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Understanding the Anastasia’s Communication Tools and What They Cost

 The Perfection of International Dating

The communications tools offered by the international dating sites AnastasiaDate,  Amolatina, AsianDate, and AfricanBeauties, the Anastasia family of sites, are absolutely amazing.  In series of quiet steps they have revolutionized international dating.  The tools include letters, instant chat, video chat, and high-def video chat.  They also allow you to give the ladies you are in touch with a variety of gifts from language lessons to roses.

But of course the most STUNNING thing about these sites, which from now on I will refer to simply as Anastasia, is the women, the sweet, sexy, intelligent women.


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curvy busty Moroccan babe
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bubbly Thai girl for dating

No other sites dating sites offer anywhere near the sheer number of sexy gymnast, elegant fashion models, hot teachers, sweet young doctors, and dozens of other sorts of the SEXIEST women you can possibly imagine.

That’s awesome – really awesome.  But what makes Anastasia truly special is that it provide the tools for men from around the world to contact these beautiful ladies INSTANTLY.

marry the hottest women in the world

If you somehow stumbled into this article with no background on Anastasia check out this page to catch up.

The purpose of this article is to help you maximize your fun and your money.  Anastasia has a lot of great tools for meeting women, but it can be confusing and expensive.  This article will explain a lot of the features and show you how to use them most effectively.

 Understanding the Anastasia Process

There are just certain things that must occur in a certain order to succeed the way they should.  Even apparently simple tasks have an order they need to occur in to really succeed.  There is simply a process you need to follow.

For instance, think about painting an old fashioned wooden frame house.  First, you have to scrape peeling paint, replace any rotten boards, then you have to prime the new boards you just added, and so on.

It is really pretty complicated and there is a series of tasks that need to occur in the proper order to obtain the best results.

Well, online dating is an order of magnitude more complicated than painting a house.  It is fraught with risks of misunderstanding and error because there are two completely distinct operations going on.  First, there is a business transaction between a consumer, a lonely man, and a service provider, the dating agency.

Except for economics textbooks perfect transactions do not exist in the real world.  There is always an imbalance of information that favors one side or the other in any transaction.  Either the consumer or the business pays more or less than they normally would pay for the same good or service.  The car business used to be notorious for charging informed consumers far less than average consumers.

Well, using the Anastasia Family of sites in your search for a beautiful foreign bride is a lot more complex operation that buying a car, but the idea behind this guide is to make you the guy who drives off the lot with a sweet, young thing hotter than the hottest red corvette for thousands less than other dudes.  So, the financial element is a big part of this system, but unlike buying a car, which often feels like an inhuman experience, dating is a deeply human issue.

You need to understand the process.

 International Dating Is Not a Game

Real people are involved.  Real emotions get hurt.  When you are sitting at your keyboard about to say something that might be offensive to some poor girl in Shanghai or Odessa stop and remind yourself she is more than just a screen name.  She is a real person with real feelings and you can hurt them without even realizing it.

Be nice.

I really do not know what the acceptable range of behavior is in these sites.  I’ve chatted with some ladies from Asia and Europe who seem very fragile.  There are many Asia ladies, who seem very fragile and sheltered.  In places in Asia young girls are extremely sheltered and the same is also true in Latin America, sometimes even in countries like Brazil, where the women go to the beach 99% nude.

But regardless, you should treat all of them as if they are fragile until you know more. Yes, there are women on Anastasia who you can tell dirty jokes with and even more, but wait until you know them before you cross those boundaries.

So, take it slow.  Let the lady set the parameters.  If she’s a saucy lass she will let you know soon enough, but if she is not you will not offend her.  And it might turn out that even if you believe you are looking for an experienced woman of the world that the sweet, young thing you were nice to might soften your hard old heart up and bowl you over.

Or she might tell you how to impress that smoking hot commando girl with the little tattoo on her shoulder and eyes that punch through you like a fifty cal.  It never hurts to have friends.

So, the Golden Rule is the first rule of making international dating work.  Treat the ladies like you would want your daughters, sisters, or you mom treated if the situation were reversed.  This is not a video game.  Actually, before you go any further you should stop and be sure YOU are the kind of man who should pursue a mail order bride.

Go over there and read that before you go any further.

Back already?

Good, you don’t have to be a genius or a saint, but you have a ton of personal problems it is very difficult to develop any sort of a relationship, much less deal with all of the extra cultural problems surrounding international dating.

Did any of that article remind you of yourself or your situation?

Be honest.

If there were a lot of similarities the fact that you can see them is real progress. Take a break from dating for a few months and deal with your own problems.

Ultimately, you will be happier and so will anyone you might get into a relationship with.

Now, we can move on to the first big issue you have to control on AnastasiaDate, Amolatina, or AsianDate – money management.

