating industry than in, say a hardware store.

However, we regularly get the question, "Is A Foreign Affair a scam" and the answer is emphatically no. They are a real industry leader that pays a lot of attention to customer service.  

Also, AFA is very good about pulling down the profiles of women who have gotten engaged or decided to no longer use the service, so you should rarely if ever end up contacting a woman who is simply not interested.

Final Analysis

A Foreign Affair is an outstanding agency and they offer more services than any international dating agency.  If you aren't really certain what part of the world you are interested in, A Foreign Affair is great, because they really do cover the world. They also offer great service and have very strong scam protection, they've earned their A.

Overall Grade for A Foreign Affair
Hotness Factor A
These girls are just amazing! And they’ve covered a pretty good chunk of the world. One nice thing about these girls is that many of them have one or two professional photos and a couple of candid photos so you get a little better idea of what they really look like.
Number of Profiles A+
They have a ton of hot women from Europe, Asia, and the Americas.
Quality of Profiles C+
The photos, usually 4-6, are solid, but there is not as much information as there should be in the profiles.
Service A+
A Foreign Affair has a full-time staff, they offer a huge variety of services, and their testimonials are outstanding.
Security A
They are an American company, many of the profiles are confirmed in person, but at ILS we prefer that agencies use a third party credit card processor.
Cost C
If you're careful you can keep the costs down. Just sort of think of it as driving across Alabama; get going too fast and it’s gonna get expensive!
Overall Grade A
Their website is not as flashy as some sites, but the quality, diversity, and sheer number of profiles is amazing. If you are really interested in contacting women from around the entire world A Foreign Affair is probably the best site on the internet. If the profiles were a little more detailed and all of the girls had email they would get an A+.
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