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Medellin is the second largest city in Columbia with a population of some 2.7 million people. Despite its somewhat infamous reputation it has become a tourist hot spot.  One article on the city’s transformation noted that, “In 2013, Medellin was hailed as “the most innovative city in the world” by the Urban Land Institute, brimming with creative ideas for urban living…”

That is great, but you are probably more interested in meeting some of the sexy Colombian women.  Because of the booming economy, increased safety, and numerous tourist attractions the country is now a center for the mail order bride industry, so that means there are translators, drivers, and marriage agencies around the country who can help you meet women.  But more importantly, Colombian women are generally willing to date and consider marrying a foreigner, and this is particularly true in the large cities like Medellin.

The women of Medellin are for the most part highly attractive and certainly better than what you will have found at home. Due to the nice weather there is plenty of skin on display which can make walking around the city a very enjoyable experience.

Medellin girls tend to be sophisticated in both manner and dress. Before leaving the home they will make sure to have their make up right and to be nicely dressed. You should do the same and maintain a good standard of dress. Dress pants and a blazer along with a foreign accent will get you a long way in this city.

Medellin women judge a lot about a man by the quality of his clothes. This is great news however because it means that any man who pays attentions to his clothes can do very well in Medellin.

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Remember that foreigners all have a reputation of being wealthy and if you play to this stereotype you will have no problem attracting women.

If you are looking for a conversation starter ask a woman if she can recommend a good place to get a meal and follow up with asking if she would like to join you. Don’t be surprised if she is happy to have a meal with a mysterious foreigner…  In Medellin you are a desirable catch!

Here is a small selection of Medellin women from our Colombian Brides Gallery, all of them are actively seeking foreign men for dating or marriage:

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Where is the best place to Meet Medellin Girls?

Medellin Night Clubs

Medellin nightclub girlsCompared to somewhere like Rio in Brazil, the nightlife in Medellin is a bit disappointing. There is a thriving nightclub scene although it is mostly concentrated in one small area called Parque Lleras.

The main problem with going to a nightclub in Medellin is that the women tend to go to bars and clubs in groups with their male acquaintances purchasing the drinks. This can make it extreamly difficult to approach women at a nightclub.

To make matters worse, the men are very possessive in Medellin so before you strike up a conversation with a woman you meet at a club, make sure she is single!

You may want to skip some of the clubs of Medellin as the ones that cater to tourists tend to be particularly expensive. A table at some of the more popular clubs can cost you $100 or more!

Alternate Meeting Places

Many guys who visit Medellin opt for alternate methods of meeting women such as coffee shops, streets, restaurants and festivals. Surprisingly in normal daytime situations Medellin women are friendly and will give out their numbers without too much coaxing.

If you speak a little bit of Spanish you will find that there are plenty of opportunities to meet woman simply walking around the city.

You will also find that you tend to meet “nicer” girls if you use this approach as well.

The City

The city is thoroughly modern and has the feel of a European city with plenty of open spaces. Interestingly it also has more sculptures per square meter than any other city. This is due to a law during the 1980s and 1990s that any tall building must also have a sculpture to go with it.

This is great for sight seeing and can be highly enjoyable spending a day just walking around the city. Medellin also has five major shopping centers. This is a great place to meet local woman or just to enjoy the sights.

The weather in Medellin is excellent as it is not too hot during the summer and not too cold during the winter. The city actually goes by the name of “The city of eternal spring” which is quite accurate as the weather is nice all year around.

Where to Stay

I would recommend when staying in Medellin that you take accommodation in Pobablo which is one of the richest areas of the city and as nice as anywhere you will find in the United States. The tourist areas of Medellin cover a large area and so there is no real reason to leave them during your stay in the city.

If you are interested in staying in Medellin for a longer stay you can rent a one bedroom apartment for about $800 USD a month. There are also a number of inexpensive hotels and hostels that you can rent by the night.

The average monthly income in Colombia is around $692 USD a month. While the average is higher than this in the parts of Medellin that you will be visiting, you will still be noticeably wealthier than many of the residents of the city.

You will also find that your US dollars go far with a good meal at a restaurant costing around $5. This means that it is easy to impress the lovely ladies of Medellin without having to spend a fortune.

How to Get Around Medellin

There is also no need to rent a car. The public transportation system is excellent and taxis only cost a couple of dollars so it is easy to get around the city. Plus walking around the city will afford you more opportunities to meet the local women.

Ask for directions and you are sure to find a local woman who will be more than happy to talk to you.

Medellin is home to Colombias only metro system. The metro makes getting around the city simple and convenient. Also the quality of ladies who take the metro tends to be very high. This can make for some great opportunities to introduce yourself.

Romantic Getaway

The city of Medellin is located in the Aburra valley meaning it is surrounded on both sides by Mountains which are both scenic and great place to get away.

You can rent a Finca which is kind of like a cabin in the mountains. The wealthier residents of Medellin have their homes in the mountains surrounding the city, meaning it is perfectly safe and has some fantastic views of the city.

This is a great place to go for a romantic get away from the city. If you perform a google search for “Medellin Finca” you will be able to find a place that you can rent.


The level of English is not great among many of the woman that you will meet in Medellin. If you really want to get the most out of the city you should take the time to learn some basic Spanish before going.

This will make a huge difference in the amount of opportunities you will have to pick up the women around the city. You will find that the local women are very friendly and eager to talk to you even if you only speak basic Spanish.

So spend a few months before your trip learning the local lingo and the city will really open up to you.

If you have no Spanish skills it is recommended that you visit the city through a romance tour. They will be able to organize an interpreter for you and set up dates with woman that have some English ability.

Overall the secret to enjoying your time in Medellin is to explore the city on foot and by using the local metro transportation. Stick to the wealthy tourist neighbourhoods and you will find you are as safe as you would be anywhere in the United States.

Also don’t be afraid to approach woman around the city even if they are a little younger than you. In Columbia you are going to be something of a rarity so you may as well take advantage.

If you are interested in finding a Colombian woman for marriage, Medellin is a great place to start.Many young women in the city would love to have a western boyfriend  and so will be pleased to have you approach them. If you have learned a bit of basic Spanish as recommended above then you are going to find this even easier.

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