25 Hottest Israeli Women

hottest Israeli women

Hot Israeli women have been taking the world by storm lately, with more and more of them delving into acting and modeling. But why are these beautiful Israeli women so special? Is it their classiness, their long legs, or the fact some of them are exceptionally smart?

As it turns out, these women offer more than meets the eye. From brains and beauty to entrepreneurship and class, these 25 sexy Israeli women are giving Western beauties a run for their money.

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Gal Gadot

Actress, Model

Gal Gadot as wonder woman
Gal Gadot modelling for a magazine
Gal Gadot in sexy yellow bath suit

Born into a Jewish family, Gal Gadot first got her big break at the 2004 Miss Israel pageant. She became a beauty queen and got to take part in Miss Universe 2004 in Ecuador.

But the world wasn’t ready yet for what this beauty could bring, so she kept her calm and fulfilled her duties. As one of many hot Israeli women who had to complete military training, Gal enlisted as a combat instructor in the Israel Defense Forces. At the same time, she was working on getting her education, studying law and international relations.

Then, 2009 came, and Gal got a role in Fast and Furious as Gisele, making her a well-known face in the movie industry. Her most significant movie role so far was in Wonder Woman. It has presented her to a whole new legion of fans and let her top lists of sexy Israeli women all around the world.

The sequel to Wonder Woman is going to come out soon. In the meantime, Gal is keeping busy with ad campaigns and collaborating with directors such as Kenneth Branagh.

It’s evident she’ll stay in the limelight for years to come; with that gorgeous face and a humble yet dazzling smile, who would mind watching her on the silver screen?

Bar Refaeli

Model, Television Host, Actress, Entrepreneur

Bar Refaeli sexy in two piece
Bar Refaeli in red hot bikini
Bar Refaeli hot Israeli model

As a model, actress, and entrepreneur, Bar Refaeli is who every girl wants to be. She carefully juggles both her good looks and brains, never forgetting that she has a mission in this world. At the same time, it’s hard for men not to admire her beauty; she even kept Leo DiCaprio in a relationship for quite some time.

As a model, Bar is famous for her 2009 cover of Sports Illustrated, topping the 2012 Maxim Hot 100 list, and various magazine appearances.

What most people don’t know is that she’s a savvy businesswoman as well. Due to her investments in MyCheck and fashion brand Castro, she has been able to increase her wealth all on her own.

But, Bar is no stranger to controversy. Her most famous fall from grace is the fact that she avoided military service in her own country.

However, she maintains her solidarity with military women and shows her support on social media often. Additionally, she loves volunteering, frequently helping abandoned pets and sick children.

Bar Paly

Model, Actress

Bar Paly hot in a two piece black string bikini
Bar Paly gorgeous in one piece swimsuit
Bar Paly sexy in a colorful bikini

An Israeli-American actress, Bar Paly isn’t as famous as her namesake, Refaeli. However, she makes up for that by working hard on her career and gracing us with her presence in various TV shows.

Bar started her career at the tender age of 17 and became a frequent cover girl. She appeared in GQ and Rolling Stone before transitioning into acting. Since 2003, she has acted in cult favorites such as How I Met Your Mother and The Starter Wife.

Moreover, she has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Charlie Sheen in A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III and Dwayne Johnson in Pain & Gain.

She joins other hot Israeli women on this list because of the way she looks. With her golden locks and milky skin, she is every man’s dream. And with her career blossoming as we speak, we’re sure to meet her on the silver screen again.

Esti Ginzburg

Fashion Model

Esti Ginzburg Sports Illustrated
Esti Ginzburg in a swimsuit pictorial on the sand
Esti Ginzburg sexy beach body

Since women in Israel have to complete military service, Esti also enlisted and later even showed her support for all those who don’t ignore the country’s law.

However, her modeling career didn’t start after that. She actually took part in a milk campaign at the tender age of eight, and since then, has been modeling for various famous designers and brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Pull and Bear, and Burberry.

With her luscious golden hair and a figure to die for, Esti Ginzburg is one of those hot Israeli women that have a fantastic career before them.

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This model has already shown how well she can pose for the camera by appearing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Moreover, she has revealed she’s not afraid of working hard to achieve her goals.

Moran Atias

Actress, Model

Moran Atias looking hot in a ripped top
Moran Atias pretty in all black
Moran Atias seductive posing

As one of the most beautiful Israeli models in the world, Moran Atias joins the ranks of other hot Israeli women on this list. With her dark hair and warm eyes, she’s every brunette-loving guy’s dream. But, Moran has also shown she’s a talented actress and model.

