Happy Star – Beautiful China Bride

Name: Xian

Age:  29

City: Changsha, China

Agency: AsianDate (Review)

ID#: 1173585


beautiful Chinese girl Xian

This beautiful Chinese girl’s name is Xian but they call her Happy Star and I can definitely see why.

There is something about Xian that makes me smile.

She is not even smiling that much in her pictures, yet I am grinning from cheek to cheek.

She must have some type of super power.

Maybe it’s the outfit.

Happy Star… I mean Xian, is from Changsha, China.

She is a teacher who enjoys listening to and playing traditional Chinese music, and is just starting on her English.

simple China bride

I can already see the potential for cultural exchange with this beautiful China bride.

Xian is a friendly character (you have to be to earn the name Happy Star) who likes to make her friends smile.

For fun she enjoys dancing and imitating lovely things, especially some animals like birds, mouse and so.

She also likes playing the piano and the Koto, which is a hammered string instrument like a Dulcimer.

Well, I looked it up and a Koto is actually Japanese, the Chinese version is called a Guzheng, and here is a clip of some hot Chinese girls performing the music to Plants vrs. Zombies on a pair of them:

Now picture Xian up there plucking away. Nice, huh?

Xian also likes to eat pizza, and watch football and basketball. Is there anything this Happy Star doesn’t do right?

She is looking to marry a man that is family oriented, won’t cheat on her and is up to 20 years her senior.

If you fit those qualifications, perhaps you should go take a look at this beautiful Chinese Bride’s full profile over at  Asian Beauties.

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