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Simple Ukrainian redhead with a simple smile
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Warm Redhead!

Name: Nataliya
Age: 29
City: Kiev, Ukraine
Agency: Anastasia (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1701702

Lyubov is a hot and steamy 22 year old redhead from Odessa, Ukraine and she looks amazing wearing that little black dress. Makes my heart beat faster the more I look at her.

So, this beautiful Odessa bride looks fantastic in a dress, but how about in a bikini on the beach beside you?

Just be careful, because her pale skin could get sun burned fast. You would need to take lots of sun tan lotion and apply liberally.

Im just saying....

Lyubov stands 5'6" tall and weighs only 101 lbs. She has a College degree and works as a manger.

She has never been married and has no children. No smoking or drinking for this girl and her English skills are pretty good.

Her favourite sport is Thai boxing. She likes the whole show not just the match. She sees it as a grand spectacle with the ceremony, the fight and frenzied betting.

I wonder how this sexy redhead would feel about UFC. You could take her to Vegas and catch a match.  Now that would be an interesting date.

No one could ever accuse Lyubov of lacking for passsion! Here is what she has to say about love:

  • For love I will burn,
  • For the love I will learn,
  • For the love I will win,
  • For the love I will sin.
  • For the love will endure,
  • For love I will be sure,
  • For the love I will kill,
  • For love I will. 
  • Love is in my blood!!!

I'm not sure about the "killing" thing, but the part about her sinning for love... that gets my attention. Just what kind of sin is she is talking about? I would sure like to find out in person.

I feel pretty comfortable putting this hot Ukrainian in our Extreme Girls gallery.

Lyubov says that she is...

"...confident, loyal, active, responsible, loving, caring, sharing, kind hearted, warm, accommodating, sexy, compassionate, and tolerant, laid back type, outgoing, welcoming to people general."

Wow, this girl is loaded with all kinds great characteristics. Now here are some of the things Lyubov's expects of her man: 

"A positive thinker, loving, caring, truthful, understanding, romantic, respectful and beautiful at heart. A guy who isn't out for games and would never cheat or lie. A good man who desires a beautiful home with a good woman."

Well that is big list, Lyubov but I am sure there are lots of men who are willing to give it a shot. 

You can see more pictures and a full dating profile at AnastasiaDate. Don't be afraid. Step into her fire!

(preferable age: from 26 to 60).

Profile Updated: 09/23/2015