Her most notable works include Land of the Lost, Mother of Tears, Third Person, and Crazy Eyes. She has also delved into TV acting, appearing in The Resident.

Little do people know, though, that Moran was discovered quite early on and became a model for Roberto Cavalli. We’re not surprised given her figure and ability to work the camera just right. However, we’re glad she has decided to grace not only the runway but the silver screen as well.

Alona Tal

Singer, Actress

Alona Tal teasing picture
Alona Tal bikini photo sports illustrated
Alona Tal pictorial

This little Libra shows just how much those who share her zodiac sign are capable of achieving in a short period of time. After leaving the military, Alona Tal decided to up her chances of becoming famous by doing commercials. Her big breakthrough came with Lihiyot Kochav, an Israeli movie.

Since then, Alona has become a well-known face in the TV industry. She has appeared in various famous shows, such as Monk, Pretty Little Liars, and Ghost Whisperer. Most notably, she played Veronica Mars’ friend and Jo Harvelle in Supernatural.

Right now, Alona is a doting mother and wife who is slowly but surely building her Instagram following and advancing her career. Don’t think her career is on permanent hold — we’ll be seeing more of Alona quite soon.

Odeya Rush

Actress, Model, Filmmaker

Odeya Rush looking sexy in a formal suit
Odeya Rush wearing a sexy dress
Odeya Rush Hollywood's next big thing

Have you heard of Odeya Rush? You must have, as she’s one of the up-and-coming actresses everyone should be on the lookout for. What’s more, she’s a part of the hot Israeli women’s club with her angelic eyes, dark hair, and exquisite figure.

Although quite young, Odeya has already made a name for herself. With 516 thousand followers on Instagram, a role in Netflix’s Let It Snow, and even a part in Oscar-nominated Lady Bird, she’s on her way to becoming the new Natalie Portman.

But, Odeya has also done modeling campaigns for Gap, Guess, and Tommy Hilfiger. As such, it’s safe to say she has shown how versatile her career can be — and how much she has to offer the world.

Natalie Portman

Actress, Filmmaker

Natalie Portman relaxed on the couch
Natalie Portman perfect body
Natalie Portman sexy at the pool

As the reigning queen of hot Israeli women, Natalie Portman is the most famous actress on this list. A blockbuster favorite and Oscar winner, she has shown multiple times how talented she is. And let’s face it — her beauty is only becoming more apparent with age.

As the star of Léon: The Professional, Natalie began her career at the age of twelve and later moved on to various box office hits, such as V for Vendetta, Thor, and No Strings Attached.

Her fans loved her in Black Swan, and so did the Academy. Yet, we love her for breathing life into Padmé Amidala and becoming a part of the Star Wars universe.

Now a mom of two, Natalie is keeping busy with ad campaigns for brands such as Dior and movies like Lucy In the Sky. But, this beauty is not afraid to show off her brains either. She’s a Harvard graduate and an advocate for animal rights, not to mention an anti-poverty and #MeToo activist.

Agam Rudberg

Actress, Model

Agam Rudberg in sexy ripped white shirt
Agam Rudberg seductive
Agam Rudberg bikini on the bed

Although not as famous as some other hot Israeli women on this list, Agam Rudberg is a beautiful face that has shown her talent time and time again. Primarily working in Israel, she has graced TV shows such as Ahava Me’ ever Lapina and Split. Her most recent role was in Temporarily Dead, a medical drama.

With 374 thousand followers on Instagram, a smile that could brighten any day, and an eerie resemblance to Bar Refaeli, Agam is doing quite well in her career now.

Her country adores her not only for her good looks but her morals as well. She has openly criticized her lookalike for refusing to enlist in the military, saying she ought to have tried at least.

Maria Domark

Model, Internet Celebrity

Maria Domark sexy flat abs
Maria Domark in a two piece bikini at the beach
Maria Domark jaw dropping photo on the bed

What can we say about Maria Domark? A popular model from Israel, Maria has amassed an extensive following on Instagram. More than a million people watch her every move and wait patiently for photos of her beautiful face.

But, apart from serving good looks online, Maria is working hard on her budding modeling career. With an hourglass figure, full lips, and blonde hair, she is a sought-after face for many brands and is currently modeling for ITM.

