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The purpose of this article is to give Canadian men some dating tips on the best way to present themselves and their country to mail order brides from Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia.  Yes, being Canadian can actually make you more attractive, but you are probably going to have to explain why the it’s such an awesome place to live to even the most educated foreign women.

This article is not about seduction. The goal here is about how to explain why a beautiful young woman with lots of choices should want to Canada.  Yes, you are probably a charming devil and handsome as a young Lorne Greene, but you need to explain the unique benefits of Canada too. 

Hopefully, this article will give you some ideas of what to talk about on early dates and help her imagine what life in Canada might be like for her.  The idea is to honestly address the country’s strengths while presenting the challenges in the most favorable light.  Don’t lie.  You are not trying to hook up for a one-night stand.  You are trying to start a lifelong relationship, so you don’t want to lie.    

Canada Is Nice!

the flag of Canada

Everyone knows Canadians are just sooooo nice.  No, actually they don’t.  That probably seems hard to imagine, but it is true.

Most Russian girls will have never heard the stereotype and unless they have a relative living in Toronto or Vancouver neither will virtually any Latin or Asian women.  So, from your very first meeting you need to start educating a woman you’re interested in about this rather unusual national virtue.

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Yes, Canadians often hate this old cliché, but virtually every mail order bride, regardless of her native country, will love the concept of meeting a nice man from the nicest country in the world. 

Remember, these women are signing up with international dating agencies in large measure because they come from patriarchal societies where the men are simply not that nice.  These women are not simply ruthless gold diggers looking for deep pockets and immigration status in a first world country.   

They actually want to date nice, compassionate men who will treat them with respect.  They want to be loved.  If this seems hard to believe check out our article: Do Mail Order Brides Just Want Me For My Money.

And if that is still not enough information for you check out this article on the current dating situation in Russia.  It is below the photos of incredibly sexy women; concentrate and you can scroll down and start reading.  It is loaded with some incredible information from high quality sources and I am betting it will shock you.

It is tough for women across Eastern Europe, but it is even worse in much of Asia.  In China, and in much of Asia where Chinese cultural influences have reigned supreme for 3000 years, any woman who is not married by the time she is twenty-three is almost unmarriageable. 

In fact, these women even have a name.  They are called sheng nu, or unwanted women.  They are often the most beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished women, but that does not matter if they are over the crazy age cutoff.

The story in Latin America might even be worst of all.  The famous Latino machismo often leads to violence against women and there is a very strong sense that girls should sublimate themselves to their brothers. 

In fact, in poorer neighborhoods across the region girls will sometimes be pushed into prostitution to support their unemployed brothers.  So, a nice man from the nicest country in the world is a dream come true for most mail order brides.

And, yes, Canada really is one of the nicest countries in the world.  According to an article in the Global News on the Canadian stereotype for being polite and friendly, Eric Wiener, long time travel writer for a variety of media outlets including the BBC explained that:

“I know Canadians will bristle and say, ‘We’re really just passive-aggressive,’ and I don’t think that’s really the case. There is an element of passivity, I think, in the Canadian character that comes across sometimes, but really I think the niceness is this politeness and this humility that we don’t have here.”

You need to read that article, Are Canadians really as nice as the world insists?, because it will really help you explain Canada’s nice nature to women who have never thought about it.  In fact, I would suggest that you send women you are really interested in that link as quickly as possible. 

But of course, for this strategy to really impress cynical Russian girls or a Filipina whose father wants her to become a prostitute you have to be VERY nice.  So, channel you inner Dudley Do-Right; pull out whatever remaining vestiges of the noble Scottish peer, romantic Frenchman, or very well lubricated son of Erin you have lurking in your blood and be a true gentleman. 

It will pay of with these stunning foreign ladies.  All other things being equal, being nice, kind, and friendly is one of the most powerful weapons you have in your seduction toolbox. 

A History of Canadian Immigration

Canada immigration application approved

Impressing girls with history is an almost hopeless task, but Canada can make a pretty good case to many women. 

First of all Canada has a long history of allowing in immigrants from almost everywhere, so you can talk to a woman from Shanghai about the Canadian-Chinese who have lived in the country since the 1860s and to girls from Hanoi about Vancouver’s large Vietnamese community. 

That is good, but, even better, a shocking number of Ukrainian girls know that lots of immigrants from Southern Ukraine emigrated to Canada during the thirty years before the First World War, particularly to the “Prairie Provinces” of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. 

This region has similar terrain and climate to Southern Ukraine and the Ukrainians came and prospered.  Today Canada has the third largest community of ethnic Ukrainians of any country in the world behind only Russia and Ukraine itself.   

There are lots of famous Ukrainian-Canadians including Wayne Gretzky.  Wait, Gretzky is Ukrainian.  That alone is reason enough to be nice to a super-hot Ukrainian lass.  Her country gave Canada the

“Great One.”


Well, here is a great article about the history of Ukrainian Canadians if you want some extra talking points for a sexy woman from Kiev. 

So, you should look up the immigrant community from the country of any woman you are serious about even if she is a party girl who doesn’t seem to give a hoot about history, because these little historical connections let her know that she will not be the first or the only Filipina, Moldovan, or Thai to settle in the second largest country in the world. 

Remember, a mail order bride is bravely giving up her friends, her family, and often her career to start a new life with a man from the other side of the world.  If she is not a little scared she would be crazy and these little connections can really help to settle her nerves.     

Canada’s Natural Beauty

beautiful Lake Louise in Canada

Another great calling card is Canada’s incredible natural beauty.  From Prince Edward Island to the Great Lakes and across the Canadian Rockies and down to the North Pacific at Vancouver Canada is a stunning country.  The stunning scenery is probably the thing that most mail order brides from Asia or Latin America will know about Canada, so you should be prepared to talk about it.

