12 Benefits of Marriage For Single Men

12 reasons for single men to get married

The ultimate goal of any guy who has invested time and money in traveling around the world to find the woman of his dreams is to get married. Or at least, it should be.

There are tons of benefits to marriage. Yes, it is true.

We’re going to give you 12 really good reasons why getting married isn’t just a good idea – it might actually help you live a longer, happier and more fulfilled life… Yes, really.

Grab a beer…or a juice if you’re feeling health conscious.

#1 – Married Men Earn More Than Single Men

Most single guys assume that being married means a financial struggle for the rest of their days. That’s rarely the case. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of marriage for most men is financial.

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Forget what you heard from Archie Bunker and 1001 stand up comics. Marriage actually improves the finances of most men. There’s data a lot of data backing up this claim.

A recent study showed that married guys earn around $86,000 per year, which is a lot more than the $50,000 per year earned by most of their single male counterparts.

Salary of married men vs single men

Feminazis would like you to believe that hiring managers strike secret contracts with married men – especially those with kids – paying them way above the market rate. That’s the worst kind of hysterical fantasy we can imagine.

So, why do married men earn more than single men?

  1. They’re committed to providing for their family
  2. They’ve had no career breaks to have kids, so can charge more for their labor
  3. They work longer hours than women

Married Men Tend to Stay in Better Physical Condition

Men place themselves under a lot of stress during their lives. We work hard to compete in sports, or academia, and then work equally as hard in the jobs market and dating scene. All of that effort can result in wear and tear on the body, leading to a less-than-ideal life expectancy.

But did you know that being married can help you live longer and be healthier, for the duration of your natural life?

The reason why this is the case is that being married to the right woman means you can share the load. You drink less alcohol, sleep more, spend time with your kids, and basically live a healthier lifestyle.

Married men get to have their cake and eat it too, and some steak and potatoes and a few pieces of friend chicken. Yes, married men are actually fatter, but amazingly that does not correlate into serious health problems as much as for single men.

Of course, it is better if a married man tries to push back from the table sometimes and stays fit, but he a fat married man is not at nearly the health risks of a fat skinny man. And on average, any married man is likely to be have better long term health than the average single man.

But, in as much as a good marriage can extend your life, a toxic marriage can shorten it. That’s why looking at dating options outside your own country is so important.

There’s evidence from previous research that marital conflict leads to poor health.

Science Daily

#3 – Happily Married Men Live Almost a Decade Longer

Happy family in the woods

If you grew up watching “Married With Children”, you’re probably familiar with Al Bundy’s take on married life, and how miserable it is. The reality is though that it’s far more stressful for men to live alone, especially from their 30s onwards.

Why is it stressful to live alone instead of being married?

Because humans are tribal creatures. We had our own tribe (family) as we grew up, and the next natural step for us to take is to start a tribe of our own.

We’re not meant to live in isolation, except in very rare cases e.g. you’re the next Mozart and simply can’t afford the distractions caused by mere mortals.

But for the rest of the single guys out there there’s an inherent need to find a female partner and reproduce.

The researchers found the risk of death was 32 percent higher across a lifetime for single men compared to married men. In real numbers, “under the worse-case scenario,” single men could die about eight to 17 years earlier than their married male friends.

NBC News

You’re still not sure why being married means you could live 10 years longer than the average single guy?

Yes, a wife or girlfriend might hen-peck you to go see a doctor, lose weight, or cut down on the brewskis. Most guys hate this because they view it as annoying.

Maybe they should think twice. That nagging advice might just save your life, as it has millions of other married men.

It’s also worth considering that being married means you have a wife who supports you, access to joint income and healthcare, and – in the cases of a happy marriage – better mental health.

These all contribute to a longer life expectancy because they improve your quality of life in immeasurable ways.

