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Understanding Single Brazilian Woman

Brazilian women are internationally famous for being sexy.  They are noted for wearing tiny bikinis and enjoying life to the max.

What could possibly make these hot, sultry lasses in micro bikinis any hotter? Well, what if you were dating one?

What do you think about that possibility?  Is it an intriguing option? You could do it. 

In some regards, Brazil is one of the best places in the world right now for international dating, but most single American or European men never give the idea much serious consideration.

It is a dream, like getting courtside seats for game seven of an NBA Championship series or winning twenty straight hands of blackjack.

marry the hottest women in the world

More than likely they simply lack the imagination and confidence to date a younger woman who looks great in a bikini about so small it would barely cover a Barbie doll.  Dating and marrying a sexy Brazilian mail order bride is not really that complicated.

First, Brazil is a huge country, the third-largest in the world, and there are literally millions of women from the white beaches on the Atlantic Ocean to the headwaters of the Amazon River looking for a better man than they can find in their area.

There are over seventy-eight million Brazilian women and they are among the most educated and upwardly mobile women in Latin America. In fact, GlobalIssues, an international monitor of education revealed the following facts, in 2010, about women in Brazil:

  • In 2007, 53.3% of newly enrolled university students were women.
  • For the past 15 years, women have accounted for 55% or more of newly enrolling students.
  • Over 60% of graduating students are women.

With over seventy-eight million Brazilian women, there is almost certainly a woman for any man willing to make the effort.

Brazil girls are usually thought of as sultry brunettes – a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian with Indian or African often mixed in to spice things up.

But Brazil is a country of immigrants and many English, Irish, and Welsh settled there in the 19th century.   After World War II there was a large influx of mysterious Germans, so blonde Brazilian girls are not terribly rare.

You might end up with some interesting in-laws; there is even a large population of Japanese-Brazilians and Arab-Brazilians, so Brazilian singles really do come in every ethnic mix imaginable.

Brazilian Mail Order Brides – Why They Want You!

sexy hot Brazilian bikini babes

A lot of sexy girls from Brazil are looking for guys just like you. Yes, just like you if you are honest, patient, hardworking, and generally follow the accepted social norms for how men are supposed to treat women in the modern Western world.

That makes you a prince in Brazil.  If you happen to be funny and have a good career, you are rock star hot!

Brazilian women are actually looking for normal guys.  You don’t have to be fit, handsome, or rich.  Of course, none of that hurts, but they are not in any way necessary.

It is not complicated.  These stunning Brazil babes want what every other woman wants from a boyfriend or husband: a good man – a guy who is not obsessed with his own ego, honor, and standing in the eyes of his friends.

Believe it or not, in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo that can be hard to find.  In the smaller cities and vast rural areas of the county – forget about it! That might seem strange but it is true.

To understand why there is a shortage of good men you need to understand a little about Brazilian culture and history.

Brazilian bikini babes looking hot at the beach

Brazilian Marriage and Family Traditions

Modern Brazilian women are interested in dating foreign men as a way to rebel against an overwhelmingly male-dominated culture.  Brazilian culture is patriarchal in a way that many young women find especially oppressive.

First, Brazil is an overwhelmingly Catholic country.  Many people rarely attend mass, but they accept the old cultural norms of a much more conservative Catholicism that had many rules and expectations for women.

Some of these traditions hark back to an older era: Girls are supposed to be modest and chaste.  Women should stay at home and raise kids.  Even a lot of modern Brazilian women feel this way in their heart of hearts, but it can be overwhelming at times.

Secular society in Brazil has a lot of hard partying and easy sex, but most middle-class girls grow up believing this is the ideal.  Men get away with it, but women quickly get labeled as sluts and a lot of women – particularly younger, educated women – find the hypocrisy almost unbelievable.

The deep machismo of Brazilian men is incredibly annoying for modern, educated women.

At home, the man is expected to rule with an iron fist.  This is not the relationship your dad and mom had in the 1960s or even what your great-grandparents probably had in the United States in the 1890s.

It is a society where until domestic violence was not even illegal until 2001. Until then men could, in theory, get away with beating or even killing their wife or girlfriend with the defense that she, “Insulted my honor.” And insulting a man’s honor was a broad concept that could be nothing more than a snappy retort.

In the 1990s a Brazilian doctor was acquitted of killing his wife based on the defense that she had “insulted his honor” by not asking his permission every time she left the house.