Be especially ready to talk about the glories of the scenery and outdoor activities from your province.  Do a little research for the best links to send them if you meet them online and when you get a chance to meet them in person be sure you have some great photos on your phone. 

A few topics that could be great conversation starters are Niagara Falls, the scenery you can see from the Canadian Pacific Railroad, polar bears, and moose. 

Look, you might have never been any farther north than the northern suburbs of Toronto, but you need to come up with stories about moose and polar bears. 

Women love cute furry animals and moose and polar bears are pretty much iconic emblems of Canada.  If you have not had any personal experience with these original Canadians it is not too late to get in your car and start driving north.  Otherwise be prepared to talk about stories you have heard from friends or relatives.

There is only one possible wild card about Canada’s natural beauty – the weather. 

Of course for girls from Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus it can be a real plus, because it is more or less just like home.  But the first issue is that the brutal Russian winters are one of the main reasons that so many sexy girls from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Vladivostok sign up with international dating sites in the first place. 

Moving from Gorky to Ottawa is basically a draw on the cold front.

You need to play it by ear. If an Eastern European woman is into snow skiing, ice fishing, and blizzards she will love Alberta in winter.  But if she was dearly hoping to move to Australia and live in a bikini nine months out of the year then you need to let her know that everyone in Canada goes to Florida for January, February, and March. 

Just tell her the country is left completely to the polar bears and moose.  That’s what everyone who lives in Florida believes anyhow. 

No don’t lie to her.  Never ever lie to your girl, because eventually she will probably discover the truth.  Just let her know about the annual Canadian winter vacation to Miami, St. Pete, or Jacksonville.  If she has been dreaming of warm weather that will help.

For most Asian and Latina women the best idea is probably to simply avoid discussion of the weather completely unless she asks you a direct question.  In that case it is probably best to pretend you didn’t hear what she said and immediately mention that you were thinking of buying her those earrings she was looking at yesterday.

The problem is there is just no way to explain to a girl from Cuba or Thailand what Canadian winters are actually like.  It is beyond there imagination. 

Seriously, in most tropical countries nothing – including the nation’s most advanced medical freezers – are as cold as the Yukon is most of the year.  If you try to explain Canadian cold – brutal Canadian cold weather – to a Thai girl it she will wonder why anyone lives there or she will simply think you are lying. 

Hip Canada

colorful Toronto name in Canada

As much as it pains Americans in recent years pockets of Canada, relatively small pockets of Canada have become hip – cosmopolitan – chic even.  This is something that very few foreign women will have a clue about. 

If you are talking to a city girl from Moscow, Kiev, or somewhere else in Eastern Europe you probably cannot go wrong discussing Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver.  Of course, you don’t want to disparage their hometowns, but you should let them know Canada has some world class cities too. 

You can take a slightly more aggressive stance with women from some of the Asian mega cities, because most of them have severe infrastructure problems and women from them know those problems very well.  But still it is not a good idea to bash Bangkok, Hanoi, or Manila directly. 

Instead, brag on the restaurants, cultural events, and amenities that Canadian cities offer.  Let them know that even if you grow winter wheat somewhere in southern Manitoba, that you are not too far from a cool city or at least an airport where you can catch a plane to a cool city.  

Then there is the Hollywood of the North stuff.  That is actually very hip.  It pains me as an American, but yes the growth of the entertainment industry north of the border is hip.  Now, Canada has more claim to fame than just Alan Thicke. 

And if you live anywhere near where a movie was shot talk to about it when you have your first real date.  You can bet your very last dollar that most of them will know all of the recent big movies and most big American television shows.  

So, if you live in or around any of the centers of Canadian film and television production tell them about your experiences with the cast and crew.  

Even if you just got stuck in traffic behind the honey wagon for Deadpool it is still a connection that makes you a little more cool. Well, at least if she doesn’t know what the honey wagon is.  If you don’t know what a honey wagon is look it up.

It also is not a bad idea to show her some movies that get to the essence of Canada.  Here is a list of “Films that Will Make You Fall In Love With Canada,” which is the central idea of this whole process.  I am not sure how good of a list it really is. 

It leads off with Broke Back Mountain, which is supposedly loaded with incredible scenery from the Canadian Rockies, but it is a starting point, and for a lot of women, particularly from Latin American or Asia, movies are a great way to introduce them to your country.

And of course, don’t forget to tell everybody about the coolest thing about living in Canada.  Ninety percent of Canadians live within a two hour drive of the United States! 

Yes, ‘Merica is right on the doorstep for most Canuks .  Canadians get cheap healthcare, low crime rates, and awesome maple syrup, and then many of them drive right across the border to get great prices on cigarettes, booze, and processed junk food. 

It is the best of both worlds!

Develop Your Relationship

American man and blonde Canadian girl

Hopefully, all of this will help you build a relationship with a beautiful woman and live the sort of full, rich life together both of you want.  It is not that complicated.

Talking to a mail order bride from the far side of the world about the actual realities of life in Canada will help you both understand more about one another and if she is on the fence then it will help her make her decision about whether or not she wants to go forward with a relationship. 

And if she does want to move forward you should check out our article on the Canadian Immigration Laws & Mail Order Brides. 

Then at some point, if you are like most guys, you might want to check out this article on getting your family to accept your foreign girlfriend.

Canada is a great place to live and raise a family.  If you present the good points well and address the few difficult issues correctly living in Canada will be an attraction for most women. 

Good luck!

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