#4 – There’s a 27% Reduction In Cancer Deaths for Married Men

First let’s look at the primary causes of cancer in men:

  • Being overweight
  • Poor diet
  • Smoking
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Sedentary lifestyle

There’s nothing new or startling about the above information, but how can being married reduce your chances of dying from cancer?

The first reason is that your spouse will probably be the first person to notice that you’re not as healthy as you used to be. She’ll also encourage you to go to the doctor, and then follow through on the treatment plan.

Men are stubborn road sign

Your spouse will also have ensured that your family has the best health insurance you can afford, so if you do get cancer you can then afford the best possible treatment.

She’ll also be a key part of your support system, so you don’t feel like you’re going through treatment alone. Part of this support is that she can help manage the family finances while you’re not able to.

So, it’s not that your wife can wave a wand and make cancer go away, but you stand a better chance of survival with her than without her.

#5 – 14% More Likely to Survive a Heart Attack

Everyone understands that a heart attack is a life-threatening event if you’re unlucky to have one. What many people don’t realize is that recovering from the physical and emotional impact of a heart attack can be just as difficult.

Firstly, you suddenly have to face your own mortality. You might have felt invincible your entire life, but a heart attack is a reminder that you will eventually die, hopefully many decades from now, of course.

But that harsh reality is still there.

Then you need to factor in the physical aspects of recovering, where victims of serious heart attacks literally can’t take care of themselves.

For a single guy this would mean finding a counselor and carer to help him recover. But married men already have a support system in place – their wife.

The simple truth is that married men, or men in long-term relationships, stand a much better chance of recovering from a heart attack.

Single men have to work harder to find the same levels of physical, emotional and financial support that married men often have ready access to.

#6 – Sexual Benefits of Marriage – Better Sex More Often

Being more than friends with benefits is a good thing. There’s a myth surrounding married life that once you get married your wife turns into a reclusive shrew who only wants to sleep with you once or twice a year.

You’re warned that being married means a life without sex, unless she wants to get pregnant.

What’s worse is that this urban myth is further propagated by Hollywood types who paint the singles lifestyle as one of wild sex every single night with a dizzying array of women, each one more beautiful than the last.

So…why are there so many single men and women on Tinder/your dating app of choice, every night of the week? Almost all of them looking for a long-term relationship.

What marketing companies want you to believe is that being single is great, and sex as a single person is just the best thing ever.

But developing a healthy sexual relationship with a woman – where you figure out what she likes or dislikes – takes time.

Sure, wild drunken monkey type sex can make you feel like you’ve found “the one”, but you all know just how difficult it is to repeat that experience with the same person when sober.

Married men not only have better sex lives, but the regularity and quality of their sexual activity can add up to 5 additional years to their life expectancy.

#7 – Married Men are Less Likely to Go to Jail (Or Go Back to Jail)

Single men spend more time in jail

One of the key indicators for a man of any age to become involved in crime is a lack of stability in their home life. In younger men this is often due to the lack of a father figure.

That’s not to say that single female parents are doing a bad job, but the reality is that teens from single-parent households are 39% more likely to become involved in criminal activity. That figure is even higher if their biological father is also in jail.

Considering the high levels of divorce in the Western world, does this have an impact on a reformed criminal’s likelihood to return to a life of crime?


Does this mean that a woman should put up with an ex-con who’s determined to destroy his own life?

Of course not.

But the fact remains that being happily married will steer the vast majority of guys onto the right path in life. They’ll take on their role of husband, father, and provider, and find it far more fulfilling than hanging out with a load of deadbeats whose only future is behind bars.

#8 – Happily Married Men Have a Higher Sense of Personal Satisfaction

Single man playing video games

The reason why most men live in fear of marriage is because they assume it means giving up all their personal freedoms and spending the rest of their lives slowly becoming their own father.

They’ll have to say goodbye to their man cave, their gaming, weekends away with the guys, and having a beer for breakfast…if that’s your thing.