While her career is advancing, though, Maria is working hard on branching out. She even has a single on her YouTube channel, which she made in 2019. Perhaps a singing career is in the cards for her, as well?

Rotem Sela

Model, Actress, Television Presenter

Rotem Sela bikini bride
Rotem Sela sexy booty
Rotem Sela glamour in one piece

With a degree in Law and Business Administration and experience as a clerk in the IDF, Rotem Sela is one of those hot Israeli women that has shown she is a smart cookie as well.

Despite her good looks, she doesn’t allow to be seen as just a model. Her experience speaks for herself, and today, she is an actress and a political and LGBT advocate.

Rotem is famous for her role in Beauty and the Baker and for putting Israeli film and TV industry above Hollywood’s bright lights. She maintains that she always wanted to succeed in her home country. With many roles under her belt, it’s easy to conclude that she’s one of Israel’s most prosperous actresses.

Shlomit Malka

Fashion Model, Television Host

Shlomit Malka getting sexy on pictorial
Shlomit Malka showing her sexy abs
Shlomit Malka giving a sexy smile on bed

With Moroccan and Russian descent, Shlomit Malka joins this list of hot Israeli women as a blue-eyed model who has graced many international campaigns. She is mostly famous for her work as a model but has also shown her talents as a television host.

During her career, Shlomit has collaborated with L’Oreal, Maybelline, Chanel, and Armani. She has also appeared in magazines such as Marie Claire and regularly posts her work and what she’s up to on Instagram.

In 2013, she was also one of the highest-earning Israeli models. However, her career could have ended quite suddenly after her 2017 accident. She was in critical condition and even in a coma. Luckily, she pulled through and continues to dazzle us with her natural beauty.

Yarden Harel

Television Host, Photographer

Yarden Harel smiling cute in pink lingerie bikini
Yarden Harel in sexy lingerie
Yarden Harel sexy sitting on a stool

Yarden Harel is a popular model who has, during her career, branched out into other fields in order to show off her talents. Most notably, she was an entertainment correspondent for Rokdim Im Kokhavim and Zinor Layla and even served as a backstage host on The Voice: Israel.

Right now, though, Yarden is putting all her efforts into her lifestyle blog and showing off her photography skills on Instagram. With more than 280 thousand followers, her content appeals to younger audiences and those who appreciate quality, beautiful images.

Of course, it helps that Yarden is still a natural beauty who’s not afraid to show off her smile. What’s more, she hasn’t lost that X factor that jump-started her career!

Neta Alchimister

Model, Swimwear Designer, Social Media Star

Neta Alchimister Israeli social media star
Neta Alchimister hot in purple two piece
Neta Alchimister in sexy black bikini

With a huge Instagram following (1.6 million), Neta Alchimister is a social media star, model, and entrepreneur. She is most famous for her modeling campaigns for the brand Castro, as well as her own bikini line BaNaNhot.

Neta was quick to start her career after completing military service. After being discovered at 15, she has been working hard on making a name for herself, appearing in Blazer’s swimwear edition and often collaborating with Anna Zak, another Internet personality.

To us, it seems Neta is one of those hot Israeli women that has fully embraced social media and is using it to her advantage. Luckily, we’re able to marvel at her good looks every day and keep supporting her with our likes and comments.

Yael Shelbia

Fashion Model, Actress

Yael Shelbia showing abs
Yael Shelbia at the gym

Her career is still blooming, but Yael Shelbia has already shown her modeling talents to the world. She’s well known both in Israel and internationally due to her Instagram and various ad campaigns. Most notably, she was one of the faces of KKW Beauty in 2018.

Right now, Yael is slowly but surely working on her career as a fashion model. After getting discovered on Germany’s Next Topmodel in 2017, she has become a sought-after face with many agencies vying for her attention.

Still, she’s young, and we probably haven’t even seen a fraction of all her talents. According to her Instagram, she may even branch out into acting soon.

Tal Berkovich

Actress, Writer, Fashion Model

Tal Berkovich women empowerment pictorial
Tal Berkovich sexiest picture
Tal Berkovich sweet smile at the beach

Born to a Romanian father and an Indian mother, it’s safe to say Tal Berkovich has a type of beauty that could easily conquer the whole world. Her unique decent gives her the facial features most modeling agencies are after.

Thus, it’s no surprise to see she has done various lingerie and sportswear campaigns.

Yet, Tal is also an actress and a writer, not to mention a trained ballerina. In fact, she was the youngest member of the Israeli National Ballet.

