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Here at International Love Scout, we have been dumbfounded in recent years by reports about self-described incels, or involuntary celibates, and other sad, lonely men who cannot find a good woman. 


We know from experience that most introverted guys make great husband material if they just can get the attention of a good woman and there are millions of incredible foreign women looking for a kind, decent man. For us the solution is obvious.

It is far easier for a shy Western guy to catch a woman’s eye in Lima or Lviv than in London or Los Angeles. Furthermore, we know that the negative press coverage about shy men is focusing on the antics of an incredibly small percentage men. The media feeds off sensationalism. 

We want to develop a solution that will help some of these men have the sort of life they want. We believe in introverted men, we understand their problems, and we are introducing International Love Scout Tours to help shy guys catch the attention of the sort of girls they dream about.

These are not regular romance tours.  International Love Scout Tours are particularly designed for introverted men who have not been romantically successful. 

These tours are designed from their inception to help shy men who actually want to develop a loving relationship with a woman. 

The tours include a little education for the men, a little preparation for the women, and some organizational tweaks to address the most common problems shy men face on regular romance vacations.

Problems With Regular Romance Tours

We love romance tours!

They are the most cost-effective way for men to get introduced to marriage-minded foreign women.  The men get help with the logistics of traveling halfway around the world, a chance to meet hundreds of beautiful women, and a little bit of coaching to help them make a great impression. 

Romance tours are an amazing way for average guys to meet hundreds of beautiful women and have a great vacation over the course of a couple of weeks.  But the key word there is “average.” 

This is the author. This never happens back in Missouri.

For introverts, a romance tour’s strengths often turn into challenges. 

The way that most tour companies operate is that basically you travel overseas with a random group of guys and go to several large parties, usually called socials, where you get the chance to meet hundreds of random women.

After the social, the tour group usually stays in town a couple of days and guys set up dates with the women they like. A few days later they will move on to another city. 

One of the biggest surprises is how well most men on romance tours tend to get along with one another. There is usually a real sense of comradeship among the guys.

There are so many women that competition rarely comes up and the guys are usually good sounding boards for one another.  They share their impression of the women they meet at the socials, ideas on how to impress the ladies, and often double date.  

For most men, it is a lot of fun. 

But for shy guys becoming a member of this boys’ club is sometimes a struggle.  They are often simply not comfortable with a group of men – many of whom who are so much more extroverted. 

There is sort of a fraternity feel to the situation and for guys who played sports and joined fraternities, it is usually great.  For the guys who spent most of their college career in the university computing center or library, it is often a little more of a challenge.

Sometimes they just can’t find anyone they click with and just go it alone.  These “Tour Loners” usually have the lowest satisfaction level and rarely succeed in finding a woman.   

Tour socials are a little strange for men – all men.  Women often outnumber men as much as twenty to one.  Even for a man who is confident in his people skills, it can be hard to figure out how to get started without feeling disingenuous. 

It is just a strange situation and for a shy guy, it can be paralyzing. 

It is made more unusual because the women really are hoping to meet an awesome guy.  Nearly all of the women who show up at these events know a friend or relative who is happily married and living in the United States or another Western country. 

They are hoping to find a prince like that too, so they tend to be drawn towards men who have the gift of gab so to speak. 

So, if a caveman like me can meet a girl like her surely you can do even better!

For a lot of shy men, the numbers are incredibly intimidating.  They are worried about accidentally insulting a woman or looking silly by trying to talk to a particularly attractive woman.  

And the fact that so many attractive women want to speak to them is just way outside of their comfort zones. 

For a man who might not meet more than two or three single women a year meeting three hundred at once is a shock.     

Yes, the good tour operators, like A Foreign Affair, make an effort to give extra assistance to shy men, but it is not a primary goal.  Most of their clients are not particularly introverted and they have to set their expectations for those guys.

International Love Scout Tours are just the opposite. 

They are designed around the unique needs and special talents of introverted men.  Introverted men are the exclusive focus – not outliers – and the first big difference is the atmosphere of International Love Scout Tours.

Designed Environment for Shy Men

On a regular tour, a few super outgoing characters tend to dominate every social.  They usually work as salesmen or own small businesses.  They are hustlers.  Many of these guys have been married two or three times, a few even more, and a handful are flat out playboys. 

