Brazilian Fitness Model Seeking Man

Name: Ana Claudia
ID#: 50918
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 41

City: São Paulo, Brazil


Occupation: Fitness instructor
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Basic

Here for you to look at and ponder your future is the ravishing Ana Claudia, waiting for her hunk to contact her and make her dreams come true.

She is a beautifully put together, tall blonde, and yes, you do get blondes in Brazil. Not all the women have the same colour features. As she is 5’6”, if you’re a midget, then it’s probably best you look elsewhere.

Ana Claudia has the classic features of a supermodel with her height and her beautifully slim waist. She is not a college student, but a more mature woman aged 41.

That’s the age women are at their sexual peak and know what they want in life. As this is Brazil, the language is Portuguese, close to Spanish but with some subtle variations.

Ana Claudia loves nature, and that means hiking, beaches, mountains, and romantic walks in any of those environments.

Based on her background you need to be a passionate guy who loves the same things as her, like candlelit dinners, walks along the beach and any sort of travel.

Ana Claudia lives in Sao Paulo, which is in the northeast region of Brazil in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Considering the location walks along the beach may be wishful thinking seeing it’s at least a day’s drive to just get to the coast from Central Brazil. But the other aspects of nature are abundant with mountains and hiking tracks and hidden rivers.

The city itself is a fair size with over 1.5 million people, and that means there are lots of things to do there.

If you love soccer, and it’s football season, then there is a first class stadium to go and watch the game –  Arena Do Gremio, and if Ana Claudia likes a bit of science and technology, there is a museum just for that.

As she indicated she loved nature, then a walk in the lovely parks and gardens of the Moinhos De Vento Park and a picnic on the shores of Guaiba Lake will make the day a really romantic one.

For some cultural stuff then the Museum of Art of Rio Grande Do Sol is an absolutely beautiful building housing some interesting items for you to look at as you wander around.

You can show here where the rich live and go to the Piratini Palace. In fact, you couldn’t see all that Portalegre has to offer in a week.

Ana Claudia is very active in sport and keeping fit with gym work and her preference of walking rather than taking public transport. That explains the hot body that is waiting for your call, your email or chat.

Don’t let the chance slip away and do something positive rather than just gawking at her picture. These girls are NOT untouchable and are genuinely waiting for the right guy to take the lead and make contact.

She likes football and volleyball and red roses. You can win her heart by taking her to a Chinese restaurant. How hard is that? If you’re tired of the same old dating routines in your home country, then here’s an adventure that has many benefits.

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