Russian Brides Rock!

Name: Marina
ID#: 1671200
Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)
Age: 49

City: Krasnodar, Russia

Kids: No

Occupation: Beautician
English Level: Basic

Man, Russian brides rock!

Marina is a 48-year-old Beautician from some Russian city out in the province, but she is built like a Maxim model. Damn!

Wouldn’t all the guys from high school be amazed if you showed up with Marina on your arm at the next reunion?

Of course, that’s not why you are so interested in her, but you’ve got to admit it would be fun to make them talk.

Marina is 48 years of age but looks so much younger. She must workout because she is tight all over. Honestly, it is very hard to believe that this crazy hot blonde is 48 years old.

matured hot blonde from Russia

In my mind her maturity is a real turn on. She is absolutely captivating with her full luscious lips, inviting smile, long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders… and ample bosom.

Her beautiful is enough to make a strong man weak.  Strangely enough this Russian beauty has never been married nor had children.

She stands 5’ 5,” weighs 123 lbs.  She does not smoke or drink and has above average English speaking skills.  I love talking to Russian girls.  Love their accent!

Marina likes both popular and classical music. Her favourite flower is the rose in any colour.  In her spare time Marina likes watching movies, reading and cooking.

Marina describes herself as a woman who is serious, honest, and sincere who just wants to find happiness.  She says she is kind, cheerful, romantic and a positive thinker.

This beautiful Russsian bride is a believer in serious and long lasting relationships.

She believes in love. 

Certainly she will find a good man to love her.  Maybe really soon if someone here contacts her!

Give her a call guys before this hot steamy Russian beauty gets away.

Marina explains that she has an empty space in her life and tries to keep busy with a variety of interests.  She goes on to say that she has a great desire to share her emotions with someone.

She notes that she is an active person who enjoys outdoor activities. Activities like biking, walking and jogging.  She also enjoys hiking, fishing and BBQ in the open air.

She wants a marriage with a man a man who is…

pleasant, intelligent and caring person who fills my heart with love.  He has to honest and reliable man, who will always be close and who really cares about me.

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