How Anastasia Reinvented the Mail Order Bride Industry for the 21st Century

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Anastasia has reinvented the mail order bride industry, removing many of the hassles and security concerns, through the innovative use of new technology.

Simply put, Anastasia is the most attractive site for both women who want to become mail order brides and the men who want to meet them, but many men cannot believe it is TRUE.

Anastasia seems too good to be true, because it is so easy to meet so many incredibly beautiful women from all over the world. And ten years ago, heck even five years ago, it was impossible to prove that the girls were real.

But now a guy can sign up and see the girls for himself in all of their high definition glory on video chat in about three minutes.


marry the hottest women in the world

It is a whole new world for international dating.

The girls are REAL. You can talk to them in video chat. You can decide how pretty they really are. You can decide if they have exaggerated their English skills.

You can decide if they are really looking for their “dearest man” or if they are just having some fun.

But for many guys that realization only raises more questions. For instance, a lot of guys simply cannot understand why are there so many Playboy quality Russian mail order brides on AnastasiaDate? Why are there so many incredibly hot Asian girls on AsianDate?

The answer to that one is simple: Because Anastasia gives the women exactly what they want.

Anastasia may have more really stunning women than any other web site online including giants like Plenty of Fish and

Certainly, it is easier to find scores of incredibly hot women on the Anastasia sites. On those gigantic sites, there are so many women that sifting through all of the ladies for the REAL stunners is a major task.

If you are running AnastasiaDate or AsianDate behind that spreadsheet program you need to double-check for that big meeting tomorrow within a few minutes you will still be inundated with more beauty queens, fitness models, and simply awesome ladies than you could find in three days on

What Do Mail Order Brides Really Want? 

First, there are good cultural and economic reasons why women from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia are so incredibly interested in marrying western men.

Here at International Love Scout when the idea for this site first began to develop the first question we had was, “Do these women really want to marry Western men?”

It didn’t take much research to discover that the answer was a resounding, “Yes!”

We have written tons of articles on the subject.  For instance, it is pretty wildly known that since the implementation of China’s “One Child, One Family” in 1978 that there have been tens of millions more baby boys born in China than baby girls, but for a whole variety of reasons there are still millions of unwanted Chinese women, called Sheg Nu.

It is incredible.

We have answered the question, “Are Russian Mail Order Brides for Real.”

We examined the fear that so many Western men have that, Mail Order Brides Just Want Me For My Money and examined a lot of other questions in articles, usually with support from highly respected sources, and you can read all of the articles in The Truth About Mail Order Brides

So, beyond a shadow of a doubt these women really do want to marry Western men, but love don’t pay the bills.

Money and Mail Order Brides

Like the song says, “Love Don’t Pay the Bills, It takes money,” and the ladies on AnastasiaDateAmolatina, and AsianDate do make money from communicating with guys.


Oh! The humanity!

I am not sure exactly how they are paid.  It is pretty hard to figure out, some internet wags suggest they are getting 10% of what you pay to chat with them or open their letter or whatever.

I don’t know, but personally I have NO problem with that and neither should you, because oddly if you know about the money, it makes the whole system make sense and gives you the final piece to help you not get scammed.

First, I like the idea of feeling like I am helping out a beautiful girl.  That’s cool to me and it feels nice.  I know I’m not really going to meet most of these ladies, so I don’t mind paying them something for their time.

And if I did meet them in person I would certainly be willing to buy them dinner, drinks, or roses, so I don’t mind them making a few shekels for chatting with me for a few minutes.

And it is very, very easy to tell which ladies are making a little pocket change while they are looking for their future husband and which girls are professional cam girls.  It is not rocket science and the girls are pretty honest about it.

Also, I believe that the fact they are paying the ladies is a HUGE reason the ladies from so many different countries flock to the site in such incredible numbers.

Yes, the Anastasia Family sites are well designed and generally glitch-free.  They also advertise more than most mail order bride sites, but obviously the fact that the girls are making a little money on the deal is part of the reason that so many simply incredible women sign up for the sites.  You can’t blame the girls.

To realize how this helps you and in some respects keeps the system more clean and honest you need to examine the situation from the point of view of a beautiful, talented, intelligent woman from Latin America, Asia, or Eastern Europe.

The Attraction of Anastasia Sites From the Female Perspective

For many of these ladies, even the most talented and beautiful, marrying a sweet Western guy is very, very close to a storybook dream come true. 

Most of them can’t imagine they will be as lucky as their aunt living in Carmel, California or their high school friend living in Sydney, Australia.

So, many of them, maybe most of them, would not waste time shooting for such a ridiculous goal on if they were not making a little money for their trouble.

It makes a lot of sense really. Most of the women on Anastasia or NOT going to marry Western men, there are simply too many women.  They’re not stupid.  They know the odds. 

So, I believe the money makes them feel like they are not being foolish.  They can feel like they are not completely wasting their time.

And the women who really want to be cam girls could make a LOT more money on a more specialized web site. A really hot Ukrainian woman with a little personality can make an extremely good living by any standard as a cam girl.