There was no evidence she even cheated on him, but when he was acquitted the men in the courtroom gave him a standing ovation.

Of course, this murdering your wife is rare.  Even worse in the eyes of many beautiful Brazilian women is that many upper-class Brazilian men still believe that it is there right, in fact almost their duty, to keep a mistress after they are married and juggle two or three girlfriends while they are bachelors.

Brazilian women have just had enough.  They think, “Why not sign up with one of these international dating sites and meet a nice American or Canadian guy?”

Which could be a lucky break for you!

Why You Should Date & Marry a Brazilian Woman

sexy Brazilian bikini girls sending a flying kiss

Earlier we explained that the reason why Brazilian women want to meet and date you is that you are completely different from what local guys are like.

This same rule applies to you: Brazilian women are unlike any women you’ve met before.

Dating in the West Sucks!

Dating in North America and Europe reminds us of the scene in the Shawshank Redemption where the old guy gets out of prison, only to realize that he’s unable to exist in the modern world. The reason for this is that he’s become institutionalized to the point where he can no longer understand what freedom is or how to deal with it.

Are we really comparing modern relationships in the West to a prison sentence?

If you look at things logically we think you’ll find our analogy isn’t too far off the mark.

There’s a huge amount of pressure put on men to have a completely contradictory mix of character traits.

For example, most Western women will expect you to be compassionate, but indifferent when they want you to be, romantic but without it being too much for them to handle, be a man but without showing any form of dominance in the relationship.

Western guys get so used to trying to conform to an impossible set of rules, they eventually believe that this emotional and psychological prison they live in is all they deserve.

Brazilian mail order brides, on the other hand, don’t have a ridiculous list of expectations for any guy they date. One of the first differences you’ll notice is that they have no issue with approaching guys to strike up a conversation – they won’t just sit around waiting for you to do all the work.

Brazilian Women Are Family Oriented

They’re also family-oriented and see nothing wrong with settling down with the right guy and starting a family as quickly as possible.

This is normal for them, which is the exact opposite to what’s happening in North America and Europe where birth rates are plummeting. ..and have been for years. Feminism is an actual risk to the ongoing existence of Western culture.

Brazil Girls Have An International Reputation for Hotness

hot Brazilian bikini girl

The ittsy bitsy, micro bikini is about as common in Brazil as parkas in Alaska or suits in boardrooms. It’s the unofficial uniform of young Brazilian women, so most young women from Brazil treat their bodies like temples.

Most Brazilian babes are obsessive about their workouts and diet.

There are probably more Brazilian fitness models than you ever imagined.  Fitness pageants are staged all over the country from the small country towns to Rio and Sao Paulo and these fitness pageants attract thousands of fit Brazilian bikini babes.

Successful Brazilian fitness models are real celebrities. Many become mainstream models and others go on to careers as television personalities or actresses.

Furthermore, being in great shape is simply more important in Rio than anywhere in the United States, except maybe Hollywood or South Beach, so Brazilian hard bodies are pretty much a dime a dozen.

You will be amazed!

ordinary Brazilian women who look like supermodels

Single Brazilian women are probably as fit and athletic as any women in the world, although some of those Eastern European brides certainly give them some real competition.

Brazilian girls constantly work on toning their legs, tightening their tush, and developing nice abs, because in the back of her mind every beautiful Brazilian bride has an almost unreal fitness goal.

Girls from Brazil are often at the gym if they are not at the beach, because they know they have an international reputation for hotness to maintain, but they also enjoy a lot of other sports.

Swimming, boating, and other water sports are universally popular with young Brazilian girls because they often live close to the ocean.

In the cities, tennis has really grown in popularity during the last decade and in smaller towns and parts of the interior of the country, horseback riding is a common activity among young women.

Because of the generally wet climate and vast number of biting insects, single Brazilian girls are less likely to have ever gone camping or hiking than women from Eastern Europe or the more temperate parts of Asia.

Single Brazilian Girls Love to Flirt

Something else we love about Brazilian girls is that they’re not afraid to touch you even in social settings. Flirting is considered to be pretty normal here.

This is something you need to adjust to – being kissed on both cheeks by a pretty girl is basically just her saying “Hello” and nothing more.

Brazilian Dating – What to Expect

Brazilian dating is usually pretty laid back and informal. Often dates are made on the spur of the moment in coffeehouses and bars, but Brazilian single girls also have a reputation for partying.

