Super Hot Mexican Bikini Bride

Name: Maria
ID#: 122142324
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 27

City: Mazatlan, Mexico


Occupation: Designer
Languages: English, Spanish

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

single Latin girl from Mexico

There’s a certain sense of the exotic when you talk about Mexico. Sure, there are drug wars and shootings, but newspapers tend to always focus on the negatives.

But lets talk about the positives of pursing a Mexican woman.  First, Mexican ladies are sexy, very sexy.  Maria here is absolutely stunning.

If you’re looking for a positive aspect of Mexico, then look no further than this real darling from Mazatlan – Maria.

Long legs, hot body, brown eyes, and body that would make an erotic impact on a robot!  She is fit, sexy, and sultry.  What more could you want?

Mexican babe in a hot sports wear

Your contact with this lady will probably need a translator and an interpreter if you visit, but it would be certainly worth it just to see her smile.

Her friends refer to her as being as tender as a flower, and that looks like it might be an apt comparison.

Some of her interests include keeping fit which is evident when you look at that body, and that means she is a frequent visitor at the gym.

Young Maria still lives at home with her parents and as a result, she has learned the fine art of cooking.

If Mexican food is your yummy favorite (and whose isn’t), then one of your dates with this girl should be staying with her while she prepares a home-cooked meal for you.

That’s a rather romantic evening and one that can finish off with some intimate chat and a kiss or two.

Visiting Mexico is pretty easy, and where Maria lives, Mazatlan has the added advantage of being a coastal resort city.

The population is about 440,000, so it’s a reasonable size.

The attraction of the sandy beaches that stretch for over 20 km and the prospect of doing a bit of game-fishing adds to the excitement of visiting there.

Just try imagining Maria aboard a fishing boat in her bikini while you teach her how to bait a hook and cast a line!

Even the fish will be jumping into the vessel to get a better look at her!

Because the city of Mazatlan is almost wholly based on tourism, you can imagine the things that you can do and see there.

Taking Maria out on a date would be doing something different every day.

Zip lining in the surrounding hills, visiting the Plaza Malecon and even adding some religious flavour with a tour of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral would make for an exciting and diverse sort of day.

There are theatres and restaurants and if you just want a relaxing day doing nothing, ask Maria to put on her bathing costume and spend the day slothing around on the beach.

This young lady is not after a superman or anybody unusual, just a regular guy who will love her and look after her.

Too much drinking and an aggressive nature would not go down well with Maria.

The first step is to contact her and let her know you are interested. Once you are together then being romantic is going to get you a heap of Brownie points.

Roses and a nice dinner at a local restaurant will be just the thing to get her into a loving mood. You can top it off by taking in a movie at the local cinema.

It’ no good sitting in your chair dreaming about taking Maria out on a date, you need to make a move for your happiness.

Maria’s dating profile is over at Amolatina which has really made a strong move into Mexican mail order brides.  Why not check her out?

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

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