Beautiful Intelligent Russian Mail Order Bride

Name: Natalij

Age:  31

City: Moscow, Russia

Agency: Elenas Models (Review)

ID#: 5473445


Wow! Natalij is a beautiful young Russian doctor who is looking for an “affable” man – not laughable, affable.  Maybe, you are even both laughable and affable.

I assume Natalija is an OBGYN.  She says she’s a midwife, which is more or less the same thing.  She also says she’s unemployed.

I’m not sure how a doctor gets unemployed in Russia.  In this country it usually requires a seven digit malpractice award, but she seems a little young for that.  Maybe, they just don’t have enough babies in Russia.

Who cares.  She sure fills out that bikini! Damn!

Anyhow, Natalij’s profile is over at Elena’s Models.  Check her out!

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