6 Best Countries to Meet Asian Women

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What are the best country to meet hot Asian women?  Well, that of course, depends on your style and what is important to you.

For a lot of Americans and Europeans, Asia is just one gigantic mass that all sort of looks the same.  Yes, educated people probably set India and everything to the West in a little bit different category, but beyond that it is hard to see the difference.

However, the differences are gigantic!

And if you are interested in meeting & dating Asian women these differences are particularly important.  Since you probably did not randomly land on this page because you are a fan of Asian action movies – which do tend to rock – you probably should pay attention to the differences.

For instance, you will notice that Myanmar – the modern name for Burma – is not on the list.  Why?  Burmese women are sexy as all get out but Burma was run by a military junta for decades and the country is hyper patriotic – not just about their country, but their blood.

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So, there is still an extremely strong bias to women – particularly the young, beautiful, and talented ones – against marrying foreigners.

I know one guy who spent a year courting a Burmese woman and her very suspicious family.  This guy would have been an incredible catch to about a billion other Asian women.  He was rich, intelligent, and incredibly devoted to her, but in the end that was not good enough for her family.

Her father said, “No,” and she broke it off.  He still pines for her.

Beyond all of that it is apparently not even a particularly friendly vacation destination and is often accused of being “deeply racist and bigoted” against foreigners.

cool Chinese girl in the field of flowers

That is the sort of upfront information you need before you pack your bags for the Orient.

Korea is another country not on this list.

Anyone who has ever been to Los Angeles knows Korean women are HOT, but they are also a super tough get.  Not only is Korea a super-patriotic country with the same sort of concepts of racial superiority, but South Korea is also rich.

Unless you are a personal friend of Dennis Rodman you probably can’t get into North Korea.  That’s why it is so rare to see Korean brides marrying foreign men unless the woman went to school overseas or something.

Japan is actually pretty decent place to meet women, especially in Tokyo, because Japanese men literally work themselves to death.  And a lot of younger Japanese women speak really bad English they have learned in school, which a lot of foreign guys find sexy as hell.

But Japan is super expensive and there is not really much of an infrastructure to meet Japanese women.  So, it is a tough go too.

How Did We Decide on The Best Asian Countries?

We considered several factors.

First, is the culture.  From the discussion above it should be obvious that culture is really important.  If the culture is not accepting of foreigners you are going to be very hard pressed to do much more than watch hotties walk past.  So, we looked for countries with a tradition of accepting marriages to foreigners.

Second, is cost.  Several Asian countries didn’t make the list because they are so expensive.  For instance, Singapore women apparently LOVE foreign men.  They also are highly educated and speak fluent English.

Even better Singapore girls are fit, stylish, and fun, but you are going to spend about $300 a day just to hang out in Singapore.

If you have work there that is one thing, but it is not a good place to meet Asian women for the vast majority of guys on a budget.

Third, is what the International Love Scout staff has heard about these different countries.  We are dating professionals and a couple of us have spent a lot of time in Asia.  This article draws on our personal experiences.


educated Chinese girl holding books in the library

The women here are well educated, hard-working, and many of them have that natural Asian beauty that you can’t quite put your finger on.

What makes China a great country to meet women in is the fact that there’s such a huge gender gap here – there aren’t nearly enough single Chinese women in comparison to the number of single Chinese guys.

Wait…did we just say there aren’t enough single women for Chinese guys?

Yup, and that actually plays in your favor, especially with any single woman over the age of 25. Once women here reach that age and aren’t married they’re called “Sheng Nu”, which means “left over”.

The reality is that most single Chinese guys simply can’t afford to get married, so that means millions of eligible Chinese beauties are looking for a husband but can’t find one.

An additional bonus of the dating scene in China is that educated women here will speak at least some English. Women from poorer background might only speak Mandarin Chinese, so you’ll need to get some language lessons in those cases.


smoking hot Filipina girl at the beach

This is one of the most westernized countries in Asia, so pretty much any girl you meet here will speak English. And Filipinas will definitely want to talk to you because they’re sick and tired of local guys cheating on them.

