The Hottest Ukrainian Blonde?

Name: Irina
ID#: 199688
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 33

City: Kiev, Ukraine


Occupation: Fitness Trainer
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Basic
Languages: Ukrainian (native), Russian (excellent)

We have a lot of hot blondes here on International Love Scout –  a lot of smoking hot blondes – but I could argue that Irina is as hot as any.  This woman is nuclear meltdown hot!

And she knows it.  She writes that, I am like fire. I am hot and bright inside.  So, she’s got a little ego, but sometimes I really like that in a woman.

Do you really think you would have a shot at a stunning blonde like Irina back in your hometown?  Oh, sure every town has some hot college girls, fit Pilates instructors, and sexy single moms, but can you get them to give you the time of day?

That’s really the amazing thing about international dating.  For a whole list of reasons that we explain in THIS ARTICLE an amazing girl like Irina is willing to consider dating you.

In some respects, it is an amazing time to be a man.

But there is some sadness to her situation.  Irina is from, Kiev, a city in the Eastern Ukraine that has been the scene of fighting in the civil war going on there. I don’t know whether she is a refugee.  She doesn’t say so, but let’s just say she lives in a rough neighborhood.  She certainly has reasons for wanting to meet a nice foreign man!

Let’s just be honest.  When you see a man, any man, with a woman half this hot you always stop and think, What does that lucky SOB have that I don’t have?  The truth is he probably has a mid-six figure job, tight abs, and his own hair.

But Irina would like you to be that man, but she wants…

…to feel warm and affectionate in his arms and feel as if my life begins and ends with him.  When you are in my life I want to think the following … what I did to be so lucky to have him in my life!

That is a pretty high order and it is going to take some effort for a lot of guys to rise to that level, but Irina is being honest.  She expects a lot out of her man.  But my God this chick is HOT!

And she is smart.  She says she is a medic.  Maybe that means she is an EMT or maybe it means she is a nurse, but regardless she is a smart cookie.

She says that…

I am loving and faithful, trustworthy and caring person. I am cheerful, merry and sociable person with good sense of humor, and I value these features on other people too, as well as politeness, faithfulness, honesty and trust. At the same time I am a very tender, romantic, kind and emotional lady.

She sounds like a great woman.  And even a blind man can see she is hot – hot – hot!

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