The truth is that marrying the right woman means you’d still get to enjoy most of these things, and also have the added satisfaction of being a husband, and hopefully a dad. After all, how long do you think it will take before even your complete die-hard buddies eventually settle down, get married and have kids?

Do you want to be the last of your friends living on his own, drinking beer while knocking out another solid 10-hours of Fortnite in your underwear?

The married men you see around you will most likely live longer than you, they actually enjoy their lives because they’re serving somebody other than themselves, and they have a support system for dealing with pretty much anything life throws at them.

That’s why they look smug at times. Because they’re happy in a way you have yet to come to understand.

#9 – Married Men are More Likely to Get Promoted

Married man getting promoted

On face value this sounds like the type of argument you’d hear from an intersectional feminist. That all careers are dominated by married white men, and women are powerless and oppressed, etc, etc.

But when you examine the actual reasons why married men are more likely to get promoted than women, you see a very different picture.

It comes down to numbers, and those numbers are the hours you’ve invested in your career. Women take maternity leave from work, for obvious reasons, but this also means taking a break from their job.

Having children is a choice, and choices come with consequences, which could include a slowing of your career prospects.

Men, even when presented with the option of paternity leave, often either don’t use it or cut it short. They’re acutely aware that taking a break from their career simply isn’t an option if they want to be next in line for promotion.

This is even truer for married men because they have a family to care for, and the reason they work so hard for each promotion is to provide a better standard of living for their spouse and their kids.

#10 – Childless Men Are Less Happy in Old Age

Birth rates in the Western world are falling, year after year. Somewhere around 25% of all adult men and women in their late 50s, today will die without leaving a spouse or children to carry on their name or their legacy.

There are many reasons why the birth rate has fallen, but key factors are the rise in modern feminism, women putting a career before having family, and a global recession also didn’t help.

There’s a narrative being driven home that having children now is almost irresponsible. This usually comes from gender studies professors who coin cute phrases like “…pregnancy is a form of violence” because it oppresses women.

Sadly, many women fall for this nonsense. That is until they reach their 40s and realize that their biological clock was ticking all along, and they’ve now run out of time.

Men fortunately don’t have a biological clock, which is good news because the levels of expressed loneliness and diagnosed depression amongst childless men in their 40s and 50s is nothing short of shocking.

Not having kids might suit your lifestyle right now, but you won’t enjoy the impact it has on you later in life.

#11 – Married Men Pay Lower Taxes

Married men pay lower taxes

Can men actually save money on their taxes by getting married?

The short answer is “Yes”, but a more accurate answer would be “Everyone in the marriage saves on their taxes”. There are simply far more tax breaks for married couples than there are for singles.

These include being able to file a joint tax return, saving on your CPA expenses. It’s not just upfront costs that you get to avoid because there are other perks like doubling your personal resident gain exclusion to an upper limit of US$500,000.

Your spouse can also “gift you” cash sums in excess of US$10,000 without having to include it in your tax return. You can also mix and match your employers’ benefits package to find which ones give you the best tax breaks.

These are just a few examples of how being a married man can put more cash into your pocket, and less in the coffers of the IRS.

#12 – Married Men Have Lower Incidences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Single men getting drunk at bar

You might have partied a lot when you were single. You might even have met your spouse while out partying. But your ability and desire to drink like a fish drops off dramatically once in a committed relationship.

For women this is usually related to their desire to protect their fertility. For men it’s usually down to the simple fact they’re spending less time with their buddies and more time at home with their spouse.

The same is true of substance abuse, like taking drugs. The act of getting married forces you to look at yourself in the mirror more closely. And when you become a father the idea of doing drugs in the same house your kids live in is something most guys simply can’t comprehend.

Please note that getting married isn’t a cure for people with alcohol or substance abuse issues. The stability of marriage will help you fight the demons, but you’ll also need professional help to conquer those same demons.

Which of our 12 reasons for getting married made the most sense to you, or gave you the biggest “Wtf” moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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