They usually do not intend to annoy the less outgoing guys, but they often make the introverts uncomfortable.  Mixing them is simply a mistake.

So, ILS Tours are limited to single, never married men without any children.  This is important because it means that all of the men will have roughly the same amount of romantic experience.

Beauty and the beast.

That means that no one on a tour needs to be ashamed of their lack of success with women.  Everyone is in the same boat and that means they can relax and help one another succeed. 

This creates a low key, fun environment, but it also changes the atmosphere of the tours in other ways.

For instance, it will bring the average age of men on the tour way down.  Traditionally the average age of men on a romance tour is roughly fifty-five to sixty years of age. 

That relatively high average age for men tends to drive up the ages of the women who attend the events. 

Conversely, sometimes the men will complain that the girls at the socials are simply too young for them because they have daughters and sometimes even granddaughters who are in their twenties or early thirties.

But on International Love Scout Tours this is far less of an issue.  

Worse, some younger men never even consider a romance tour, because they think of it as something for older. 

But ILS pushes hard to attract the right age mix for the guys on a tour so that both the men and the women can find the person they want to find.  

The overriding goal in the design of our tours is to reduce anxiety and stress many introverts often feel in public settings while at the same time increasing the chances of real relationships to develop. 

There are several factors that go into this effort, but an important part of the program is educating the men before the tour.  

Educating Introverts

Most introverted men need some education about how to succeed romantically.  This is a little ironic because introverts tend to be more intelligent and far more educated than most people. It is a stereotype but true.  

Many men with dreadful romantic track records did great in school and are extraordinarily successful professionally.  They often work in highly analytical fields like engineering or the sciences and the course is not trying to change their basic personality. 

There is nothing wrong with being introverted.  Society needs introverts.  This course does not try to change them into extroverts. That is a fools’ errand.

The course gives introverted men some ideas about how to present themselves to women in the best light and explains why foreign women want to meet them. 

It is not a pickup guide. 

Instead, it is intended to let introverted guys, who are usually really and truly good, honorable men, show that part of their personality to women without being jerks or reprogramming their basic personality.  It is possible.

The idea is to make the men understand that on an ILS Romance Tour they have every reason to be confident.  They do.  In part, because the men know that the women know that these foreign men are smart, successful, and kind, but a little shy.

Coaching the Women

But International Love Scout Tours do not just educate the men.  We also work with the women.  We let the women know that the men on this tour are really good guys – just shy. 

We do this so the women understand they are going to have to reach out a little more than the men they would normally meet.  This is really important.

We also tell the women more about the men’s likes, dislikes, and hobbies before the socials so they can help keep the conversation going and see what really makes these men special. 

And we design the tour events to be more introvert-friendly.  So, there will not be any pushy comics or MCs who put the men on the spot for laughs. Instead, things will be more laid back – still fun – but more laid back.

With International Love Scout Tours everything is focused on helping the guys make the best impression possible because we know that shy guys are usually good guys. 

They don’t tend to be as arrogant, pushy, or stubborn as most men.  (It’s the truth.) 

They also tend to be thoughtful, compassionate, and very romantic. We want to make these factors strengths and not a weakness for shy men. 


We know introverts are smart, so enough of the sales job.  There are millions of foreign women who would like to meet a kind, shy Western man.  That is a fact and you know it is true. 

Can we guarantee you will find of the love of your life on an International Love Scout Romance Tour?  No, of course not.  Romance is not simple or easy. 

But we can eliminate a lot of the challenges to meeting a woman and give you a much better chance than you would have if you stay at home.   We can say that with confidence because we have designed everything to make life simpler for shy guys. 

How often have you heard about a company doing that?

But the truth is that International Love Scout was started by two geeky guys both of whom had less than sterling reputations as lady’s men. International dating changed our lives for the better. You can see that from the photos in this article.

Even more importantly, we have seen incredible positive change for some of our clients too. Now with these romance tours we want to reach the men who really can benefit the most.

Introvert’s take a lot of abuse in the press, but not very many people are actually looking at their needs and trying to help them.  So, if you really want to find love, why not give it a try with a company designed to help guys like YOU? 

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