 Explaining Anastasia Credits

So, what is the Anastasia company selling?  They are NOT selling dates.  They are not even selling addresses or names of beautiful women.

The ONLY thing that Anastasia sells is credits.

Consumers buy the credits at a sliding scale based on how many credits they are buying and then redeem those credits for access to certain proprietary communication technology.  That’s it.

Why does Anastasia do this?

For exactly the same reasons that casinos use chips instead of cash – people are more willing to spend chips or credits than honest American folding money.  It is simple psychology.  The chips or credits do not seem like real money so players or want to be players at Anastasia are not as upset about seeing them disappear.  At the casino with some luck you might manage to win some money; at Anastasia you are trying to win the heart of a beautiful lady.

They are both high stakes games and the winners usually understand the odds and play more effectively than your average Joe.  That’s what we are trying to do here try to show you the difference between the best bets and the suckers’ bets at Anastasia’s casino of love.

The standard prices for purchasing credits is pretty simple.  The more you buy the cheaper it gets, down to about .40 a credit, and most guys understand that part

Here’s what Anastasia’s credit purchase page looks like:

AnastasiaDate - how to purchase credits

Superficially, it is pretty simple, but superficially nothing is easier than blackjack and most people lose at blackjack too.

Anastasia has a lot of fine print about when and how they charge you for those credits.  It isn’t awful and they do tell you what the price is in credits, but they tend to mention it in small font.

So, to avoid being annoyed remember these tips.  It is usually 1 credit per minute in standard chat, 3 credits in regular video chat, and 6 credits per minute in high def video chat, but this is not uniform. For whatever reason there seems to be some variations, though it appears that six credits a minute is the absolute max.

Whatever the rate is it is printed (check above or below) each lady’s profile in small light grey font.  It isn’t hard to see, but it doesn’t jump out at you.  Just look for it if you are concerned.

Next be very careful about clicking on the photos of women with videos in the pop up tool where the women say hello, because you can click on it and cost yourself 6 credits very easily.   And if you want to say hello to them you can always click on their Live Chat button.

Then a window opens and you can chat.

Finally, when you are in the chat window there is a little video box on the right hand side.  Most Ukrainian women and many from Asia have a live video feed.  You can see them, but they CANNOT see you.

Again, just pay attention.   Finally, it is 10 credits to open or send a letter, 10 credits to open or send a photo, and ten credits to open a video.  Often the opening fees for letters and photos are specifically waived.

Then there are a huge variety of gifts you can give the ladies too, but none of that is particularly complicated.  The prices for the gifts are clear and easy to grasp because they tend to be one time purchases.

But one big problem is that you still don’t know what all of this is costing you in real American dollars, the kind you use to buy food, pay rent, and even use on real dates to pay for pizza and movie tickets.  Without converting Anastasia credits to U.S. Dollars you cannot really understand how much it is costing you to meet a girl on Amolatina, AsianDate, or Anastasia.


So, you need to convert Anastasia’s credits into dollars, but that is tricky because the price you pay for a credit varies depending on how you purchased them.  The easiest way to understand it is to first look at the Basic Product Cost Chart below.  It shows you each of the communication tools you can use credits to purchase and the approximate cost in dollars.


Across AnastasiaDate, Amolatina, and AsianDate

Now, that you have that information you can really begin to see what things really cost in good old American folding money.  But of course the cost in dollars changes depending on what you paid for the credits.   That is an incredibly important fact to keep in mind.

The Credit Package Chart converts the costs from credits to cash based on the purchase packet and hopefully makes sense, and helps you use your dollars and cents more effectively.


Across AnastasiaDate, Amolatina, and AsianDate

CreditsPriceUnit PriceLive Chat MinutesVideo Chat MinutesCam Share MinutesLetters Setn or OpenedLetters Sent & Replied ToUnit Price of Each Letter

 Understanding the Secrets of Anastasia’s Credit System

If you look closely at these charts several things really jump out:

First, why would anyone purchase the 320 credit package?

You are paying .58 cents.  It was only .2 cents higher for credits in the 160 credit.  At 320 you are paying $185.  That is almost twice the $96 you paid at 160 and only $64 less than what you would pay for 500.

It is a lot more money for the smallest increase of any package.

Second, the largest discounts occur when you move up from 80 credits to 160 credits and when you buy 1000 credits.

Third, is Cam Share really worth it to you?

Cam share is a high definition video product.  Do you have the bandwidth to seamlessly stream LIVE high definition video?  If you don’t it is going to be jerky and constantly buffering.


And are you going to be viewing the video on a device where you can really appreciate the higher quality?

Look, if you are some technophile with a rocking home theater system and screaming fast internet this might be only one step below the Holodeck on the Enterprise.  Otherwise, I’m not sure it is worth tripling the cost from basic video chat.


