Date This Colombian Super Model

Name: Valeria
ID#: 186663
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 26

City: Cartagena, Colombia

Yes: Girl – 6 y/o

Occupation: Model
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Basic
Languages: Spanish (native)

Archetypes: Models

Wow! Valeria is a stunning Colombian model.

Really, where are you going to meet a lady this hot? I’m not saying there are not beautiful women from Bangor to Birmingham, Alabama and England, and pretty much anywhere else.

Beauty is fairly common if you pay attention, but for most men it is hard to meet a beautiful girl who also has any interest in meeting you.

And Valeria is… Looking for a sweet and tender man to stay together for many years. Has anyone ever called you sweet other than your grandma?   Well, that’s a start.

And tender, maybe she is looking for a wimp? No, I suspect she is looking for a compassionate guy. I have no idea if you qualify, but you probably know.

Did you like The Notebook? Do you listen to Taylor Swift? Come on, this beautiful Colombian girl might think that is a good thing.

Valeria says she speaks “fair” English. It’s always hard to know what that means. It probably means she is at least trying to learn English and that’s generally a good sign.

She likes working out and you certainly can see that in her photos.


Valeria is from Cartagena. It is not a small city, but it is a pretty good way from Bogota or the hard-partying coastal towns. Decent sized cities off the beaten path are usually good places to grow up. She is probably a very sweet lady.  She certainly sounds sweet.

She says she is, “I am an honest, respectful girl with a good sense of humor.”  What else could you possibly want in a woman?

It gets even better.  She goes on and explains that, “I love to give attention and to care for my man. I am very spontaneous.”

It is amazing how many great women there are around the world.

And she know what she wants: A nice guy. Are you a nice guy? She doesn’t have any of those annoying age limits, so if you voted for JFK you still have a shot with this beautiful Colombian bride.

Archetypes: Models

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