Sexy Brazilian College Girl

Name: Ana Flavia
ID#: 116634624
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 19

City: Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Archetypes: Motivated Brides,

Ana Flavia. Say it again. Ana Flavia. It’s like her name just rolls off the tongue. It’s so sexy. And it suits her too because this Brazilian hottie sure has flava’!

Ana Flavia definitely looks like the Miss Popular on campus. She has beautiful hair that appears perfectly in place, incredible skin, beautiful face, and an all around ravishing look. I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t want her?

You know what else I find amazing? For someone who’s 19, here’s what Ana Flavia had to say about herself:

I am a kind, gentle and positive, I try to smile all time in my life and never lose heart. I am a romantic person, love to make surprises and delight my friends, relatives. I hope that one day I will be able to do some romantic surprise for man of my dreams.

Just think of all those romantic surprises! I also applaud her for being so mature for her age. She’s in college, imagine all those deadlines! And to read how positive and happy she is just makes me want to love her up. I don’t know about you but this Brazilian babe is a definite 10 in my book.

Ana Flavia’s interests include reading books, visiting theater and museums, any outdoor activity, traveling and camping. I think I’m in love.

On what she’s looking for, she says…

I want to find a pure love here. I want to find someone who will appreciate me like a woman, to be a partner, I want to give and to share all my love, care and part of me with my beloved person…

She wants a “beloved person” she can share her “pure love” with. Ugh, I can just die.

Ana states her preferable age as 22 to 49.  If you are on the younger end of that spectrum consider yourself lucky you little punk… But if you are more towards the upper range (like most our readers) then you may be askinng yourself…

Can a 49 year old guy really have a succesful relationship with a 19 year old girl?

Well, we have already covered that issue in a couple articles you might find useful:

Done reading?

Ok, now would be a good time to book a flight to Brazil right? I might just beat you to it! There’s no cause for worry though, there’s a lot more of these gorgeous Brazilian women over at Amolatina.


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