In part, this is because of Carnival, but Brazil is home to one of the most vibrant party scenes in the world, particularly in Rio.

Brazilian carnival event

Brazilian ladies certainly know how to have a good time and the Brazilian dating scene generally feels familiar to American and European guys, but it tends to be a little dressier than you might find in most American or European cities.

Girls from Brazil pay serious attention to fashion, make-up, and beauty and you thought it was just random chance that there are so many sexy young Brazilian models.

No, in fact, many of the sexiest Brazilian models have been quoted saying they never thought they were the most beautiful girl in their school or neighborhood.

According to these Brazilian models they just got lucky and there are many more back home as pretty as them or even prettier who just weren’t as lucky or perhaps interested in modeling.

So, girls from Brazil usually will dress up for a date. Often Brazilian men dress up and if you are going to a nice restaurant and one of the top clubs it is easy to feel underdressed for the Brazilian dating scene.

You don’t have to go crazy, but just remember that Brazilian women for marriage are looking at the big picture.

These are not 1990s Eastern European mail order brides desperate to escape a crumbling society. Hot Brazilian women live in one of the most vibrant, booming countries on the planet, so they have choices and you need to put your best foot forward.

Try to find the right style that fits you.

In Brazil, dating tends to start out late. You go to a restaurant. After a nice slow dinner and a few drinks, you move on to a club and that is a problem for a lot of guys.

What Do Brazilian Women Want in a Man?

So, you’re probably wondering what kind of men Brazilian women actually like?

In comparison to Western women, Brazilian women are easy to please. They have a very short list of things they find desirable in any single guy.

Don’t Be Broke

broke man and thumbs down

The first of these is that you have a job. You don’t need to be a millionaire or a wealthy entrepreneur, but you absolutely do need to be employed back home.

The reason for this is that although Brazil has a booming economy, a surprising number of Brazilian men sit around and expect the women to do all the work. The real hypocrisy here is they tell people they’re the breadwinner in the family when it’s anything but the truth.

It’s also important to understand that being from North America, Europe or Australia doesn’t automatically entitle you to a girl’s respect or desire.

Yes, you do enjoy a standard of living that is far higher than hers, but she cares more about your character than how much wealth you can wave around in her face. Taking that approach doesn’t fly here, so don’t try it.

Don’t Be a Wimp

South American and Latina women expect their men to be men.

They expect to be equal with you in all ways, but they want to be the woman.

A man with alpha male qualities is actually quite important to them because they view it as strength in a man and not a weakness. This comes as a shock to most Western guys because every time they open up Facebook or Twitter they see yet another story about toxic masculinity or some other feminist nonsense.

This doesn’t mean that she expects you to be domineering or controlling. But it does mean she expects you to have all the physical and emotional qualities of an adult male who is prepared to do what it takes to care for and raise a family with her.

Yes, they just want normal guys to act like normal guys.

One of the most refreshing things about dating Brazilian women is that they won’t discount you as a potential boyfriend or husband simply because you’re a few years older than they are.

There’s an upper limit on this obviously, so if you’re a 70-year-old guy don’t expect to hit on 20-year-old girls. The only ones who react positively to much older men are the ones who want to become intimate with your bank account before they become intimate with you.

do not lie

Don’t Lie to Her

Not for any reason, because if you get caught out then that’s the end of your relationship with her. We touched on this earlier on, but we want to reinforce the idea here that lying to your Brazilian girlfriend is an absolute no-no.

Don’t Be a Slob

And last but not least, she invests a lot of time and effort into looking her best. This includes eating well, getting regular exercise and generally living a healthy life.

So she’ll expect that you will at least try to do the same, even if it’s just to make a good impression on her.

You don’t need to be in training for an Olympic event, but you also won’t be allowed to simply sit around on the sofa all day, drinking beer and watching TV.

What she’s really looking for is a genuine guy who is honest, affectionate and willing to do just a little bit of work to win her heart.

Just do the exact opposite of how every other gringo tourist behaves, and everything will work out just fine.

Brazilian Women Love to Dance

Brazilian woman dancing with partner

When a Brazilian girl goes to a club she wants to party and when a Brazilian girl parties she wants to dance.

Dance – the word has been known to make brilliant trial attorneys stutter for an excuse and scared decorated Navy SEALs more than a midnight air assault. For a lot of guys, dancing is simply scary.

In the United Stated disco has been dead since the 1980s.  You can go clubbing for years and never get your arm twisted to dance.