Right now, Tal is doing more photoshoots and showing off her camera skills on Instagram. Some even say she resembles a young Cindy Crawford with her long brown hair and a killer body. Fortunately, she isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so we just have to keep an eye out for her new projects.

Dar Zuzovsky

Actress, Model

Dar Zuzovsky in sexy yellow bikini
Dar Zuzovsky hot abs in jacuzzi
Dar Zuzovsky in classy but sexy gown

You have probably seen Dar Zuzovsky before; her beauty has landed her not just a spot on our list of hot Israeli women but multiple campaigns with brands such as Urban Outfitters and Sephora. Starting her career as a model at the age of 15, Dar quickly rose to prominence and has even become an actress in the meantime.

As far as Hollywood fame goes, Dar still isn’t as well known as Natalie Portman. However, something tells us she still hasn’t shown us all her acting talents. Still, from her appearances in Beauty and the Baker and Papa, it’s clear Dar is able to carry roles effortlessly while at the same time looking as magnificent as ever.

The future seems bright for Dar, as her next movie, Harry Haft, includes the likes of Danny DeVito, Peter Sarsgaard, and Ben Foster. Yet, we wouldn’t bet on her quitting modeling forever. After all, with a face that even graces a mural in LA, it would be quite a shame not to see her in magazines!

Yuval Scharf

Film/Television/Theatre Actress, Model

Yuval Scharf in vintage hairdo
Yuval Scharf hot in red
Yuval Scharf in a yacht

As a successful movie actress, Yuval Scharf is making a name for herself internationally. This red-headed beauty is honing her acting chops one role at a time, taking all acting difficulties in stride and making the best of them.

Of course, Yuval wouldn’t be on our list of hot Israeli women if she didn’t have that X factor we all know and love. Her fiery hair, light-colored eyes, and exquisite bone structure make her a unique model.

But, it seems Yuval is determined to make it in the movie industry — and honestly, she’s going places. She learned how to act in Nissan Nativ Acting Studio and is now branching out into non-Israeli production by appearing in a BBC show called McMafia.

Inbar Lavi


Inbar Lavi bikini picture with USA flag design
Inbar Lavi in a sexy two piece lingerie
Inbar Lavi sexy abs

If you were to ask the next pick for our list of hot Israeli women why she became an actress, you’d get a surprising answer. In her childhood, Inbar suffered from asthma and had to use a nebulizer. To pass the time, she devoured movies and sought idols in the likes of Natalie Portman.

For someone with her health condition, you wouldn’t expect her to come this far. Yet, Inbar has proven that she is not only a strong woman but a talented one as well. She had a lead role in Imposters and appeared in Lucifer and Prison Break. Therefore, we can expect to see more of her in the following years, perhaps even on the silver screen!

Amit Freidman


Amit Freidman busty Israeli woman
Amit Freidman abs
Amit Freidman Israeli supermodel

We cannot say that Amit Freidman is as famous as some other hot Israeli women on this list. However, her beauty is not to be underestimated. It has landed her plenty of modeling jobs, though she’s best known for fiery bikini pics.

Still, Amit’s career, though not as substantial as, let’s say, Bar Refaeli’s, could take off quite soon. She’s slowly building up her Instagram following and regularly posting about her jobs.

What’s more, she keeps it light and throws in a few cat pictures now and then — you have to appreciate a hot animal lover!

Shira Haas


Shira Haas cute in a b&w photo
Shira Haas simple seductive
Shira Haas at the zookeeper's wife premiere

Shira Haas is a young star in Israel who already has quite a few hits under her belt. Even though she’s only 24, she has managed to act alongside actresses such as Jessica Chastain and Rooney Mara. Furthermore, critics loved her acting in Princess — you could say that role essentially put her on the map.

However, her doll-like features, long shiny hair, and a stare that could touch even the coldest heart are what has made us include her in our lineup of hot Israeli women.

There’s something about Shira that’s so natural yet almost ethereal. Her hair has a type of warmth that’s not that common among beautiful Israeli women, while her smart gaze tells you that she’s more than a pretty face.

Roni Meron

Actress, Singer, Musician, Model, Host

Roni Meron picture with a guitar
Roni Meron wearing a black leather jacket
Roni Meron in a sexy cowboy outfit

Roni Meron could definitely give Cindy Crawford a run for her money. However, it seems this beauty has switched to singing and songwriting, as she hasn’t acted in anything since 2015.

