Cute Colombian Costena

Name: Daniela Marcela
ID#: 201588
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 21

City: Cartagena, Colombia

Yes: Son – 2 y/o

Occupation: Sales
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Not specified
Languages: Spanish (native)

Archetypes: Fitness Girls

“Holy bikini babes, Batman!”


I believe that is about what Robin would have said on the old Adam West TV show if he and Batman confronted this beautiful lady.

I bet you had a similar reaction when you saw Daniela Marcela’s photo.  I sure did.

This woman is not bad, but man the way she is drawn is amazing. She is pretty much a Latina Jessica Rabbit.

Holy smokes, but she is built.

On the old TV show, I believe the Caped Crusader might have responded to Robin’s with something like Holy fruit stand!  I feel like a banana!

Well, at least until the network censors review the script. LOL!

You Can Date The Hottest Girl In The World!

We try and try and try to explain that what makes international dating so amazing is that you can date the hottest girl in the world.

Where outside of your local comic book store are you going to meet a woman like this.  You can go over there right now and watch her video:

Heck, that bikini is worth the price of joining Amolatina.

Now, let’s get on to the serious matter of helping this beautiful lady find the sort of man she needs so she can find the happiness she deserves.

That should not be hard, not with that photo, but you should try to consider more than the photo.

Daniela Marcela’s hometown, Cartagena, is Colombia’s great beach town.  So, she is a Costena in the local slang,

You won’t believe the coastal regions of Colombia, just fantastic.

The area is filled not only with many beautiful women like Daniela Marcela but it’s got great white sand beaches, great seafood, and fantastic surfing.

It would be great to see it all with a local like Daniela Marcela.

Sadly, this sexy Colombian woman doesn’t have much information in her profile over at Amolatina.  She describes herself by writing that,

i am simple person with nice feelings, open mind and very loving,

but she is being more than a little modest because this simple girl apparently earned a master’s in economics which is not a simple accomplishment.     

To me, it sounds like Daniela Marcela has a pretty good head on her pretty shoulders, but her description of what she is looking for in a man is not very specific either:

i want a man who know what are looking for and know how treat a woman.

But what is outstanding for many of my readers is that this stunner is willing to consider a man up to seventy-five years old.

That means even if you were born in 1942 when Hitler’s armies were at the gates of Moscow and the Imperial Japanese Navy was rampaging across the Pacific you might still have a chance with this lady.


That is why mail-order brides are so popular.

In all seriousness, sometimes this May – December relationships really work.

Just a couple of weeks ago someone told me about a retired Navy officer who married a much younger foreign woman and fathered three kids in his late seventies and was having the time of his life.

If you are on the fence about visiting Colombia here is a fun fact that might give you a push in the right direction – Colombia trails only Venezuela in producing the most Miss Universe and Miss World winners.

Yes, Colombian women are hot.  And today Colombia is a RELATIVELY safe and easy place to visit. Seriously, there is a crime in Colombia, but it is nothing like it was back in the 1980s.

So, check out this lady! She really is an amazing woman.

Archetypes: Fitness Girls

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