Filipinas know that women in Western countries don’t have to put up with this, and they also know that Western guys treat their women with way more respect than the habitually cheating Filipino guys.

Women here are petite, slim and often have intoxicating looks thanks to their Spanish, American and native heritage. In terms of physical appearance they stay in shape because they take pride in how they look.

Another perk of dating a Filipina is that this is a predominantly Catholic country, so family and traditional values are still upheld. This means that marriage and kids are things she’ll expect instead of having to be forced into talking about.


Thailand girl gold frenzy

This country has developed an unfortunate reputation for sex tourism, which puts some guys off visiting here in search of love and romance. The truth is that pretty much every country in Asia has at least some sex tourism going on, and Thailand is about far more than that.

There are thousands of genuine Thai girls who are just looking for a guy to fall in love with. The fact that you’re from a Western country is just the icing on the cake.

What are Thai women like?

They’re extremely friendly, and their smiles can light up any room. Women here are usually not any taller than about 5-foot 4-inches, have dark hair, dark eyes, and athletic bodies. In fact, you’ll have to look pretty hard to find a fat Thai girl.

One move that can set you apart from the rest of the guys here is to not dress like a tourist. Thai women love masculine men who dress well, so that’s an easy win for you .


fresh looking Indian girl

India is emerging from a society with caste systems to one with its own space program. Indian women have long played the part of the submissive wife and girlfriend, but there’s a growing trend amongst educated women to become more westernized.

So, you’ll find more and more Indian girls casting off their sari and throwing on a pair of jeans instead. Some older Indians frown on this behavior from women, but the country is evolving whether they like it or not.

What do Indian women look like?

That almost depends on what dialect they speak and what part of the country they’re from. What you’ll find is that girls from middle class or upper middle class families have lighter, caramel colored skin. Women from poorer families and regions will tend to have darker skin.

There are exceptions to every rule though.

It’s also worth mentioning that Indian women are accustomed to arranged marriages, but dream of a “love marriage” where they can marry the man they choose and not the one chosen by their parents.

Indian women tend to be quite shy, verging on submissive, but remember this is a country with a population of over 1 billion and they wrote the Kama Sutra… so they’re not completely innocent.


modern Vietnamese girl

You might assume that most Vietnamese women would never dream of dating a western guy because of the emotional residue of the Vietnam War, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, some of the older folks here still harbor grudges, but they’re few and far between.

Modern Viet girls have no issue with dating guys from any Western country. They love learning where you’re from, what you do, and what life is like in your home country.

The weird thing is that Vietnam was part of the original “mail order bride” scene because lots of Vietnamese women moved first to the Philippines with their GI boyfriends before finally moving to the United States.

Vietnamese women share the same characteristics of most Asian women in that they’re petite, polite, have a natural beauty and are very family oriented. Their looks are somewhere between Chinese and Thai, but they are slightly more curvaceous.


simple Cambodian girl at the farm

Most guys visiting Cambodia are either backpackers or geriatric alcoholics. That might seem like a weird mix, but it’s the truth. This means that Cambodian women are used to meeting Western guys, but not always the best types e.g. the alcoholics.

What’s sorely lacking here is an influx of single Western guys to meet and date the thousands of Khmer women who are looking for husbands. And ideally those guys would be under the age of 65, because that’s what women here are used to.

A typical Cambodian girl is just over 5-feet tall, has long, straight hair, brown eyes and a slim figure. Their skin is no darker than Viet or Thai girls, so think of it as tanned rather than “dark”.

Successfully dating a Khmer woman requires three things: Don’t be an alcoholic, don’t be financially destitute, and don’t lie. Apart from that the women here are open minded and willing to judge guys based on their character.

Get You Ass to Asia!

Look guys, the simple truth is, if you want to meet hot Asian women, you need to get on an airplane and head to Asia. You can get flights as low as $700 USD at the right time of the year, and in most of the countries on our list you can live for around $20 a day.

If you want some tips on the best hotels, bars, restaurants and places to meet beautiful women be sure to check out our City Destination Guides. We have them for most of the big cities in Asia.

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