There are a lot of ladies on Anastasia that I would love to see in high def on the right television.

Well, check out the Cam Share page. It might help you decide.

Fourth, sending and receiving letters and photos are crazy expensive.

Photos are alluring and they a ton of information to flow back and forth between you and any ladies you are communicating with.  But remember, everyone is costing you $8.00 to $4.00.

That’s a lot of cash, but the girls will send you photos and you will look like a real jerk if you don’t open them.  Often women won’t send you a photo until they have chatted with you for a while and they tend to see it as a test of your interest.

But…. it is a lot of money.

The same issues apply to letters.   You send one and the lady responds that exchange could cost you as much as $16.00.


Often you can open the first letter from a woman for free.  Those free letters are nice.  They often show that a woman has read your profile and is really interested in you, but if you respond and the lady sends another letter back that little exchange could cost you as much as $16.00.


But there is a time and a place for letters.  Don’t overlook it as a tool to help you win that stunning Brazilian bikini girl.

A well written letter is like a B-52.  It isn’t the right tool for every situation, but in some situations it can really hit hard and solve a lot of problems.  We will discuss when the right time to deploy letters later, but for now just remember that despite all of these fancy tools there is still a place for a carefully considered letter.

Finally, sometimes the cheapest way to chat is with your phone.

Anastasia often give a discount, giving you the first three minutes of chat for free, if you are on your phone.  That can really help.

These five communications tools, instant chat, video chat, cam  share, letters, and photos, are the primary product that men purchase with credits on Anastasia, but there are two more strange categories, Virtual Gifts and Presents.

 Virtual Gifts And Presents

These two categories are gifts you can give to the woman of your dreams.

Virtual gifts are basically fancy emoticons that you can send a woman if you believe that will impress her.

Here is what the Virtual Gifts page looks like:

Anastasiadate virtual gift chart

They are each 15 credits or $16.00 to twelve dollars.  It appears on your lady’s profile for a week.

Now, I believe that many guys look at them as totally cheesy and on some level they are but they really have their uses.  Remember, despite all of the super fancy gear they carry commandos still carry knives, because sometimes you need a knife.

The Virtual Gift is the same thing.  It is simple and seemingly obsolete, but they have their uses. True it is only in very specialized situations when you back is against the wall, but there is a way to use them to help you bring the hottest physicist in China back home to West Texas.

Presents are actual physical presents that Anastasia sells in a virtual store.

Here’s what part of that page looks like:

Anastasiadate virtual store

Yep, you can drop some real money on the little lady even if you have never seen her in person, might not recognize her on the street, and are living ten thousand miles from her.

These gifts are very dangerous, like atom bombs, and like atom bombs they have almost no use in the modern world.  But they are out there and there will be times you will think about using them.

From a strictly financial point of view the main thing is that if you are going to buy gifts you should be buying them with credits from the 1000 credit packages.  That is so simple I probably don’t have to explain myself, but just to make sure that my readers don’t stumble into the dumbest trap ever, a trap that is so obvious it really should never catch the dumbest bear, I will explain.

Let’s say you decide to buy a blond nineteen year old Russian fitness model with a million ruble smile, abs of steel, and legs that Putin has declared a national treasure of the Motherland the Lingua Leo English language course above so that you can figure out what is coming out of that adorable mouth.  Well, that great.  I wish there was a free English program for the ladies.

So, you could just purchase the 320 credit package and pay for the course, because that is the closest course in size to the number of credits you need for the purchase.  And you might if you were in a hurry and had not read this book.

But if you did that the English course would cost $150.80.  If instead you go ahead and purchase the thousand credit package the course would only cost $104 because the when you paid with credits from 320 credit package you were buying the language course with credits you paid .58 apiece for.

Credits from the 1000 credit package only cost .40 that and means the course is 32% cheaper if you buy it with credits from the biggest package.

One last thing to keep in mind about Anastasia is that they often offer discounts if you are using a mobile device.  Usually, they will give you the first three minutes free.  That’s really nice if you are just curious about a lady or to simply say, “Hello,” to a lady you are already chatting with.

 Summing Up Anastasia

You can spend a fortune on Anastasia.  That is an indisputable fact, but if you plan wisely you can meet a lot of amazing ladies without spending a fortune.

The key thing is to PAY ATTENTION!  It is so easy to get caught up chatting with a beautiful woman and totally forget that a meter is running.

Anastasia is a big site and it offers a huge variety of communication tools and ways to spend money.  You just have to pay attention and remember, you are really just trying to present yourself to the woman you are interested in and learn enough about her to decide if you want to meet her.

Some guys may be able to do that in one chat.  It will take other guys six months to decide who they want to meet, but keep that in mind.  You can learn a LOT about a woman on Anastasia, but stay focused on the traits you really value in a woman and in the end you will end up much happier.

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