But don’t feel bad for Roni — her career is still on the rise. With her magnificent voice, a premium record deal could be in the future. In fact, she was even offered a few girl group deals when she was younger.

Nevertheless, knowing what that would mean for her future, she turned them down and opted to finish high school.

As one of the most obscure hot Israeli women on our list, Roni is mysterious but wonderful to look at. Hopefully, she’ll continue appearing in print and on TV, giving us a reason to pay more attention.

Hadas Yaron


Hadas Yaron portrait
Hadas Yaron looking pretty at an event
Hadas Yaron best actress award

A talented actress, no doubt, Hada Yaron is an up-and-coming star that has done something most hot Israeli women haven’t been able to. She won the Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival, becoming the first Israeli to achieve such success!

But she deserved that award fair and square, as her performance in Fill the Void left everyone in awe. What’s more, she didn’t stop there. Since then, she has appeared in Felix and Meira and Mary Magdalene. Most recently, she acted in Troppa Grazia, which was screened at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

As a natural beauty, though, Hadas is gaining in popularity all around the world. In the 21st century, she’s unique with her sincere eyes and a lovely figure. Plus, since she has already shown her many talents, we could even say that she ought to become a fixture in a lineup of some of the best Israeli actresses ever.

Daniella Kertesz


Daniella Kertesz sweet smile
Daniella Kertesz Israeli actress
Daniella Kertesz Israeli woman with a great smile

Born in 1989 in Jerusalem, Daniella Kertesz can boast about rubbing shoulders with famous actors such as Brad Pitt. She played Segen in World War Z, as well as Onie in AfterDeath. That has allowed her to become popular in Hollywood, with more promising roles to come.

However, Daniella actually started her career quite early. When she was about to start ninth grade, a casting director offered her to audition for a TV series. She got the part and became a truly lucky girl, playing Noa Sperling in Reds.

After a few other small roles, Daniella got her big break with Ha-Emet Ha’Eroma. She also appeared in Loving Anna and Autonomies.

But, her acting experience isn’t why she’s on our list. Daniella joins other hot Israeli women because of her exquisite beauty and fiery hair. With her bright smile and classical features, she’s the epitome of an Israeli goddess. Hopefully, Hollywood catches up with her and gives her more roles so that we can enjoy not only her looks but her talent as well.

Yaara Benbenishty

Actress, Model

Yaara Benbenishty Israeli model
Yaara Benbenishty gorgeous in black and white picture
Yaara Benbenishty in sexy black lingerie

Slowly becoming a famous social media fixture, Yaara is a face to be on the lookout for. Not only is she a natural beauty, but she has also shown her acting talent over the years.

Yaara has appeared in The Inheritance, Oboy, and Fauda, showing everyone she can be anybody on the screen. Furthermore, she’s working on becoming a true influencer, with almost 100 thousand followers. S

he often does ad campaigns for brands such as Fresh and shows her following how she keeps her figure in top-notch shape.

Most notably, Yaara isn’t afraid to show her makeup-free face. Her beauty is famous in the beauty industry, which is why she even finds work as a model.

However, we feel Yaara is more inclined toward social media and movies. Luckily, it seems she could become the next big thing, as she already has another movie in the pipeline, Frankie’s Baby.

Anna Zak

Internet Personality, Model, Singer

Anna Zak petite sexy body
Anna Zak hot young Israeli model
Anna Zak in leopard print bikini

Dating Israeli Women

Dating Israeli women is generally straightforward. They are usually stylish, modern, and very well educated. The problem is the competition is stiff.

These women are well treated and it is a challenge for a foreign guy to stand out from the crowd, but it is not impossible. Perhaps the best approach is to spend some time in Israel. Sit in a coffeehouse and ask every single woman you meet what you should see while you are in the country.

Sure, you could find out online, but wouldn’t you rather hear it from a beautiful Israeli woman? Of course, you would, and generally they are going to be very happy to tell you about the sights in their area.

That will break the ice. Then you have to do the rest. The best approach is probably to see if they are willing to show you the sites themselves. That would be the slickest approach to meeting a hot woman in Jerusalem.

Sure, that is a challenge, but you already know that. So, have a plan. Be certain about what you are going to tell them and make sure it is an entertaining story, but it also needs to be true.

Israeli women are mostly Jewish, and they have a well-attuned lie detector. Actually all women do, so don’t lie, but be sure you have a good reason for visiting their country.

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