What Makes The Perfect Woman? – A Definitive Guide (According to Science)

The perfect woman. Feminists would have you believe that she doesn’t exist. Your buddies would have you believe they’re already dating her, so you’re fresh out of luck.

But that still doesn’t answer the question of what the “perfect woman” is actually like in terms of looks, personality, etc.

So in this blog post we’re going to take a look at the physical, psychological and emotional traits we expect to find in the woman of our dreams.

What Are The Characteristics of The Perfect Woman?

The Anatomy of a Perfect Woman

Yeah, yeah, you want a woman with a “sparkling personality”. Personality is obviously important, because there’s no point in dating a woman who looks like she could be a professional model, but who you suspect might kill you in your sleep.

But the truth is that men are attracted to the physical characteristics of women first.

marry the hottest women in the world

You think that’s sexist?

When was the last time a woman based her first impression of a man on his personality? She might think she did, but we can guarantee she didn’t. And there’s science to back that up, which we’ll cover a little later.

The reality is that men are attracted to women based on physical traits first, with personality running a close second. No guy wants to date a swamp donkey with a great personality, no more than women date morbidly obese guys because they’re charming.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is either deluded or a liar.

This is also why you see more men travelling overseas to meet their ideal woman – it’s just easier to meet and date women who are as healthy on the inside as they are on the outside.


woman measuring her waist

You can be as “healthy at any size” as you want, but the vast majority of men do not find morbidly obese women sexually attractive.

Yes, they might sing their praises from the sidelines of social media, but you’ll never find them dating a fat woman. Unless it’s a fetish for them, and that’s not really a solid foundation for a healthy relationship, is it?

Does that mean that the idealized or perfect woman has a size zero body?


Most men prefer women who have evenly proportioned bodies i.e. she has a butt and boobs. If you ever look at the types of women men really fantasize about, they all have one thing in common – they’re a healthy weight with a healthy looking body.

Obese women do not look healthy, which means men find it far more difficult to be attracted to them.  It’s really that simple.


Men are naturally taller than women, with the average woman measuring 5-feet 4-inches and man measuring 5-feet 9-inches.

Why do men prefer women to be slightly shorter than them?

Probably because it feels more natural. That’s why taller women find dating to be a bit more difficult. Very few men want their girlfriend towering over them, and it will only get worse if she wears heels.

Waist size

measuring waist

There are two key reasons why men prefer women with a smaller waist. The first is that it’s more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, especially if a smaller waist is accompanied by slightly wider hips and a shapely behind.

The second is that – yet again – a smaller waist indicates that the woman is a healthy weight. Men are naturally attracted to healthy women because:

  • They’re more likely to be able to have healthy children
  • They’ll also be around to care for those children with him

An hourglass figure is timeless in its attractiveness. It’s a symbol of “classical” beauty that appeals to men everywhere, and has done for hundreds of years.


This is not a “trophy girlfriend” scenario.

Women who are several years younger than you tend to be healthier, fitter, more toned and more active. Having a younger woman in your life also means she won’t start talking about babies by the end of your third date – something that almost always happens with women in their mid or late 30s.

Feminists might not like this, but the biological clock keeps ticking louder with every passing year, regardless of your ideology.

Dating women older than you is fine, but everyone needs to put their cards on the table early on in the game i.e. the baby conversation.


biting hair

Clean, white teeth are a sign that the woman doesn’t smoke or drink excessively. Which again means that she’s healthy and a good option for a long-term girlfriend.

What most people don’t realize is that the condition of your teeth is a mirror of your lifestyle habits and overall health.

That’s why a bright white smile is always more attractive than one made up of teeth that look like busted piano keys.

Bust Size

There’s that age old question of whether you’re a leg or a breast man (yes, that old double entendre), but 90% of guys will choose a woman with an ample cleavage over a woman with long legs.

Why do men prefer women with larger breasts?

It’s hard wired into us because it’s a sign of sexual maturity and the ability to nurse children. It’s much the same as women preferring men with well-developed pectoral muscles. It’s funny that it’s not sexist when women express those types of preferences, right?

Hair Color

brunette girl covering her face

It’s a bit of an urban myth that men prefer blondes. Do blondes have more fun? Maybe. But men these days gravitate towards brunettes more than they do blondes.

There’s no specific reason for this, but our guesstimate is that men will always suspect that the blonde dyes her hair, whereas the brunette is natural.

Ask any man about what his “perfect woman” looks like, and he’ll mention hair colour, so it’s definitely a factor in the selection process.


Really? Do men pay attention to women’s feet?

Well yeah, some of them even fetishize over them. But men do tend to prefer women with smaller, dainty feet.

We have no specific answer as to why this is, but probably because large feet are seen as being manly.

Are men so shallow that they only focus on the physical qualities of a woman?

The Perfect Personality

Their are also certain personality traits men want in a woman. Remember, they’re looking for the perfect woman, so they’re considering their long-term prospects.


confident girl drinking coffee

This doesn’t mean arrogant though. It simply means a woman who carries herself with an air of confidence that turns heads when she walks into a room. Arrogant women, on the other hand, are painful to be around.


We hate to say this, but after looks fade, and the sex drive goes away, all that’s left is conversation. So, even though they don’t realize it, guys do prefer women they share common interests with.


no guy in his right mind wants an anti-social gold-digger in their lives. We typically prefer women to have their own friends, and at least some level of financial independence. That’s what equality is meant to be about.

