Blonde Bombshell

Name: Svetlana
ID#: 186926
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 37

City: Kiev, Ukraine

Kids: Yes: 1 – girl, 11 y/o

Occupation: Fitness Trainer
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian (native)

Archetypes: Fitness Girls

They say that sometimes pictures speak louder than words, and I think we can all agree that this is definitely one of those times!

This is the beautiful and charming Svetlana. She’s a young Lawyer from Kiev Ukraine and she is heart attack hot!

Maybe I read too many Marvel comics as a kid, but for some reason she reminds me of the character “Black Cat.”  I just think she would make a great Super Villain.

black cat hot female supervillain

That’s Black Cat for those of you who aren’t up on your Spider Man comics.

I think Svetlana and Black Cat could have be twins.  What do you think?

long legged Ukraine girl seeking marriage


Yasi is hotter!  This woman is a walking comic book superheroine!  You don’t see that every day in Mobile or Boise.

Ok, yeah, I will admit it, I still sometimes read Marvel comics.  Not DC though – never. I have out grown Superman for good, but I certainly like all of the Ukrainian supergirls.

Anyway – back to Svetlana…

In her dating profile over at A Foreign Affair this Blonde Bombshell saysI am open and curious girl. I like to discover new places, to learn something new, to try new things.  Now, that does sound good!

A curious blonde!

Anyhow, she goes on and says, I am responsive and generous. I am not selfish.

Wow!  I bet that sound exactly like the woman you have been dreaming of for years.  She is blond, beautiful, and generous!

And here is what she is looking for in a man…

I hope to find an intelligent and serious man who acts more than speaks, who can keep his words. I want to have a kind, positive, attentive and caring man nearby with who I will always feel loved. I hope to find a man with who we will look to the same direction and have similar thoughts about important things such as family, relationship, life in general.

These beautiful mail order brides deserve to be treated well and if they can’t get respect from a local guy in Kiev some guy from Dallas, Denver, or Dover will give them what they want.  There is no doubt about that and you can’t blame the ladies for going for something better.

They deserve to be treat liked ladies.  They know they can get something better and that is one of the main reasons why Odessa has become a Mecca for Western men seeking foreign girls for marriage.

Svetlana has her dating profile (and more pictures) up over at A Foreign Affair. I highly recommend that you check her out!

Archetypes: Fitness Girls

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