Brazilian Girl With A Great Smile

Name: Claudia
ID#: 51138
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 31

City: São Paulo, Brazil


Occupation: Medical
Religion: Christian
English Level: Fluent

Archetypes: Fluent

There will be a lot of excitement pretty soon in Rio as the Olympic Games rolls into town in a few weeks’ time.

There’s no show in the city as big as the Olympics in the whole world, and all eyes will be on Rio to see how it manages not only the sporting fixtures but also the influx of millions of extra visitors. Will it be any safer or just the opposite?

Not all eyes will be on the Games because if you are a red-blooded male, then you will no doubt be wanting to ogle a few of the local ladies.

It’s a fact that Brazilian women are super-hot babes and the opportunity for some of them to snare a foreigner over the period of the Games is huge.

Avoid the rush and line up your date for watching the Opening Ceremony with someone like Claudia on your arm.

There is a real advantage of having a local that can speak the language as your companion while you travel to the different sporting venues.

Negotiating the signs, the public transport and the clubs and bars with this statuesque beauty as your full-time date will be much easier and a lot more pleasant.

You might be just another ‘gringo’, but you will be one with pizzazz as you introduce Claudia to other guys. It would be fun to watch their faces turn to green with envy.

Looking at the photos of this beauty you can see she is rather well endowed up top and this feature is capped off with beautiful big brown eyes and a captivating smile.

She says she is a little extroverted but conversely, also somewhat sensitive. She’s a sucker for a bit of romance, and her man should be a non-smoker, have some family values, drink in moderation and hold down a good job. Whew!

So, if you fill the bill in at least 80% of these pre-requisites, then you should get in touch with this hot Brazilian babe as soon as possible. With intermediate English capabilities, communication with her should be just fine.

You will contribute significantly to happiness with her if you can show a romantic streak and promise to take her back to the USA…in good time. You will be happy to know she loves sport, all sport, so taking her to some Games’ events will enamour you to her even more.

While the Olympics will be the big ticket event, there are much more things to do and see in Rio and having Claudia by your side while you take in the sights in this vibrant city will make it memorable.

How about a nice picnic to Sugarloaf Mountain sharing a sandwich, a glass of wine and the ants with this honey? Can you imagine sitting on a blanket in a secluded spot on the mountain side, stealing a kiss and cuddle with her?

Or a day out at the Copacabana Beach with some swimming and lazing around with a drink or two? If the image of Claudia in a bikini isn’t enough to get you hot, then you are probably dead from the shoulders up…or down. Call her! Now!

Archetypes: Fluent

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