Conservative – you want some hirsute, liberal lunatic woman in your life? Go for it. But what we’re seeing a trend towards here at International Love Scout is more and more Western men hitting the international dating trail in search of women with more traditional values, and respect for the idea of a nuclear family.

What Science Says

hot girl scientist

Now that we know what type of personality traits men like in women, it’s time to look at the science behind it.

Physical attraction between men and women is something that pre-dates speech and language. It is the reason why our species exists.

Mutual attraction between the two sexes is also the only way for our species to continue, despite feminists and their male allies demanding that the “future be female”. None of those people own a biology book, it seems.

Men assess women based on a number of different physical characteristics. We do not do this consciously. It’s a chemical reaction in a man’s brain, combined with millions of years of evolutionary choices.

Before our agricultural, industrial and now technological society, we were hunter gatherers. Only the healthiest and strongest men could attract a female mate who was capable of passing his DNA to their children.

These children would then be some of the healthiest and strongest in the tribe, and on it went for millennia.

You don’t think that’s true?

Just look at most Eastern European men and women. They are the survivors of multiple world wars and hardships people today can’t begin to comprehend. Most of the men are physically strong and most of the women are extremely attractive. That didn’t happen by accident.

That’s why you can’t always explain why you find a certain woman attractive – she just is.

But let’s break this down in a bit more detail, so you can see why science backs up your inherent preferences.

Her Face

This is something men find attractive without even realizing why. Facial symmetry is a fancy way of saying that both sides of her face are of equal proportion. It’s a subconscious message to men that the woman’s DNA is all squared away – there’s no leaky genetics to worry about.

That’s pretty tough on the fuglier women out there, but it’s a harsh fact of life.

Now, the really crazy part is that you can use math to measure beauty. In math there is something called “The Golden Triangle”.  This ratio can also be found in nature.

When you apply this ratio (1.618:1) to the most beautiful women in the world you’ll find the angles of their facial features match it. Yes, really.

If a woman’s eyes are set too far apart this ruins the ratio, as does a large nose, an elongated chin, or any other features that don’t produce a heart-shaped face.

Her Legs

long-legged woman

If you put two women beside each other, and one has short stumpy legs and one has long slender legs, who would you find more attractive?

Scientific studies have shown that women who have legs longer than 30-inches are far more successful on the dating scene than women with shorter legs. The reason for this is that longer legs are an indication that the woman developed properly during her teenage years. 

Again, very few guys would ever even think about asking a hot girl what her leg measurements are, probably because they don’t want to sound nuts.

But if they did they’d find that her inside leg measurement is probably at least 30 inches.

Skinny Girls Rule?

While most guys lust after ultra skinny women online, this doesn’t translate to the women you find attractive in real life.  A large percentage of men find women who are slightly curvier more attractive than women with no curves at all.

Most men assume this is because the curves show off a woman’s femininity, which is true. But you’re also paying attention to the non-verbal cue that she’s healthy enough to have babies.

An emaciated body doesn’t look healthy, so although dudes might like sleeping with skinny chicks, they usually want to have kids with women who are a healthy weight.

A survey reported that women with 34-24-35 vital statistics to be the most attractive to guys from all over the world. This is a woman with the classic hourglass figure we mentioned earlier. Oddly enough women with these body stats usually have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of about 21.

Breast Size

girl measuring breast

The shape and size of a woman’s breasts is also something that can either attract or deter men. Drooping or saggy breasts won’t set pulses racing, but firm breasts that literally hold their own shape without a bra are the ideal.

For men these are pleasing to the eye, and the touch, but there’s also the fact that this breast shape is typical of women at their sexual prime. Boobs that are full and firm also send the subliminal cue that this woman is capable of feeding a child in times of hunger or famine.

Misandrous Myths

Or why women think that men looking for the perfect woman are sexist pigs, because apparently only women can decide for men what their perfect woman looks like.

Men are meant to have no agency here – we’re to simply accept what we’re told without question.

But here’s the delicious irony in this – if you look at pretty much any women’s magazine you can think of, it’s a constant barrage of inane headlines designed to make women feel bad about themselves. About how they look, their weight, their hair, their makeup, their shoes, what they do for a living, their choices in men, etc, etc.

And these are alleged feminists doing this, and the message is always a simple one, “You’re not good enough, so buy our <insert product name> to make you feel better about yourself”.

Can you imagine some dude writing an article like this for Cosmo or Vogue? He could measure his life expectancy in hours.

There’s no profit in telling women they’re perfect the way they are. Or that science says men find women with 34-24-35 stats far more attractive than a 300lb woman with a body odor problem. Women’s magazines are only interested in selling advertising space, not in helping women better understand why they’re still single at 40 and living with a bunch of cats.

These magazines would have all women believe they’re as aesthetically beautiful as the woman standing next to them, but that’s simply not the truth. It makes for a great headline for a blog post, but it’s a lie.

Some women are born prettier than others. Some women are born smarter than others. Some are taller. Some are stunning on the outside but ugly on the inside. Every woman is different, and that includes her level of physical beauty.

Feminists cannot control what men find attractive. They can try but it won’t work. They can demand that heterosexual men find transgender women attractive. It won’t ever work, no matter how much they complain.

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and no matter how loudly feminists screech, the only beholder most women care about is the man they either have or want to make part of their life.


So, there you have it – science clearly explains why men find certain physical traits attractive in women. There’s even a mathematical ratio to back it up: 1.618:1.

Do you have a different interpretation of what the perfect woman looks like? Hit us up with a blog comment below!

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