Sexy China Bride

Name: Yuan (Crystal)
ID#: 179153
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 27

City: Changsha, China


Religion: Christian
English Level: Basic
Languages: Chinese (native)

If you did a Google Search for “Sexy China Bride,” and clicked on this page you have to give us credit for truth in advertising.


Yuan is hot!

I am talking like super-model hot! How many women can get away with wearing leather like that?  How many women you could actually date could get away with wearing black leather and making it look that hot?

Yeah, not many my friend. And how many of those women do you know? How many could you get a date with? And how many of those women are actually interested in dating an older guy like you?

That does narrow the field a little bit and it is the main reason that international dating is so amazing.   Because it gives normal guys like you to meet a sexy China bride like Yuan, a woman about 10X hotter than you would be able to meet in your normal life.


I don’t know what Yuan does for a living. She could be a sexy ninja girl in that outfit, but she says she has a university education and speaks fair English. That is good.

Even better she is not worried about your height, weight, or age. She writes that: “I don’t care how your past is.”  Of course, she doesn’t really know about YOUR past, but it is a good starting position for a successful relationship.

And it gets better. She says that, ” Money, age, height, nationality can never be a problem in front of true love, dear come to me while I am still here.”

That means if you voted for JFK you still have a shot for this sexy Asian woman!


Why not get in touch with Yuan?

You are single. She is single. And the success rate for marriages that start on international dating sites is incredibly high.

So, why not try to find the happiness you deserve. Life is short – fall in love!

Think I’m crazy? Well, check out this Sexy China Bride’s photos at A Foreign Affair, make a run at her, and then admit how spot on my point is.

Oh, and her photos are HOT-HOT-HOT!

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