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Name: Xue
ID#: 148097
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 37

City: Shenzhen, China


Occupation: Reception Manager
Religion: Agnostic
English Level: Basic
Languages: Chinese (native)

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

Xue is 37-year-old single woman from China, who has quite an interesting life. At her age, she is more focused in life and is therefore very thoughtful about every decision she makes in life, knowing well that choices always have consequences.

She claims she is from a rich family and sometimes rich Chinese girls have a very hard time dating because guys do not want to marry a rich girl because they will not be the “true” boss of the family. Hmmm…

At my age I would be happy to meet a rich, sexy young woman like Xue.

This explains why she is neither a drinker nor a smoker because she understands that our body`s health is determined by what we eat/drink.

She is well educated, up to college level, which shows that she highly values education, knowing well that it opens up your mind and your reasoning capacity.

If you think that Xue is uptight, then you are definitely wrong. She is sexy and fun and enjoys outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, and traveling.

She also loves dancing, both for fun and for fitness, which is reflected in her well-toned physique. For indoor activities, she likes cooking, and watching movies, which are two activities that any man would desire to have in a woman; after all, the way to a man`s heart is through the stomach.

If you are the going-out type, then Xue will offer the best company, because she is into dining out and holds music close to her heart.

Xue is interested in a gentle, romantic man interested in building something serious.

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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