Latin Queen

Name: Kimberly Michelle
ID#: 171982
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 24

City: Merida, Mexico


Occupation: Not listed
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Good
Languages: Spanish (native)

Kimberly Michelle is a sexy 24-year-old Mexican lady. She seems full of energy and passion. This young lady sparkles!

Now, Latin women have a reputation for being passionate, devoted mates. One recent article about the never ending appeal of Latin ladies explained that, “Stylish, headstrong and fiery are the words that first come to mind when thinking of a Spanish female,” and that attitude certainly comes through in Kimberly Michelle’s profile.

She writes that she is, Passionate, emotional, loving and caring latin woman! That sounds pretty enticing right there, but it gets better.

She goes on and explains that, “I love to take care of my health, my body and beauty,” and of course you can see that in her photos.

But you aren’t a kid. You know that a woman has to be more than just beautiful and Kimberly Michelle is much more than just a fit girl with a great smile. She goes on and writes that…

I like to laugh and just to enjoy life in every moment! I am a very open-minded, easy-going and positive person, but I am ready for serious relationship with one man, whom I will treat like a king and will be his Latin Queen!

If you are looking for a woman who will add a little spark to your life look no further! Kimberly Michelle will shake things up for you!

Is your life boring?

Maybe you live in Nebraska?

Maybe you are a trust attorney?

Well, even if you are a trust attorney living in Western Nebraska, somewhere out around Scott’s Bluff, Kimberly Michelle would shake up your life and maybe that is what you need?

Actually, I can say pretty definitively if you live somewhere out there near the Wyoming border and you are looking at this web site you do need a little excitement in your life.

But there are a lot of men in Boston, Burbank, and Perth who are just as bored. My opinion is that life is simply too short to be bored. Don’t you think your life would be a lot less boring with a fiery Mexican senorita like Kimberly Michelle in your life.

Kimberly Michelle is a fitness chick and I think that is always good because there is a mountain of evidence that women who exercise. Have you seen our fitness model page?

No, don’t look! You need to stay focused on Kimberly Michelle. She says she speaks good English. That is always important when you are considering starting a relationship.

Kimberly Michelle’s profile is over at A Foreign Affair. They are one of the oldest and best international dating sites. There are a lot more great photos of Kimberly Michelle over there! Go check her out!

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