Nearly Perfect Brazilian Babe

Name: Sandra
ID#: 80736417631
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 32

City: São Paulo, Brazil


Occupation: Events promoter
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

Sandra is a beautiful Brazilian girl from São Luís, I’ve never been there but if the Dating websites that I frequent are any indication, this place has one of the highest percentages of hot women of any place in the world.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so that’s about 3,000 words worth of proof that Belo Horizonte is a world-class destination for finding hot Brazilian women to date and marry. But let’s get back to Sandra.

Guys, here’s Sandra, a delightful looking 32 year-old from Brazil. She has the usual attributes of a lovely South American young lady with her black hair and long, shapely legs that all add up to a very desirable package.

She loves movies and music, such simple tastes meaning that entertaining her will be a date to the cinema to see the latest romance, or maybe just a slow dance in the privacy of your apartment while music plays in the background.

Brazil is bracing itself for the imminent arrival of the Olympic athletes but whether that has an impact on the city Sandra lives in is debatable.

She resides in Belo Horizonte, a major city near the southern coast of Brazil. With a city population of 2.5 million and an overall population of just over 5 million, Belo Horizonte will always have something happening in the way of entertainment.

Sandra says she is a bit of a chatterbox and behind that lovely smile is a somewhat serious girl who is looking for a trustworthy man who will be sincere and romantic.

A man that is a little older is okay with her as she is looking for somebody mature, kind and gentle. If that’s you, then you should be contacting this honey and setting up a possible date before she disappears from the site.

Her level of English is given as intermediate, and that’s good because it means you can chat to her or email her knowing that you don’t need an interpreter. Nobody likes a middle contact when trying to be romantic.

At her height of 5’5,” it’s no surprise that she enjoys a game of volleyball, and her court position is more than likely front at the net for some lusty spikes.

Her favorite food is BBQ so can you imagine turning up at your friend’s house with Kimby (her nickname) on your arm for some hamburger and ribs? You would be the talk of the neighbourhood.

You should drop this dark-haired beauty a line and perhaps even send her some roses (her favorite flower) to get some romantic communication under way.

Did you know that in Brazil they speak Portuguese and not Spanish?

It’s a strange historical fact that centuries ago when the Spanish and the Portuguese were superpowers of that time and gave birth to some of the greatest explorers, Portugal annexed Brazil in the year 1532, but landed there in 1500.

You can put it down to a dude by the name of Pedro Alvares Cabral.

The people of Belo Horizonte are sometimes referred to as Mineiros, and they are rumoured to be friendlier than the average Brazilian.

It’s a darn sight easier getting around BH than in cities like Rio De Janiero and Sao Paulo.

It’s also a lot cheaper than the bigger cities so that means heading out on a date with the lovely Sandra is not going to break the bank.

What are you waiting for? Not only the romance of meeting a beautiful young lady awaits you but also the adventure of traveling to an exotic location such as Belo Horizonte and Brazil itself.

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

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