So, believe that even the most cynical lady on Anastasia is really hoping to stumble into her American or European prince charming, and if not she makes a little extra money.

AnastasiaDate chat widget

And for me, if that little bit of money gets verifiable 10s – beauty queens, fitness competitors, actresses, and true model quality women – to get on a web site where I can easily chat with them – HOT DAMN!

That is a positive good.

But there is something else to consider when thinking about this from the point of view of that Russian ballerina with a super hot body or the Chinese model or the Brazilian veterinarian who looks like a young Cindy Crawford.

These women are generally not desperate. 

Not like the harsh image of the desperate mail order bride that was cemented into the public imagination in the 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union.  It varies some from country to country and lady to lady.

Sometimes it varies from week to week with the news cycle.  For instance, Putin’s invasion of the Crimea and some of his other crazy actions have led to a resurgence of Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides, but most of these women, particularly the truly stunning are among the elite in their countries.

They are generally going to have a pretty good life one way or the other.  Most of them don’t HAVE to marry a foreign man.

And the fact they are able to make a little money chatting with men online makes it LESS likely they will really scam you because the money makes them LESS desperate.

So, regardless of whether you are looking for a serious long term relationship with a gorgeous Chinese actress or some serious fun in Odessa with a sexy Ukrainian bikini girl the lady is less likely to be agreeing to anything just for the money.

It means it is much more likely that she is being HONEST in all regards because she’s got at least some walking around money from chatting with guys on the site.  And that makes the ladies pickier. 

This isn’t the 1990s.

You are not going to win an amazing Ukrainian model with an IQ of 163 because you show up with a roll of cash and big talk about the wonders of Enid, Oklahoma.

If that lady says she is really into you and it develops into a full-blown romantic relationship you can feel good about knowing you probably weren’t her only hope. 

She isn’t absolutely desperate and she almost certainly believes that the two of you can make a real-life together.

But there is one last positive about the lady getting a little cash.  She really knows you are serious.  She can see it.  She doesn’t have to trust Boris back at the agency. 

This system establishes that you are bona fide.

Believe it or not, these women are just as concerned about being scammed by a fast-talking American loser as you are in being scammed by a deceitful fitness model and they should be.  And that makes serious ladies more serious and probably makes it easier for guys to spot scammers.

And that makes serious ladies more serious and probably makes it easier for guys to spot scammers.

Mail Order Bride Scams are Not Nickle and Dime Affairs

Now, this is my own personal bias, but to me, an honest to goodness mail order bride scam is not about beating me out of a few bucks that I willingly paid to flirt or just chat with some beautiful girl. 

To be the real deal it has to be about alimony and stealing big bucks – hundreds or thousands of dollars under false pretenses. 

The vast majority of the ladies on these sites really do want to marry a sweet, rich guy from San Diego or London.

That is a home run!

That is winning the lottery financially and emotionally. That is what they really want. That is what they are really dreaming about. That is why they are not simply making a living as cam girls.

I do not believe they are as a rule lying about anything.  Are there exceptions?  Of course, the vast majority of Catholic priests are very good men who try to honestly serve God and mankind. 

I’m not a Catholic, but that’s obvious.  It is also clear that a small percentage of Catholic priests have made a mockery of their vows and disgraced their vocation and their church.

So, are there liars, cheats, and frauds on these sites?


But these sites have also generated literally thousands and thousands of long, happy marriages, many great vacations, and a lot of fun. 

So, I don’t see a problem with the ladies getting to keep part of the revenue stream, and, in fact, I believe it probably makes them less desperate, more honest, and more likely not to agree to do ANYTHING with any man that is not the right emotional choice for them.

In short, it means they are more likely to say, “No,” unless they really mean it.

So, calling this practice fraud or a scam is not positive or productive.  You get your shot with women who aren’t just out of your league but playing a different sport on a different planet.  I’m happy to pay a little more for the services to have some vague chance to meet so many amazing women. 

I don’t have an instant of hesitation about that. Do you?

And you are completely in control of what you spend.  Yes, you could get scammed on AnastasiaDate, but you could get scammed in your neighborhood bar too. 

It happens to poor sad men every day all around the world.  That’s too bad, but I’m not in favor of closing down every bar, pub, and daiquiri shop.

As my great-grandfather, who was born to a one-eyed Confederate veteran during the Cleveland Administration, would have said, “Son, you don’t burn down the barn to kill the mice.”

Sure, in a perfect world you could meet all of these incredible beauties in a neutral, bias-free setting, but that perfect world doesn’t exist.  When you meet a woman at work or in a bar a siren doesn’t go off every time she lies about her ex or what she is planning next week.

And it is not incredibly expensive. You are completely in control of what you spend. Even after the $2.99 intro offer you can get basic chat for as low as .40 per minute.  Anastasia has made its billing policy crystal clear.

So, why not get in touch with a beautiful woman?

Isn’t that what is really missing in your life?

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