Date this Sexy Brazilian Mail Order Bride

Name: Luciana
ID#: 117437724
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 26

City: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I believe that Luciana means star, but don’t send me a lot of whiney e-mails if I’m wrong, because I didn’t bother to look it up. Who cares really?

The point is that stars are hot and so is Luciana. In Brazil brides are often hot, but there are not a lot of Brasil girls as hot as Luciana. Holy smokes, but this girl is hot-hot-hot!

Luciana is a twenty-six year-old Brazilian mail order bride with a super hot body. She says she likes dancing and sports and that she is looking for man who, “like to practice sports”, which I believe means a guy who does a little bit more than watch NASCAR and play in your annual “Have a Beer on Base Softball Game.”

I bet you hit the gym sometimes. I mean sometime since the Reagan Administration. Well, in Brazil brides expect their groom to at least try to look hot for the wedding.

Let’s put it this way, if hitting the gym three days a week helped you land a hot Brazilian bride like Luciana wouldn’t it be worth it?

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Shoot! If hitting the gym seven days a week helped you date a Brazil girl half this hot I would guess it would be worth it.

Anyhow, Luciana is a hotty. Her profile is over at Amolatina, which has some of the hottest Latin girls online.

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