Hot Latina Wants to Date You!

Name: Silvana Alejandra
ID#: 157807
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 28

City: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Kids: No

Occupation: Not listed
Religion: Christian
English Level: Poor
Languages: Spanish (native)
Archetypes: Cute & Sweet,

This exotic young lady is originally from Argentina – her family still lives there – but is currently living in Playa Del Carmen.

She’s aged 28 years of age and has hazel eyes and brown hair, giving her that very typical and very sultry Latina look.

If you’ve taken the time to check out her pictures (and you should) you’ll see that she has a very fun side to her, literally overflowing with energy and positive vibes.

The reason for this is because Silvana believes in having an optimistic outlook on life, and that there’s no point in sitting around feeling sorry for yourself if things don’t go your way.

She believes in having a life filled with, Oh wells… and not What ifs?.

In her free time Silvana loves to cook, embracing flavors and dishes from across Latin America.

As you can see from her pictures she invests time and effort on staying in shape, which she does by being involved in lots of water sports.

This makes perfect sense considering that where she lives is part of the Yucatan peninsula, so there are lots of beaches in the area to choose from.

Silvana is an Aquarius, so she is free-spirited, but incredibly loving and loyal, which is true of most Latinas, regardless of their Zodiac sign.

Part of her personality is that she openly accepts that most things happen for a reason, and the best thing to do is keep moving forward in life regardless.

An open mind and an open heart are the best way to live a positive life.

She’s looking for a serious guy who wants to settle down and start a family in the near future, so you you’ll need that in common – it’s a deal breaker for her.

Most women from Latin America consider getting married and having children as being a normal part of any relationship, so Silvana is no different here.

Her perfect man would be optimistic and strong, but also have a softer and more caring side to him.

Basically, if you’re a pessimist who doesn’t want to have kids, then please move on to the next profile.

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