Please Spoil Carla from Colombia

Name: Carla
ID#: 20522746731
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 29

City: Bogotá, Colombia

Kids: No

Occupation: Fashion designer
Languages: Spanish

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

It’s all very well for Carla to say that she wants to be spoiled, but that is not a unique quality in a woman.

If the pampering is made up of being loving, romantic, attentive, communicative, and passionate, then call her, sign your life away, and live happily ever after.

If she wants gifts and dinners and clothing and chocolates and flowers, you better check your financial situation.

However, if you read more about this very beautiful young Colombian hottie, then you will understand that it is more of the former she craves.

You can’t buy this girl’s love, you’re going to have to earn it. No doubt, there would not be a better challenge in life than earning Carla’s return of passionate love.

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Carla is 29 years old, has what she describes as a muscular body, but we beg to differ, and would rather girl it sensuously hot, has blondish hair, is reasonably tall at 5’6”, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and works as a fashion designer.

If an angel appeared at the foot of your bed, looked like Carla, and had all these attributes, you would be forgiven if you became a believer in the spiritual again.

She has the looks of a movie star and the body to match. Reading her profile, her English ain’t all that bad either.

That’s a huge plus when you are trying to communicate with a girl from another country.

That doesn’t mean you should drop the Spanish lessons, it just means that you might not have to learn that language so deeply. Another blessing.

What qualifications do you need to get it on with Carla?

Well, unusually for Colombian girls, she wants you to be under 35, so that puts you in the prime of your life to match Carla, who is certainly in the prime of hers.

You need to be a good lover. Tick the box but don’t lie. ? You must know how to please your partner.

Well, you can either watch instructional videos or you are already a fox in bed. So, how are your ticked boxes going?

To be frank, if you bombed out on any of these so far, then close this window and click on the next girl. Why say that?

Look at her! She is sensational, stunning, sexy. If you can’t satisfy this woman, there will be trouble.

If you are confident that she fits the bill and you fit her bill, then proceed to the next section.

Communication with her needs to be quick and you need to do it now.

Pointless waiting because this quality of female doesn’t hang around like low hanging fruit. Take action, and go and get her.

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

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