But in Brasil girls will expect you to dance, because when they party they dance and dance and dance. Your first instinct will probably be to make excuses, but whatever you do – do not refuse to dance with your Brazilian girlfriend.

No matter how old you are or how tired you are, if your Brazilian bride wants to dance you better dance because if you don’t dance your date will find someone else to dance with. You do not want that!

So, just dance with the pretty Brazilian girl you brought to the club. If you are American or even worse Canadian, British, or German she already knows you can’t dance.

She probably knows that if you are an Aussie you think you can dance, but if you are Italian or Spanish she will probably have some expectations. That’s actually a little tougher.

It really doesn’t matter. If you are out with a stunning Brazil babe, just dance.  Don’t worry about how you look. If she wanted a good dance partner she could snag any number of Brazilian guys and if she wanted dance lessons she could hop a short flight to Argentina.

So, don’t worry about how you look. Just do it! Dance like you simply don’t give a damn.

Tell your Brazilian fitness model that no one but her could get you to dance. Dancing with her is the same thing as giving her roses or taking her to a great restaurant: It is a gift.

She doesn’t care about how you dance. What she wants to find out is how much you care about her, because she probably knows you don’t really want to dance – most middle-age guys really don’t want to dance.

What she wants is your undivided attention, so give her your attention and get out there and dance!

If this doesn’t make you want to date a Brazilian woman you should get your testosterone levels checked!

Barriers to Marrying a Brazilian Woman

Visa Requirements

There are two things to consider here. The first of these is the type of visa you need to actually enter Brazil in the first place. If you’re from an EU country then you can visit Brazil for up to 90 days without the need for a visa. A 90-day extension is possible, but you must apply for this before your initial visa expires.

If you are a citizen of the United States or Canada you are required to pay approximately US $160 for a 90-day visa, which again can be extended for an additional 90 days upon application.

The other type of visa is for guys who have already married their Brazilian girlfriend and now want her to return to Europe or North America with them. The first thing to check is whether or not your Brazilian marriage license is considered to be legally binding in your country of origin.

If it’s not then you will need to contact the relevant immigration department or office in your home country for further information.

But a quick summary is that the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada all have provisions in place to bring your mail-order bride home with you as part of their immigration process.

Unfortunately explaining immigration law in the required amount of detail for you to make a decision goes beyond the scope of this article. You can find more information here and here.


Brazilian girl pointing at Portuguese words

The only place you’ll find people speaking anything approaching fluent English is in tourist areas, which is typical of most overseas destinations. This means you can’t go on dates hoping that your date will speak English. Even if she does it will be unlikely that she speaks it fluently, which can lead to an awful lot of awkward silences.

The native language of Brazil is Portuguese, but it’s important that you get language lessons in Brazilian Portuguese and not European Portuguese.

There are some subtle differences between them especially when it involves slang of any kind. The last thing you want to do is offend somebody because you learned the wrong version of their native language.

Is Portuguese difficult to learn?

The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that Portuguese and Spanish are similar because they’re not even remotely alike. But if you invest a few hours in using Duo Lingo, Rosetta Stone or another language tuition tool, you’ll find that you can pick up conversational Portuguese in a couple of weeks of study.


culture of Brazil

Brazil is a predominantly Christian country and one where marrying foreigners has been acceptable for decades, if not centuries. You can see proof of this by simply looking around at the locals.

The only real cultural requirement here is that you should get her family’s permission to get married because that’s what everybody else does.

If you decide to get married in Brazil both of you must be at least 18 years of age, and not of the same sex.

Apart from that, you will simply require a copy of your passport, a copy of your birth certificate, and a legal document stating that you are not already married in another country.

These documents are then submitted to the Civil Registry Office, where they are reviewed for no more than 60 days. You must then wait another 15 days before you are issued with your marriage license, and that’s that.


Brazil is still a great location for international daters to meet the woman of their dreams, but many guys report having better results by avoiding tourist areas.

But the odds are in your favor either way because there are 70 million single women here looking to become somebody’s girlfriend, fiancée or wife.

date supermodels

Brazil Quick Stats

Capital City: Brasilia
Population: 212276050
Language: Portuguese
Climate: Mostly tropical, but temperate in south
Coastline: 4655 mi/7,491 km
Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic
Currency: Real (R$) (BRL)
Time Zone: GMT-3
Country Code: +55
Driving Side: Right
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